Wake Up Call

I reach over and turn off the alarm, groaning with sheer exhaustion. It feels as if I have only just put my head on the pillow. Dragging myself out of bed, I dive into the shower, smiling a self-satisfied smile as I think of the sexually charged and experienced man lying in my bed, after satisfying me till the early hours. I step into the shower with thoughts flowing through my head and the water rushing over my body. I feel the need to massage myself with the soapsuds. My breasts are getting increasingly firm; my nipples are erect and my vagina is aching as I remember the night before.

I run my hands over my breasts and massage my nipples beneath my fingertips. My body is extremely aroused and my vagina is pulsating under the water. I yearn to be touched, to feel his love shaft inside me, to feel his balls banging against my thighs and to feel his firm grasp on my breasts and hips.

Sowing beginning to rock from side to side and feeling rather light headed, I’m startled when the shower door opens and he is standing there, naked, aroused and smiling.

He steps into the shower, turning me round to face the wall, grabbing my wrists and pushing them against the wall above my head.

Bending over, I feel his love shaft pressed up against me and he leans forward and bites the back of my neck. I groan with pleasure as he kisses my neck and thrusts his penis between my legs; he’s teasing me with it and not inserting it. I can feel his muscles tense between my thighs and lean as far forward as I can, trying to push him inside, but he just moves away.

Letting go of my hands, he moves his head down my back, licking and kissing gently, then nibbling and biting holding my hips. He holds me still, stopping me from rocking and from juddering too much beneath his touch.

As he licks lower and lower, I crave him inside me.

I want him so badly.

I want something inside me.

I want to feel full.

I writhe under his touch and tremble as he places his head into my buttocks and begins licking around my vagina, holding me firmly as the water runs over my face and body.

I can feel only the presence of his tongue inside me and my vagina thrills beneath the water.

He stops.

I groan with disappointment but he opens the shower door, leaving the water still running, and leads me out into the bedroom.

Sitting me on the edge of the bed, he parts my legs and looks up into my eyes. They’re already glazed over and I’m smiling, begging him with my eyes to get on with it.

He lowers his head and licks around my love spot with gentle strokes, his hair dripping cold water onto my mound and creating a shuddering reaction in my body.

Gripping onto my hips as if he is holding me in place, he licks softly to begin with; long strokes of his tongue teasing me before I feel his finger circling the entrance. I’m excited by the thought that it will be inside me soon.

My body reaches up to feel his fingers inside me but he pushing me back down and continues licking. By now, my breathing is fast and deep. I’m groaning hard and quivering under his touch. My juices are flowing all around my love spot and my vagina is throbbing. I feel his finger inside me and scream with excitement as he inserts another finger into my pounding love spot, his hands now massaging my breasts. He then stands up; lifting my legs over his shoulders and enters me forcefully but gently. I squeal with pleasure at the sensation of his love shaft filling me.

He moves slowly at first, easing himself into rhythm, and gradually getting faster and faster. My breasts are bouncing and I’m screaming with satisfaction. After all his teasing, it doesn’t take long. I can feel myself coming. My head feels light and dizzy, my body aches, my vagina is throbbing so hard and my love spot feel so wet. I tense my muscles, trying to keep everything in, to make things last longer but I know it won’t be long. I can vaguely see his body thrusting into me and I can hear noises they could be coming from me – and then I feel it; a nothing, a rush, everything flowing from my body, the relief, the tension removed, the calm after the storm and the desire to sleep.

I feel him withdraw his penis and I lower my legs over the side of the bed. He scoops me up in his arms and places me in the middle of the bed, his love shaft still extremely hard.

I lower my head and begin caressing it with my tongue tasting myself on him and feeling overwhelmed again by the recollection of the past 90 minutes. As I circle the tip of his love shaft in my mouth, I use my other hand to hold and massage his balls, which are firm beneath my grasp.

I massage gently with my hand but begin moving faster and faster with my mouth taking him deep into me and using my tongue to stimulate him. He is groaning with pleasure, his mouth open and his eyes shut.

I use my second hand to rub the shaft of his penis keeping it in perfect rhythm and then, as I move to kiss him, he comes, his seed shooting onto my breasts and a smile shooting over my face.

“I love you.”

“I love you too.”

“Oh, and Happy Anniversary.” I reply.

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