Toy test

Doug had finished all he could handle of his lessons for the morning. He was eagerly waiting for Connie to get back from her women’s brunch at the church. Taking some time to reflect back on the whirlwind that was their relationship, Doug recalled how in just a few short months he had gone from dedicated bachelor and porn addict to dedicated husband and Connie addict. God was good, providing everything Doug needed to stop his sin and give him everything he ever wanted in a wife.

Doug was absolutely hooked on Connie’s beautiful body. She had a very subtle attractiveness with no hint of pretense. He loved her bright green eyes and wonderful, slightly cocked smile when Connie would study him with love in her eyes. Doug envisioned Connie’s face and focused on her lovely button-like nose and full soft lips. He felt a stir in his pants just thinking about it. The focus then moved south to Connie’s lovely chin and neck. As Doug thought about her lovely, soft alabaster skin that let her body’s warmth flow through to his fingers, the stirring down below grew stronger. Doug knew that junior would truly be ready to play when Connie got home. Doug then mentally drifted down to Connie’s magnificent 36DD breasts. Those same breasts he had decided a month earlier would satisfy him always just as it was written in the Bible.

Doug’s mind was doing fantastic work on his body. He could almost feel his hands cupping those perfect globes of flesh, tweaking the nipples gently as Connie sighed with pleasure, eyes closed to enjoy the sensations more fully. The sensation of his dick pushing against his jeans broke Doug’s mental image temporarily, and he undid his fly to give his six-inches of manhood more breathing room. Getting back to the task at hand, Doug then drifted further south on the map of his lovely wife. Next stop, Connie’s wonderful belly; Soft, plump, and warm. Doug recalled how, when they were engaged, Connie’s ticklishness had all but rendered that area off-limits. Since marriage however, Connie’s wonderful midsection had accepted his touch far more willingly. That pleased Doug to no end as he was desperate to be able to touch his wife all over. Doug’s mind then went to Connie’s shapely, smooth, strong legs. Junior began to pulse with each heartbeat as Doug mentally traveled up and down each one, finally settling in the middle where his bride’s greatest treasure lay.

Backed by the greatest ass he’d ever seen, Connie’s pussy was truly a thing of beauty. How he loved putting his fingers, tongue and dick in there, enjoying every sensation and moan of pleasure it elicited from his wife. For some reason though, Connie had not yet been able to climb to the peak of pleasure mountain. Perhaps their recent delivery could fix that.

Doug’s concentration was again interrupted, this time by the sound of a key in the door at the top of the stairs. Connie was home at last. Quickly sheathing junior, Doug got up to give his wife a welcome home kiss when she opened the door to their small basement suite. The door opened and Doug swept Connie into his arms, his lips pressing on hers with more passion than ever before. Even better was the passion with which Connie returned the kiss. Her tongue leapt into his open mouth, exploring every part of it.  Doug wrapped his arms tightly around Connie, letting his hands sink down her perfect back to her ass, massaging and squeezing it as junior again pleaded for release from his denim prison.

“Now that’s what I call a welcome home” Connie gasped as their mouths separated and they caught their breath. She then came back for more, placing her hand on her husband’s crotch to tease him a little more.

“You sure know how to make an entrance” said Doug. “I’m sure you can feel what you’ve done to me since you got here” he added with a wink.

“That was the plan” she replied in her best come hither voice. Spotting the package on the kitchen table, Connie wandered over to have a peek. “Hmmm, this wouldn’t be that freebie you ordered online a while back would it?”

“I do believe it is dear, Care to help me test it out?” said Doug with a tease in his voice.

“Absolutely” Connie replied while reducing the outer layer of paper to confetti. Inside the package was their first sex toy ever. A small vibrator designed to make sure Connie’s clitoris did not get left out of their lovemaking today. After making quick work of the rest of the package, Doug inserted the batteries and gave the dial a twist. The buzz told him what he needed to know. Doug immediately tugged at the front of Connie’s snap-closure shirt revealing those glorious 36 DD’s of his wife begging for attention from within her straining bra. Doug pulled Connie close for another kiss and deftly unhooked the bra at the back to let the girls get some air. Meanwhile, Connie was swiftly undoing Doug’s belt and jeans to free junior for action. A very grateful 6 inches of hard, blood-filled dick sprung out from Doug’s waist. Connie knew exactly what to do with that. Sinking to her knees, she took her husband’s manliness into her mouth and proceeded to drive him wild. After several minutes of ecstasy, Doug brought Connie to her feet and led her into the bedroom. He laid her down on the bed, stripped off her jeans and panties and began to feast on his wife’s delicious pussy. By the way her juices were flowing, Doug knew that Connie was already VERY ready for action. The way Connie’s pussy accepted two fingers with room to spare left no doubt. Doug lay beside his wife, fingers working away down below. Connie grabbed the vibe and rested it against her already throbbing clit. “OH DOUG…. OH Doug” her voice formed the words between gasps for breath. This was the closest to the top of the mountain that Doug had ever seen his wife. She pulled him close and whispered “I need you inside me NOW!”  Always willing to oblige, Doug plunged Junior home and began thrusting for all he was worth, loving the extra sensation of the vibrator between them. By now, Connie was whimpering and gasping with each breath. Doug was thrusting like a man possessed, and when he saw Connie’s eyes roll up in her head and heard the scream of pleasure she released he knew that his wife had at last reached the pinnacle of pleasure. Her pussy involuntarily clamped around his Dick and brought him to the point of no return as well. A few seconds later, Doug felt his seed shooting into his wife like never before.

After several minutes rest to catch their breath Connie, reached her head up to kiss Doug with a grateful passion. “Thank you” she said. “I thought that may never happen, or could possibly feel that good”. Doug smiled at her, happy to see her get ultimate pleasure. Best seven bucks shipping he’d ever spent.

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