The Time of Our Life

The wedding was over and my husband and I left rather early from the reception. It had been a very long day, but we were very excited for what was to come after the reception. It was something that we had been waiting for our whole lives. We were two relatively young people, 21 and 23, but we both knew that we were it for each other. On our wedding night, both my husband and I were very proud virgins, I had always wanted to be able to wear white on my wedding day, and have it truly mean that I was pure.

After we left the reception we rushed to our hotel suite. It was beautiful we got the honeymoon suite and there was a heart shaped Jacuzzi. There were candles lit and soft music playing. I could not wait to rip off my wedding dress and get my husband naked on the bed. I could not wait to make love to him. I controlled myself and slowly stripped down to my lingerie. He came over and I undressed him down to his underwear. He slowly began to kiss me all over my body. He fondled my breasts and began gently licking my nipples. It was a sensation that I had never felt before it was amazing. I was completely aroused. I began to perform oral sex on him and he too was in complete ecstasy. We both knew that this was only the beginning of the many pleasures that were to come that night.

We moved over to the heart shaped Jacuzzi and had a nice bubble bath. He kissed me all over and I returned the favor. I grabbed his penis under the water and realized how large it was. It was unlike anything I had ever thought of before, and I kept thinking, “Oh my, this is going to be inside of me!” I was scared. I did not want it to hurt, but I knew that it would. As we got out of the Jacuzzi we admired each other’s naked bodies. We accepted each other completely. We were not self-conscious at all. It was magnificent. My husband carried me over to the bed and gently laid me down. He was so gentle with me. He began to stimulate my clitoris and all of this joy passed through my body like a lightning bolt. I felt alive like I had never felt before. He slowly entered me. I felt his gentle pressure and was relieved when I felt no pain. I felt his slow throbbing within me and felt closer to him than I had ever felt. He thrust and we climaxed at the same time. It was amazing. That is the only way to describe it. It was as if we were the only two people in the whole world, and we were as one.

We were both extremely tired, as you can imagine, and fell asleep in each other’s arms. The next day we flew to Hawaii where we had our own private beach and cabana. It was total seclusion. We got to experience each other everywhere. We were in our own little piece of heaven. We spent the whole two weeks not having to see another soul. We got to fine-tune our love making skills through that whole time. To this day however, nothing compares to our first time in the honeymoon suite.

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