Baby Powder Pleasure

Sunday afternoon after church my wife and I decided to have a nap before eating dinner.  Since we always sleep in the nude, we both stripped completely and got into bed.  It was rather warm and we were sweating a little and decided to put a little baby powder on each other.  We rubbed baby powder on each other, which is always a huge turn on for us and as usual I developed a huge erection.  My wife dumped an extra helping of baby powder upon my genital area and while lying side by side, used both hands and started rubbing my testicles and penis while we kissed.  The more she rubbed the harder I got. Of course our kisses became more passionate as I, in turn started massaging her breasts and doing my best to get her nipples hard as pebbles.  The baby powder felt so good keeping us both well lubricated.  We were both in heaven and feeling such tremendous love for each other.

After about 10 minutes of pleasuring each other, my most affectionate and sexy wife switched positions and lies on her side and put her head in my lap facing me and began playing with my penis with her lips and tongue.  This was so very loving and exciting for me as we were looking at each other while she continued teasing me.  Without losing eye contact she started kissing and sucking my penis harder and deeper while squeezing and massaging my testicles tenderly.  I think that she really enjoys seeing the affect that she is having on me. The feelings were absolutely heavenly.  While she was pleasuring me so passionately I continually encouraged her by telling her how wonderful she was, how gorgeous she is and how good she was making me feel.  I could feel that I was getting too close to orgasm so I suggested that we switch into a 69 position.

We scooted down in the bed slightly and my wife got on top as we started to eat each other deliciously. The taste and feelings were wonderful and by being on the bottom I was able to massage her back covered with baby powder and eating her clitoris at the same time and thrusting my tongue into her as far as possible from time to time.  After about 10 minutes we both felt close to orgasm so I suggested that we switch positions again with her on top so that we could finish off with sexual intercourse.  By this time my wife was very well lubricated and my penis slipped easily into her very wet and warm vagina.

My wife is so beautiful in every way with a gorgeous face and voluptuous lips,  muscular and well proportioned body.  We exercise daily to keep in the best of shape for each other and our energy and stamina are excellent.  For the next two hours we slowly moved against each other while kissing passionately. Our kisses are so delicious and we love gently sucking on each other’s tongues and twirling our tongues around each other’s endlessly.  The conversation is always precious expressions of gratitude and love for each other.  I love the way my wife caresses my body and hair and face when we’re having intercourse and kissing.

Her beautiful tanned body and skin are exquisite and such a delight to touch and massage especially when it is covered with baby powder. Over and over again we whisper to each other to “never stop, never stop” and “you are making me feel so good” and that we love each other so much.  As we would get closer to climaxing, we would slow down and then start up again.  During these two hours of pleasuring each other she was able to reach three earth-shaking orgasms and I was able to maintain an erection.  She only has to wait a few moments after she gets an orgasm until her clitoris loses it’s over sensitivity until we can start moving again. I love being able to drive her crazy by maintaining my erection until she has been completely satisfied.  After the third orgasm, her energy level was just about depleted.  She asked me if I would also like to get an orgasm and I told her that would be wonderful, but after trying for a while, I told her that my penis was just a little too numb but loved every second of this most exciting time together with sensations beyond being heavenly.

By this time we were too hungry to take a nap as we had planned and so we got up and fixed dinner together.  What a loving experience.  Every chance I get I tell my angel wife that I love her with all my heart, and with a little chuckle, I tell her that I also love her with every other part of my body as well.  She always laughs and tells me that she loves me too and especially those special body parts.  She has a marvelous sense of humor and tells me that she appreciates that I’m 300% potent (meaning my erect penis, fingers and tongue). Our love is growing more and more every day.

She is such a blessing in my life and I thank Heavenly Father that she married me and that we have the rest of our lives to love each other in every possible way including glorious and spontaneous sexual experiences.

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