Three Weeks Later …

Last week, my wife came home.  She had been gone for three weeks.

Michelle is a schoolteacher.  She had the opportunity to attend a wonderful seminar in which she received training that is going to be a great asset to her work.  That was for two weeks.  But it was in another state.  And immediately after that, she came home and was here for about eight hours before she went straight into yet ANOTHER teaching seminar for one week, in yet another state.

So she had been gone for almost a month.  I seen her for only less than a day in all that time.

While she was gone, I threw myself into Bible study… bigtime!  I really wanted to use this time to focus entirely on God, instead of being tempted to “go native” with a temporary return to my bachelor days.  So I managed to keep our home pretty clean and tidy.  I even cooked myself a few real dinners, and my wife will be the first to tell you that I can’t cook!  And I read and meditated on quite a lot of scripture.  The past few months have been a particularly trying time in our lives, with quite a lot of things that got thrown our way.  God really brought us through those, and I definitely feel like my faith has grown stronger because of it.  But this was a time when I found myself particularly thirsty for the Word.

I’m glad that I had this time with God.  But as the days progressed, I found myself – more than I ever had before – longing for my wife.

She came back early on Saturday evening.  Together we chose that although we enjoy the fellowship of our congregation very much, that tomorrow on the Lord’s day God wanted us to worship Him together, as man and wife, in the way He intended us as a couple to worship Him as intimately as is possible.

We did nothing that night.  Michelle was still very tired from three weeks of training and traveling.  We fell asleep in each other’s arms, I holding her close to my heart.  It was the most peaceful sleep that I had known for almost a month.

The next day, we woke up together, and we showered together.  I can’t remember the last time it was that we showered together!  Then we made breakfast together and ate.  Charles Stanley’s program was playing on one of the local TV stations (so we didn’t go the day entirely without a sermon, LOL).  And after breakfast, we had a time of Bible devotion together, and we talked some and then we prayed together.  You can’t imagine how sweet it was to just hold her hand like that and pray with her: I had missed it so much!

After that, I started getting dressed in something more suitable for the day.  We had decided to go out for just a little bit.  And I’m glad we did.  I’m glad that we didn’t rush into things.  Because what happened later became that much sweeter for the time we waited.  Because as I was waiting in the living room for my wife to finish dressing…

There she was.  My dear Michelle.  Wearing the cutest outfit that I think she’s ever worn.  It was something she bought while she was out of state, and had been waiting to surprise me with it.

When I was in high school and college, sometimes a girl would do something that… drove me totally crazy deep inside!  And I felt ashamed and even “dirty” for the feelings that I had when I saw this.  I tried hard to stop them.  I never let myself enjoy it, because I was trying so very hard to be pure.  I desperately wanted to present myself as much to my future wife as I possibly could, for my body to be hers and hers alone.  I didn’t want to spoil even my thought life for her.

This is what girls would sometimes do that would turn me on so much, and it was sooooo much more appealing when I knew for sure that this girl was a genuine and sincere Christian, because then she had a beautiful and radiant face that went along so wonderfully with it.  It was when a girl would wear a nice skirt that came just slightly above her knees, and have bare legs without stockings, and a cute pair of ballet flats.  High-heels turned me off: I didn’t like it when girls looked like they tortured themselves.  But a girl with that kind of skirt and bare legs with ballet flats looked amazingly feminine and graceful and… yes, sexy.  And I used to feel some resentment at guys who had girlfriends who did that look for them, while I didn’t have any girl at all.

What can I say: I was waiting for the right one.  As much as my flesh yearned to know pleasure, I couldn’t stand but to let it know the right girl that God wanted me to be with, in His time.  Anything less would come short of the joy that He wanted me to have, I just knew it.

Well, I waited longer than most people do (it was my mid-20s before I had my first girlfriend, and Michelle was it). Our first kiss was on our wedding day. Our wedding night was heavenly.  And now I hadn’t seen her for three weeks.  And NOW…

Here was my lovely wife, who I had not really seen in almost a month.  She was wearing a new blue and white outfit.  Dark navy skirt that came just above the knees of her bare beautiful legs.  On her dainty feet, black ballet flats.

It was what I had wanted to enjoy looking at so much for years before.  And all of this is to say nothing about the light in her eyes, her radiant smile, her golden hair adorning her shoulders…

She was the most beautiful thing that I had ever seen.  I told her so. I told her how much I had wanted a girl to dress like this for me and how I am so glad that I waited for HER to do it for me!

