My Own Personal Half-time Show

Super Bowl night… and no plans for going out.  The kids are in bed and I’m comfortable in my chair watching the game.  My wife has been up and about straightening up the house, and getting the kids to sleep.

As the first half comes to an end, I flip through the channels to find something better to watch than the drivel that they call a half time show.  As I do, my wife peeks from around the corner, catches my eye, and says, ‘whatcha doin?’

“Just watching the game,” I say.

“Isn’t it half-time?” she responds.

“yep, it is.”

“Well, I think every football fan deserves a good half-time show,” she says, and steps out into the open to reveal herself wearing a very loose-fitting football jersey of my favorite team, along with some very skimpy panties that I can see all the way through.

I think she is shocked by my reaction, as I really don’t know what to say — my mouth is just hanging wide open in astonishment.

“umm, umm, yeah… that sounds really nice…” I blurt out.

She is clearly embarrassed at how taken aback I am, but moves over to me and sits astride me in my chair, kissing me gently and rubbing her body against me.

I reach the remote and turn the TV off as she does, but she quickly turns it back on and switches the channel to a digital music station that we frequently turn to when the moment hits.

“You’ve got to have good music during a half-time show” she flirts.

I resign to my wife’s will and allow her to run with this wonderful idea that she has taken time into planning.  I lie back and we recline together, and I let my hands work their way across her back and into her hair, massaging as she continues to kiss me.

I return her kisses and we enjoy each other’s mouths for several moments, our tongues dancing with each other as I feel her hand slide down my chest and into my pants.  She finds my already rock-hard penis waiting for her touch, and grasps it very lightly and plays with it gently.

I begin to moan and allow her other hand to unbutton my jeans.

As she plays with me, I kiss her shoulder that is revealed by the loose jersey and peek inside to see her breasts, full and beautiful dipping deeply inside the shirt.  I slide the side of the jersey off her shoulder and her left breast slips out of the cloth, where I am free to lick and suck gently on her nipple.

“mmmmmmmmmm,” she responds with joy at my kissing of her breast.

She guides her covered vagina to my penis and starts rubbing our sexual parts together as I suck on her.  She reaches to my chest and massages my nipples through my shirt as well.  She really gets warmed up as she rubs on me, and pulls herself off of me and stands.

With my wife’s beautiful body in front of my chair, one breast with a very erect nipple hanging out, she slips out of the jersey and lets it fall to the floor, and pulls my jeans and boxers off of my body as well.

I lean to my wife and kiss her belly and hips, and take her slender panties into my teeth and pull them down her legs to the floor.

She steps out of her panties, and then pushes me back into reclining position.

She stoops down the floor and leans forward and meets my penis with her lips.  She teases me gently, kissing and sucking on my head, and slowly takes it into her mouth, sucking softly, then more forcefully, making sure to make lots of noise in the process.

My moans of approval excite her and cause her to suck more, and she slides herself to where her vagina is able to rub against my leg as she sucks me.

Just before I come to orgasm, she backs off of my penis, kisses her way up my chest, and climbs on top of me, sliding my penis into her sopping wet vagina.

She moans loudly as I enter her, and pronounces loudly how good it feels.

“Oh your shaft is so hard….” she declares, as she slides herself up and down on me.

I lean forward to take her nipple into my mouth once again, and with this her tempo increases.

She begins bouncing on top of me, and the sound of flesh slapping together is exciting.

Her warm vagina tightens around my love shaft, as I can’t hold back any longer.  She lurches her back and whimpers as my love cream fills her up.

She responds in the same way, as I feel her body throb and tighten with an intense orgasm.

After the wave of pleasure passes, she leans forward into me, still allowing my member to rest inside of her and kisses me gently on the cheek.

She then reaches the remote and turns the game back on, just in time for the second half kickoff.

She nuzzles against me, and I pull a blanket over our naked bodies, and she dozes off to sleep, our bodies still one, as I watch the rest of the game a happy and satisfied man.

What a woman I have for a wife.

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