Wedding Bliss

My beautiful, sexy and extremely passionate and intellectual wife and I have been married for three glorious months.  She also has a marvelous sense of humor and enjoys having fun and exciting times, as do I. Each day we commit to loving each other more and often tell each other that today we are starting our honeymoon again.  Our love is truly growing stronger each day and we are happier knowing that we are committed to pleasing and pampering each other.

When I finally arrived at home she greeted me with very passionate kisses and was wearing one of my favorite sexy outfits.  She told me how much she enjoyed my email to her and that it made her feel so loved and excited to be married to me. Our kisses very in intensity and passionate as our tongues plunge deeply into each other’s mouths while we are touching each other’s bodies all over.  Of course we must find “flesh” to touch while we are kissing and we truly enjoy those first moments of greeting each other so lovingly as I arrive home from work.

She always checks to make sure that my penis is erect and continues kissing while touching me lovingly there and it feels so good.  That evening she was not wearing a bra and it was very apparent that she was sexually excited because her nipples were so hard and jutting out at me through her little pink halter-top.  Over and over again we told each other how good it felt hugging and touching and kissing and how grateful we were to be married and loving each other more and more every day.  I asked her what she wanted to do that evening and after she told me of several things that she wanted to do, I suggested that I would love to give her a sensual body massage and she agreed that would be fun.  I also made the suggestion that we don’t need to have sex, but just enjoy the massage for as long as possible.

At about 8:30, after finishing reading together several things that we had planned to study together, we stripped naked to get ready for her massage.  She pulled down the bed covers and spread out a huge towel out on the bed. We like to use sesame seed oil for our massages and I warmed it up in hot water for a minute, put on some romantic music and lit a candle and turned out the light.   We have found that the best position in massage is when I kneel by the bed on a pillow with her lying close to the edge.  That way I can move easily from her head to her feet and use both hands with very little strain.  While massaging her beautiful, slim and athletic body first while she is lying front side down, I told her over and over again how much I loved her and how lucky I was that she married me and how much I enjoyed massaging her beautiful body.

As I massaged each part I commented upon how wonderfully soft her skin was and how marvelous she has been in keeping so fit through exercising and eating good and healthy foods.  After about 30 minutes I asked her to turn over and began massaging her front.  After about 10 minutes of massage, we began kissing each other passionately and I paid tender attention to her breasts, but didn’t touch her vagina area except just briefly from time to time.  After about 20 more minutes of kissing and touching her as tenderly and lovingly as possible, I lay by her side and we continued kissing and hugging.  Of course I had a huge erection and as we hugged she spread her legs slightly so that my penis was slightly teasing her clitoris.  We kept on kissing and moving against each other and my penis went deeper and deeper inside her warm and wet vagina.  The feelings of love continued to grow and she commented that the feelings were really fantastic for her and she started to cry out of gratitude for being wrapped in so much love and wonderfully delicious feelings.  I pulled her on top of me and slowly pushed my penis into her as far as it would go.

The feelings of being so connected and then slowly moving against each other in circular motions were beyond heavenly.  She could not believe how wonderful she was feeling and continued crying through an overpowering orgasm.  For a while she lay on top and then started kissing me again.  All the while I continued moving my hips up and down and enjoying the erotic and extremely pleasurable sensations of being buried inside her.  Again we started moving faster and faster and kissing so passionately.  Between our sweat and the sesame seed oil, it felt as if we were lubricated perfectly for maximum sensual contact.

We would tell each other to “never stop” and when she got too close to an orgasm, we would slow down and then speed up over and over again to prolong the pleasure.  I kept telling her how wonderful she was and how perfect the evening was in making such passionate love to each other.  After the longest time she finally came for the second time.  It was heavenly to feel her spasms and hearing her cries being muffled as we continued kissing.  After about five or six minutes of holding her and continuing to move so slowly in and out of her, we moved together onto her side with my penis still buried deep inside of her very wet and warm vagina.

She asked me if I wanted an orgasm as well and I told her that it felt so good just to move inside of her for a while which we did for another 5 minutes or so.  It was a wonderful loving experience and as we knelt in prayer together that evening I thanked God for our marriage and how grateful we were for each other.

The Luckiest and Happiest Husband

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