Special Dinner

While at work, my wife called me on my cell phone, and said that she had a surprise for dinner, so hurry home.  For the rest of the day, my mind was not on my work.  When I pulled in the driveway, I noticed a note on the door.  When I read the note sealed in an envelope, it read, come in, and go to the kitchen.  When you get to the kitchen door, use the blindfold provided for you, and come in, and taste the special dish.

I went in and found the blindfold, and put it over my eyes.  I sat down at the table, and went to reach for the fork, to taste this new dish.  I heard my wife’s voice say, you don’t need a fork, or even your hands this evening, for the dish served to you tonight, is for your mouth, and penis only.  She then grabbed the back of my head, and took off the blindfold.

There in front of me, was my wife on the table, totally nude, and flashing a bare love spot, in my face.  I ate her, like I had been starved all day, and she climaxed all over my face.  She then slid off the table, and slid herself onto my lap.  She wasted no time, placing my penis deep inside her, very wet love spot.  Then she worked herself into a frenzy, again and again, until she could take no more, she was so tired.  Hopefully, she will do that again, in the near future.

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