Half-Time Treat (L)

What are the best parts about Sundays?

According to my husband, Logan, they are church and football. In that order.

Now usually I wouldn’t have a problem with this because if Logan is watching football that means I have time to get things done around the house, like laundry, and not have him constantly, um, invading my space.

We’ve been married for 8 months and this system has worked pretty well for me up until now. I’m not what you would call a nympho but I do have my moments when I get pretty amorous. Logan says I get riled up at the most random times and since he’s such a go-with-the-flow person he’s happy to go where I want to flow.

Well right now I’m feeling pretty, well, horny. We just got home from church and Logan was wearing his olive green button up, that makes his already green eye pop even more, and a pair of khakis. It’s a simple outfit but the shirt hugs his muscular arms and his lean torso just right. His short black hair is starting to curl a bit and it had a slightly messy look to it this morning.

Logan is a very attractive man.

Now he’s wearing his favorite team jersey with a pair of basketball shorts, sitting in front of the TV, and yelling at the refs for a bad play. He gets so into it that he doesn’t even realize I’m watching him.

“Honey,” I say from the doorway, “are you hungry?”

“Uh, yeah. Sure.” He responds distractedly.

I walk into the living room and sit next to him on the couch, my hand rests on his thigh as I lightly draw circles with my thumb. “Is there anything specific you would like?” I say in a low and seductive voice, trying to drop a hint that I’m open for him to consume.

He glances over at me and says with a slight smile on his face, “No, just make whatever you want.” He didn’t catch the hint, but I’m not surprised.

I get up, and instead of going directly to the kitchen I take a detour to our bedroom. I pull one of Logan’s old jerseys that he never wears out of the closet. I remove my blouse and skirt I wore to church and look at myself in the mirror.

I’m not short but not tall either. My hair is shoulder length and dark brown. I smile as I remember how Logan likes to run his large hands through it when our kisses start to get really heated. My breasts are fairly average, a 36C, that Logan loves to play with at any given time. I decide to go braless. My skin is a creamy chocolate color that Logan loves so much, says it reminds him of hot chocolate on a cool winter evening.

I doctor the jersey a bit, cutting it into a v-neck to reveal more than a little cleavage. It’s long enough to cover my butt and I decide to wear a pair of bright blue lacy boyshort underwear that I know Logan loves. I fluff my hair and touch up my lip gloss before heading to the kitchen to make Logan’s sandwich. He’s gonna need a little energy after I’m done with him.

The game has gone to half-time and Logan is reclining on the couch with his eyes closed as I walk into the living room. I clear my throat and he opens his eyes as I set the plate down on the table in front of him. He sort of squints before his eyes get huge and I notice a slight bulge in his pants. Perfect.

I give him a sultry smile and say “Here’s your little snack, unless, you see something else you want.” I deliberately look down at his hard-on, making sure he sees where my gaze is.

He gets a curious and amused look on his face. He leans forward and says. “What’d you have in mind?”

“Well, I don’t know.” I say as I walk around the table to stand in front of him. Logan’s gaze takes in my whole outfit, stopping on my breasts and now hard nipples and the bottom of the jersey, most likely imagining what’s under it. “Maybe,” I continue on, leaning down for him to get a good look down the jersey, “a little play time for a very special member of your team.”

I see his eyes darken and lose focus when I lean in and kiss him. Our mouths meld together in a familiar rhythm and one of his hands intertwines with my hair. His lips break way from mine and go to my collarbone, kissing and nibbling, sending thrills of heat down to my mons, making me wet.

I straddle Logan’s legs as he runs his hands up my exposed thighs, lifting my hem until he feels the sides of the boyshorts. I take the jersey off and immediately Logan’s mouth finds my nipples. He sucks and lightly nibbles on the tips and a moan escapes my lips. I arch my back and grind my soaked lace-clad pussy on his ever growing erection, the friction of the fabric feeling wonderful.

“Logan.” I moan feeling myself begin to come. He looks at me, his green eyes aflame with passion. He moves a hand to my mound and rubs through the fabric, still sucking on my nipples. I feel my body constrict and yell Logan’s name repeatedly. He pinches one nipple and I feel the orgasm rip through my body. I slump to his shoulder and he kisses me on the forehead, cheeks, chin and finally the mouth.

“Ride me.” He whispers against my lips and my breath catches. His voice is husky and filled with command. I feel myself getting wet again. “Ride me hard, and fast. Ride me like you need me.”

I stand up and he pulls my panties down, gazing at my glistening pussy. He pulls his shorts off and reveals his cock, hard a firm. Immediately I need to feel it inside me. He sits back down and grabs my hips, pulling me to straddle him again. I am about to settle when he thrust his cock into my waiting pussy. I let out a little scream. He fills me so completely I know I was made for him.

I start to ride him slowly at first, kissing him deeply on the mouth. His hands need my butt and again his lips find my nipples.

“Harder, Love, harder.” he says and I comply riding him like he’s my personal sex toy, which he is. I clench around his cock from inside, adding pressure as I slide up and down his shaft faster and faster. He lets out a groan and says my name, empowering me to move even faster.

By now we’re both breathing hard. I can feel his cock twitching inside me and I know he’s getting close. I decide to do something different. I climb off him and kneel in front of him. I put my mouth over the head and use my tongued to swirl around his member. Now he’s moaning my name over and over again. His hands are in my hair and suddenly his back arches and he lets out a guttural yell. I feel squirts of his come fill my mouth and run down my throat.

He leans back spent and I get up and settle next to him. He puts his arms around me and kisses my forehead. “Thanks for the half-time entertainment, Love.”

“Not a problem.” I say with a smile. I notice the game is already in the fourth quarter and say, “Sorry, you missed so much of the game Logan.”

He proceeds to shut off the TV and stands up. With a dangerous smile on his face he puts the jersey back on me and pulls me toward our bedroom.

“What are you planning now?” I say and a thrill shoots through me at the look he gives me.

“I just figured I’d give back to the woman who made my afternoon all the better.”

“What about your sandwich?” I ask mock confusedly.

“It can wait.”

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