Our Honeymoon

I stood by the window in his small room, looking out of the cold glass and staring right at the lamp outside. The snow had just begun to fall as I sighed and dreamed of being out in it, cold and wet and soft… The room in which I stood was warm, with soft music playing in the background… it was the song that followed us everywhere, the song that played whenever we were together, and without a choice, it became a connection for us when we were apart. It was us.

Softly, it began, and I sighed, looking out of the window and thinking of him, my husband. His hand slowly touched my cheek, and then down my face to my shoulder. His smile covered my face as I let his big warm hands cover my shoulders and his lips touch my neck. Warm, he was so warm… Slow, soft kisses covered my neck and face; slowly we moved to the beat of the music, slowly we danced, kissing and breathing… touching… he was so strong, so sweet… I could feel on the back of my legs the edge of the bed, and he picked me up and placed me gently on it… I had to admit, I was a bit nervous, because we were just new… we had never had sex with each other, and with him being a virgin, I didn’t want him to be regretful.

His kisses were so strong; his tongue was like a warm blanket that warmed my cold mouth… so soft and strong… I had never felt so alive just by the feel of his mouth. He whispered in my ear the words that I needed to hear…”I love you. I hope you’re not scared, but I want to make love to you…”

I cried out- his words were so passionate, so thick. I knew he felt what I felt, and at that moment, there was no turning back. My hands, ran up and down his back, so strong, so sweet, and so soft.  His shirt, I grabbed at it, and he pulled it over his head to reveal his awesome chest, form and curved. In return, he lifted up mine and pulled my bra down below my breast… he began to suck gently. My eyes closed and I leaned back against the pillows, sure to die of ecstasy. Slowly, his mouth moved between my breasts, and I gained my strength; I turned him over and pulled off my shirt.

I had to taste him, his warm body. I flicked my tongue over his nipples, and his slightest twitch gave me sense that he desired it as much as I did. His pants, his belt; I let my tongue slide down his body until I thrust it below his waistline. His moan was unbearable, and I smiled in spite of myself… he was so hard when my hand slipped down his pants to feel his body. His thighs, his groin…everything gave me pleasure.

With my teeth, I unzipped his pants and slid them off of his amazing body to reveal his precious penis, so hard, and firm… I let my tongue play around with the tip as his voice came out in sharp gasps of “Oh, yes”… I took him fully into my mouth, playing with him with my hands as well as sucking him and caressing his balls. He withered and grasped at my hair and head, moaning like a mad man. Just before he came, I let him out of my mouth and slid my body up to his mouth, where he played with me for some time. We had such a sexual night, experimenting with one another using ice and water to drip over one another… delights that I never dreamed of.

When he entered my body, I could feel him in every part of my body, and my soul. The music played softly, and as we began our amazing love making, our song played for us one last time that night. His body moved to the beat, thrusting inside of me harder and harder, faster and faster… sweat covered his face, as we were about to explode with passion.  And then he let his sweet liquid enter my body, touching me in places I didn’t know I had. He relaxed, lying beside me on the bed, and held me all through the night, whispering sweet words all through the night. I slept with a smile that night.

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