So help me, I couldn’t tear my eyes off of those beautiful legs!

And everything else about her was turning me on extra-hard, too!

We went out for a little while.  To a nice restaurant for lunch, and then for a walk in a small park nearby.  All while this was going on, my penis was hard and erect and sometimes even painful, pressing strongly against the inside of my pants.  I don’t know if I stopped looking at her.  And I was starting to very, very much hunger for her.  My cock was hot for her.  It was all I could do, to control myself.

Finally I could do it no longer: “Michelle, I want you.  I can’t wait any longer.”

“Me neither,” she said with a wink.

We came home and went straight to the bedroom.  Oh man, I still couldn’t stop admiring her legs!  I am telling you, one of the most beautiful things that a wife can do for her husband is to wear a skirt with bare legs and ballet flats.  Seeing my wife do that sure makes me feel horny for her!  I can’t believe I just said “horny”.  But I don’t know of any better adjective other than merely “longing”.

Just before we got to the bedroom, I picked up Michelle in my arms and brought her through the door.  I then gingerly laid her on the bed and closed the door.  Then I lay next to her on the bed, and admired every bit of her.  I let my eyes go all over that beautiful body that God had given her.  I stroked her face, tears coming to both of our eyes… this had been an even more powerful longing than we had ever had for our wedding night!

Finally I began to undress her.  I slipped the shoes from off her feet, caressed her legs, came to her skirt and unhooked it then slid it off of her.  She began unzipping my pants, and I know she felt how hard my cock was for her.  I took her top off, she unbuttoned my shirt.  We took our time.  And finally, in sync, I took her panties off and she pulled my underwear down and off of my legs.

We touched each other, all over.  Her breasts felt so full and soft.  She stroked my chest and my arms and my side.  And then her fingers wrapped themselves around my penis…

…they tantalized my cock.  The entire being of my flesh screamed for her.

I began stroking her vagina.  Michelle’s eyes closed in ecstasy.  She began making sweet little sounds of delight.  And when she could stand it no longer…

“Come to me,” she whispered.

She slipped me into her.

I felt my mouth form a silent “ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…”

It was like our wedding night all over again.  Better, even.  The motions were so natural and so fluid.

Her vagina surrounded my penis and caressed it in its loving embrace.  It was soooo warm.  It was soooo moist.  It was sooooooo nicely tight!  And it was the most amazing softness.  I was deep inside my dear wife and she was milking and hugging my cock and it was the most wonderful feeling of my entire life!

We moaned together, so beautifully.

We stayed like that, for there’s no telling how long.  It was like God teaching us all over again the majesty and glory of the one-flesh union, between two of His children that He had brought together.

We felt God smiling His approval on us.  And it felt WONDERFUL!

Finally, we could stand the build-up no more.  It had been so slow and so eloquent, the most wonderful rise to climax we had ever known.  And when we could hold back no longer…

She came.  And then I came.  My penis throbbed hard inside of her.  Weeks of pent-up semen roared violently out of my cock, in wave after wave of orgasmic delight.

My body deflated.  Nearly a month of longing and desire and burning need for my wife, whose beautiful body I had so ached and hungered for, now found complete satisfaction.

Tears of joy flowed following the sweet release.  We lay together for quite a while after that, me still inside of her.  Even though the orgasm had come, Michelle’s vagina was still nicely hugging my cock.  We were tied together.  And so we stayed that way for awhile, basking in the one-flesh union.

At some point, we started praying together, just as we were.  We thanked God and we praised Him for what He had done for us.  We gave honor to Him, for giving us the gift of deep and passionate sex between man and wife: the only true “love-making” that there can possibly be.

And after that, after we had cleaned ourselves up a bit, we both fell back into bed, both of us still naked.  And resting in each other’s arms, we fell asleep together, on a warm late spring Sunday afternoon, in the loving sight of our God.

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  1. kw04 says:

    As a Christian woman I can deeply appreciate your story. It was beautiful. and i hope to some day be able to enjoy such a husband in a such a wonderful marriage. How wonderful it is to pray together as a couple it creates a wonderful foundation. and sex is just the icing on the cake , how beautiful . Thanks for your story.

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