The Gift I Didn’t Ask For

She was dismayed with the gift, a rechargeable “intimate area” razor, and thought, “Oh, yeah—this is a gift for me, all right. This is what he wants, not me!” But she purposed to use it at least once just to see if she would like it. He’d often said how much he’d love for her to have a smooth butt and vulva, so she decided she should try to please him if she could. She was a little hurt, though, that she couldn’t just accept the fact that she had hair here and enjoy her body the way it was. His argument that she should stop shaving her legs then though she had to admit it was logical, did not make her want to do this any more.

Taking off her shirt, her jeans and her panties, she asked him to help her. Kneeling in the empty tub in only her bra, she let him trim the hair between her butt cheeks with his beard trimmer first, then sprinkle the powder on her before using the new razor to shave her smooth. There was no pain, and when he was done, she stroked herself around her butt hole and was surprised to find that her skin was incredibly smooth and free of bumps. When she took her fingers away, he leaned over and blew softly on the spot he had just shaved, and the sensation of the cold air on her skin made her shiver. She might like this after all…

Sitting down, she opened her legs. She glanced at him and saw that he was aroused. Smiling lewdly, she reached up and squeezed the long lump in his jeans. He smiled too, and she loved the boyish excitement in his eyes as he looked at her. She was glad she’d kept her bra on though there wasn’t much to it. It seemed to make the process a bit more mysterious and sensuous than if she’d been completely nude and spreading for him. She knew he loved to see her full breasts spilling over the lacy edges of a tiny bra.

Carefully, ever so gently, he trimmed the hair around her vagina, gently fingering her labia as he did so. Then, after powdering her generously, he began to shave her. He pressed her outer lips away from the razor so he wouldn’t nick her, and then put his thumb on her clitoris while he shaped her bush and shaved around it. He made it narrower and shorter, just a small, close-cropped triangle of black above the pink slash of her womanhood. She liked it, but had another idea beginning to hatch in her mind. He turned away to clean the razor, and she touched herself tentatively and was excited by the sensation of  caressing the incredibly soft flesh of her own body. She couldn’t keep her fingers away, and when she stroked the edge of her vagina, she felt herself getting wet immediately. Her lips began to swell and tingle in the tantalizing precursor to full arousal. She was so deliciously soft, and she could imaging his fingers—and hers—as well as his lips and teeth and tongue giving her exquisite pleasure as they went to work on her silken flesh…

When he was done, he started to undress.

“Let’s get a shower, and then I’ll give you as much loving as you can stand.”

“Okay, Baby.” Her voice was husky, and she was smirking seductively. “You go in awhile. I have something to do first, then I’ll get a bath.”

He went down the hall to the other bathroom, and she quickly took his trimmer and then the razor and shaved off her bush, then shaved her legs. Now she was impossibly smooth from the waist down, and as she gently ran her fingers down her belly to her groin, she suddenly realized why he’d wanted this for so long, and she regretted never having done it before. Just wearing panties was going to be an erotic experience now, as she’d feel the satin caressing her skin when she moved. Slipping her fingers inside them while he watched her, or doing it while he was on the phone, would make them both crazy with lust. She’d buy some tiny thongs that would catch between her vagina lips and stroke her when she moved. Not wearing panties at all would be even sexier. She’d flash him in a restaurant when he leaned over to pick up her napkin…

She got out of the tub and slathered scented shea butter on her newly shaved parts. The effect was unbelievable—never had she felt anything so soft and delicate. She sprayed some darkly scented perfume between her breasts and thighs went to the bed.

When he came into the room he found her in the candlelight, a saxophone moaning seductively on the CD player. She was nude and propped against the pillows, her freshly washed body stretched out in a blatantly erotic pose. She had her head thrown back and her hands grasped the headboard behind her. Her breasts were full and swollen with desire, their nipples rosy and plump and pointed upward at a welcoming angle. Her legs were splayed wantonly, one knee up.

He couldn’t believe his eyes. Her vagina looked spectacular, dark lips pouting between her slim, smooth thighs. He could even see the little white pearl of her clitoris straining at its gossamer sheath. She reached down and fondled herself lovingly, licking her lips as her fingers explored her vagina as if for the first time. Her labia became slippery and hot, and she slipped a finger into herself and then licked it slowly, watching his reaction.

“I’m eating honey from my own hive, Darling. It’s delicious. Wanna taste me?”

“I’d like to watch for a little while longer.”

“Oh, please come and taste me. I want your tongue in me. I want you to stroke my clitoris with it.”

