Forty-Four and Still Hot (A)

My wife has just turned 44, and she is still HOT! She turns me on. I have noticed of late that when we kiss, just soft easy kissing, or hot passionate kissing, that it really turns me on.  Always before I loved kissing, but it never really turned me on sexually.  Kissing has in the past made me feel closer to her, it has made me feel good, having her in my arms and kissing. But now it has the added bonus of giving me a wonderful erection, (one that I don’t have to help, and as we all know that as you get older, well some of us anyway, it can sometimes take a little extra to get it up).

But now, WOW, all she has to do is kiss me, let alone press into my chess bare breasted, and up it pops.  I have also been doing more Kegels, working my PC  muscles more often, and I have regained the angle of erection from my youth, which turns her on.

Now when she sees it hard, she’ll smile big and grab hold of it, and play with it. It’s a wonderful feeling to have her lay her head on my belly while she strokes me, no oral, just a nice, fun, hand job. She likes to stroke it slow, then fast, with twists. Up and down, around the knob. She’ll hold my penis at the base and wag it back and forth teasing me to a slow, steady, strong orgasm. She likes to feel my shaft pulse as I squirt, and will continue to milk it until her little fountain show is over. Sometimes she’ll continue to play with my penis as it goes soft, rubbing the sticky hot love cream all over her fingers and my balls. And other times, after I have exploded in pure pleasure and shot a big load, she’ll take me in her mouth and suck the last drops out and rub my penis head over her lips, and roll my penis around the inside of her mouth, flicking her tongue around the rim, which just sends me to the roof, it’s so intense!

I know how much I love to just lay back, not move and have her pleasure me, so I do that for her as often as I can. I love the sight of her womanhood, her vagina. I love the scent and taste of her sexy pink vagina lips. I’ll lick and suck her lips and clitoris and bring her close, then slow down, and build back up again. This of course is after I have kissed and caressed her entire body, bringing to almost beg for me to touch her mound.  I have a certain toy that I like to use. It is great for rubbing her g-spot. It’s like a penis, but the rim of the head is more prominent that a normal penis. Anyway, it hits her g-spot just right while I am using my tongue on her clitoris. She has the most powerful orgasms that way, to the point of ejaculation. Which I have discovered I love.

Now I can’t wait to build her up to the point of just shooting out all over. It’s fantastic! She has different ways of making it stream out of me, and I have my different ways of making it gush out of her.  Playing with each other’s bodies, and bringing each other to orgasm, without intercourse sometimes is great fun. I do her breasts; she’ll oil them up, push them together and invite my penis to slide between them. Other times I’ll slide between her bottom cheeks, and splash her back and then massage it in.

The other night we were fooling around in some of these ways, when I just couldn’t help but crave to be inside of her. I could tell she felt the same. So, in I went. Slow, first just the head, then the entire length of my shaft. When I was in all the way, and my balls were pressed against her checks, I just stopped. Didn’t move at all. I filled her tight love canal. I could feel her gripping me with the walls of her vagina. Then I slowing withdrew; all the way out until the tip of my penis was just barely touching her lips. I did this repeatedly, and built up the momentum. All the way out, all the way in, faster harder.

And all the while she was rubbing her clitoris, and arching her back with her feet up around my neck.  I have pulled out before, when I have climaxed before her, and soaked her hand and vagina while she finished herself off. The last time I did that, just the other night, I was so turned on that when I withdrew, I started to ejaculate over her belly before I even started to stroke it, and shot a hot stream right up her nose, it was funny, but all the laughing kind of stopped her orgasm.  It caught us both by surprise because I usually don’t shoot it that far when I come.

Too many nights we’re both tired, or it gets too late, so foreplay goes out the window sometimes. We love to laugh and play in bed. She loves to bounce my balls, and make them swing. I love to watch her breasts bounce when I’m thrusting into her, or how they hang down and sway when I’m taking her from behind. Rear entry, or doggy style, is one of our favorite positions. Even on our “quickie” nights, or days, we try all kinds of positions. We are in about five different positions every time we make love and make them different each time.

There are times when she can surprise me, without any warning she’ll so something unexpected.  Last night, we lay under the covers; we were caressing each other, and kissing softly. Without any oral sex, without any sixty-nine position, just light touching and kissing, she sat up and straddled my left leg. She then lifted herself up and guided me into her warm and wet love hole. At this angle, I could watch her riding my rigged love muscle. She moved faster and harder until she could feel that I was about to come, when she pulled off of me and spun around and said, I want you in my mouth and taste you. I did not want to disappoint her, so I held back for a moment while she moved, then with a loud moan, released all the juices my tight balls had stored up for her. I could see the white running down between her lips and my shaft. She didn’t swallow, just kept working my love tool until I was softer and letting my come flow down until I was soaked.

Other nights when she has been that hot, she’ll lay on her back and spread her legs, and tilt her hips up until both love holes are ready and easy to get to. She’ll tell me to fill both of them, one with my tool and the other with a toy, and she didn’t care which one went where as long as it was at the same time. That was wild, after all these years of marriage, wonderfully sexy things just keep happening in bed, or the living room, or kitchen, or in the spa.

I love her with all my heart, and love all the things we do together, and she is so hot, and at 44 she is just getting hotter.

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6 replies
  1. Me says:

    Ditto here my brother! The only difference is that my wife is 53. Still hot! Still desired! Still rocks my sexual world! And her skills just get better and better! She has mastered the art of bj's to the point of toe curling, goose bump creating, orgasmic experiences! She knows how to "work it" and bring me to multiple orgasms without ejaculation! And, if that is not enough, thereafter, she takes my cock doggy-style and twerks Mr. Happy with an exquisite expertise as if she is some renaissance painter! We are getting grey hair and a few wrinkles but the outward appearance pales in comparison to the inward sensual/sexual person who seeks and completes the two becoming one in mutually blissful ways.
    a s….keep working it girl and keep that marriage heat flowing!

  2. Biglongnhard says:

    The kissing? That is sooooo hot with me n my wife. It gets my shaft so hard. I know what you mean. And thank you for the visuals. I read them slowly…had to grab onto something HARD oh my . Horny…now!!!.very descriptive. Can't wait to see my wife.

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