Move over Honey

After being married for only a couple of weeks my wife and I were on the way to visit some friends that we went to college with. We both finished school a year early with our graduate diploma and were married in the summer.

The school year had begun again and my wife wanted to visit her friends in a nearby town to see how they were doing. We started out early in the morning and were talking about the weather, food, a new house … whatever came to mind. Out of the blue, while I was driving my wife began to talk about how much she loved being with me. She continued to tell me how wonderful it was to wait for marriage before giving herself to me.

I was having a hard time concentrating on the road as she described in detail what she would like to do to me at that very moment. Her hand slid up my thigh and gently began to stroke my shaft through my jeans. The moment that I looked her way I understood in an instant how hot she had become simply by using her imagination and our recent experiences in the bedroom for fuel.

It wasn’t that long before I pulled the car off the highway and into a large fairground area where we could cuddle and possibly neck for a while to calm our growing urges for each other before continuing on the journey.

The moment I had the car parked my lover was all over me with sweet kisses and her skirt up around her hips. To my surprise she had already lost her panties as I was parking the car. Quickly she pulled my jeans to my ankles and mounted me. Her breasts in my face as she lowered herself onto my rock hard shaft. She began to thrust back and forth as I guided her sweet buttocks deeper. We began to climb together, as our passion grew with each moment.

I will always remember the time my wife asked me to move over and allow her to drive me.

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