Suprises In The Closet

My husband and I have really different interests, but since we’ve been married, each of us has tried to appreciate what the hobbies that make the other happy and excited.  One particular interest that I have but my husband does not enjoy at all is Khmer classical music.  He hates it.  But for my sake, he’ll go to the occasional concert with me.  One evening as a special thank you to him, I prepared a little surprise.  That night we were scheduled to go hear a group that was supposedly in town (I made the whole thing up), but I had other plans.  When Ray came home from work, I had stuck a note on the fridge door saying that his suit was hanging in the closet.

He went upstairs opened the closet door, and there I was waiting for him, wearing a cloud of Chanel number five and not much else!  I had on a sheer teal colored bra that showed my long pointed nipples and sheer low cut panties that did nothing to hide my shaved vagina.  His eyes grew as did the bulge in his pants.  I had never shaved myself before.  Stepping forward I wrapped my arms around his neck and began kissing his jawline and foundling his testicles.  I was already wet from anticipation.  I began to give him a soft open mouthed kiss that grew more and more passionate.  By now I could feel his member grinding into my hip.  I quickly took off his clothes till he was wearing nothing but his boxers.

We went to the bed and I slowly took off my bra and panties.  Ray’s breath grew ragged as he watched me and finally he couldn’t stand it any more so he seized my hips and pulled down the rest of my panties with his teeth.  I was so wet and I felt my muscles contracting and aching for release.  he began to lick and kiss my clitoris and I grew hot and bothered.  My nipples became erect as he stroked and tongued them.  I reached down and felt his long ropey penis with my hands.  I gently stroked him, and then rubbed him harder and harder.

I turned around so that he could see my bare butt, which he had been grabbing and kneading; I knew my butt turned him on.  I spread my cheeks and had him place his penis between them so that it lay lengthwise in my crack.  I then pushed them together and went up and down on him.  This was a new position that I learned and I could tell that he was pleased from the moaning and increased friction.  He soon took over keeping my butt together to hold him in and I became even more turned on by the feeling of his huge hands gabbing my behind.  He kept moaning and squeezing my cheeks, I know he likes that.

Then I turned around and made him lay on his back as I dragged my body up and down his, making sure that he feel every curve in my body.  Finally I position my dripping hole over his shaft and went down.  His heavy solid, completely erect member slid easily into my vagina, which was slick and incredibly heated.  I leaned forwards and offered him my nipple which he took gladly and began to move up and down, contracting my muscles and leaning sideways.  We both got hotter watching his penis slide int and out of my vagina.  I was getting really close to orgasm.  I went faster and faster, his hips rose to meet mine.  Both of us could hardly breath.  My breasts were bouncing and he loves that.  He leaned forward to caress my clitoris and then I couldn’t take it any more.  I came, screaming and moaning as I did.  My cream went every where and a split second later so did his. We were all wet and messy.

Later one he said to me that we could go to a concert any time we liked if we get to do this again.

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