She giggled, then reached behind the pillow and took out her vibrator. Though he could not hear the motor’s hum above the music, he knew she’d turned it on because she reacted immediately to the sensation. She touched her nipples with it, and they sprang to attention eagerly. He longed to suck them, to bite them gently and make her gasp with the exquisite agony of ecstasy.

“I want you to suck me, Darling. Suck me and then fuck me.” She squealed girlishly at her naughty comment. She slid the toy along her body to her vulva, and as she touched the pulsating tip to her labia, the sensation made her twitch involuntarily and she arched her back and moaned with the sheer pleasure of it.

“Do you like my vagina? I can’t believe how incredible it feels—I can’t keep my hands away from it.”

“That’s fine with me. I love to watch you pleasure yourself anyway. You really surprised me. I don’t know what to say, except that I think we’re about to have some spectacular sex.”

“I think I’m going to want to go naked under my dresses now. I feel so exposed, so absolutely decadent and desirable. I really feel like your Shulammite lover now, not just your devoted wife.” As she said all this she continued to stroke herself with the vibrator, and the dark inner lips of her vulva had blossomed and swelled and were now bursting from her like an exotic flower. Though he was several feet away, he could smell the musky scent of her passion, and it excited him. She was gasping hoarsely, and her body was writhing with the intense pleasure of her own touch. She thrust her hips forward to him, inviting him to taste her, to tease her, to lap the hot love from her and then to ravage her. Her inner thighs were slippery with the dew of her arousal.

“Do me, please, Baby. Touching myself is wonderful, but I really need a good, hard screwing.” Her lewd talk excited him to no end, and he pulled her by her feet to the edge of the bed and let her hang her legs over the side. She was squirming and gasping, and her hands went to her marvelous breasts to knead them and cup them in her palms and pinch her nipples until they were dark and swollen.

Naked himself now, he opened her legs wide and, lifting her lower body from under her thighs, he plunged his rigid, throbbing penis into the slippery fissure between her engorged labia. He could watch himself fucking her, and the sight of his penis thrusting in and out, in and out, tightly wrapped by her slick, pink vagina, made him crazy with passion. She was bucking and thrashing now, and she wrapped her legs tightly around his hips and pulled hard to drive him more deeply into her as he thrust. She was pounding the bed with her fists and screaming, and her back was arched in a convulsion of erotic agony.

She started to cry uncontrollably, and it seemed that wave after wave of orgasmic energy swept over her. Her body was reacting with an erotic ferocity that neither of them had ever experienced. He was breathing heavily, but he couldn’t stop slamming his body against hers. His penis was still rigid, and he could feel her squeezing its shaft with her vagina as it plunged into her time and again. “Harder, Baby! Harder! Fuck me—FUCK ME! Oh, dear I can’t stop coming!”

At that moment her vagina erupted in a stream of clear fluid. Her ejaculation startled him out of her, and the fluid flowed between her thighs onto the sheets. Her body was wracked with passion, and she continued to thrust her pelvis upward, her swollen vagina gaping and twitching with her dissipating orgasm.

Her knelt and put his face between her legs. She was calmer now, whimpering like a child, her body going limp on the bed. He lapped the liquid from her vagina, gently stroking her engorged clitoris and licking where she directed him by guiding his head.

“Kiss me, Darling,” she gasped. “Let me taste my joy.”

He did so, letting her lick the fluid from around his mouth, then plunging his tongue into her mouth and letting her suck hard, biting his lips and once again wrapping her legs around his hips and digging her nails into the hard muscle of his butt.

“Did you come?”

“Not completely.”

“Take me again, then. Enter me. Enjoy me, Darling. Get your fill.”

He did so, rolling her onto her stomach with two pillows under her hips and spreading her legs wide. Kneading the tight round orbs of her butt, he stroked her lips with the tip of his penis, then knelt over her and rammed himself into her, feeling her clamp tightly around him to pump all the love out of him he had to give her. He came again in a convulsion of joy, gasping and finally lying on top of her, satisfied and exhausted. They rolled onto their sides and he stayed inside her, pushing his still-firm manhood in as far as he could, she pressing her smooth butt into him and wriggling gleefully, enjoying the feel of her skin against his as they spooned.


They fell asleep this way, and awoke only as the light of the moon flooded their room with its bluish light. She woke up when he stirred, and she reached down to grasp his flaccid penis with her long, practiced fingers and began to stroke him, her body hungry once more for his loving. Her other hand went to the smooth, soft flesh of her shaved vulva.

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