Dead Battery

My name is Arthur my wife’s name is Jenny I am 67 years old, and she is 65.  I have no real interest in sex and thought Jenny was not interested either, she is never frisky or hasn’t been in a while.  That wake-up call came one day as she had two of her best friends over for a visit.  I was in the next room, but she closed the doors for privacy.  I was sitting in a chair near the wall and could hear them laughing.  I got closer to the wall to hear what they were talking about.   I heard one of her friends comment that her husband’s battery was running low.  The other friend said she had to charge her husband’s battery ever once in a while.  Interesting I thought I was terrified and stunned when I heard Jenny say,  you are lucky Arthur’s battery is dead as a door nail no fire at all.  Her voice had the sound of great disappointment.  That made me so sad and made me think I wasn’t a man at all.  What was I to do but I didn’t realize Jenny had thoughts of sex.

Gosh, I was hurt and so mad at myself.  I never said anything to Jenny about their conversation. Next day I made an appointment with our family doctor who is also a friend.  I saw him a few days later and told him what I had overheard.  At your age, you should have a very active sex life.  The doc made an appointment with my urologist to see if I was having a problem with my prostrate. He checked it and determined I was fine; then he pulled some blood to find out the levels of my testosterone.  Sure enough, it was very low.  He prescribed shots to bring it up, but he told me off the record about some natural herbs the would also help.  He also told me to exercise.  I went back to me Doc and told him of the findings.  Long story short I did exactly what I was told.  In the meantime I started hugging my wife more and started telling he that I loved her more than I usually do, in fact, I tell her every day.  She suspected something but could not figure it out.

I kept busy exercising and eating right and took the herb the DR recommended.  After the third testosterone had shotted things began to happen. I asked Jenny if she would like to go on an overnight trip and just relax and see if anything happens.  I gave her a wink and a kiss.  She seemed excited.  We drove to a town known for good food and entertainment.   We found a great restaurant ate a good meal and relaxed with a glass or two of good wine.  After a while, Jenny whispered in my ear and said: “lets go to our room.“   Boy did it excite me! I bought a bottle of wine, and we left.  Arriving at the hotel, we walked to the door holding hands a hugging a bit.  I said a quick prayer “O, please don’t let the testosterone shots and the herbs let me down tonight.”

We kissed like we did in our teenage years, sipped some wine and we both showered together.  Jenny was so hot and wet I was too.  I am blessed with an 8” penis, and it was rock hard.  We got in the bed naked and cuddled and fondled each other.  Jenny was as excited more than I could remember.  She whispered “come on baby make love to me now”  As I inserted my very hard dick in her very wet pussy she let out a scream.  She said hold me tight and give it to me fast and hard.  She did orgasm, and so did I.  We laid there for about 10 minutes and finally got out of bed.  That was not the end of the love making session.  There was more to cum, just as good as the first time…

I thought, welcome back to a wonderful and glorious sex life.  We both joined an exercise club, and Jenny’s weight, and muscle tone became much better we both have great stamina, and Jenny had a minor facelift smoothing out some wrinkles and a few blemishes making her look years younger.  We went shopping for some sexy outfits, bikini panties, revealing bras.  Jenny would leave her top button open when we were together… Now you can imagine how much great sex we had after that…

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  1. lissygirl says:

    This story gives me great hope for our future together. We’ve been married 24 years and are more in love now than ever in the 26 years we’ve known each other! My husband and I are very active now, but he always worries about “what if I can’t fulfill your needs in the future?” I know he will always be the one who wants to make love even if I’m too tired. I am so excited waiting for our future life — just the two of us with no kids at home. 2 years and waiting…….

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