Erotic Trivial Pursuit

Would like to share an erotic twist to foreplay and sexual fun that my wife and I came up with. It is sexual trivial pursuit. We are are an adventurous couple and my petite brunette wife and I love to get each other worked up this way before we make love. Start with a few drinks to loosen up the inhibitions. We play with the 80’s version of Trivial Pursuit as that is the decade we came of age.

For every correct question that is answered a piece of clothing comes off.

For every correct question that results in a achieving a pie piece, that results in a sexual favor. A sexual favor consists of anything the pie winner wants for 1:00 minute. Examples are a passionate french kiss, finger licking, toe licking, nipple licking, ear lobe licking, penis or vagina licking (around the area but not actually on the area, adds to the teasing), back licking, lapdance, partner playing with themselves, anything your erotic mind can think of. Try to end at 1:00 minute, but sometimes it is really hard, especially as the game goes on.
These sexual favors coupled with the various state of undress, really gets us worked up.

The person that gets all pieces of the pie and wins the game gets to choose a sexual fantasy that the loser must abide by. (There really are no losers in this game). Sexual fantasies of ours have included seduction fantasies, strangers meeting, wife or husband infidelity, construction worker seduction, teacher/student, cop/hot girl in trouble. Dress your wife up in lingerie, heels, short dresses, it’s your fantasy, go for it.

By the time we get to the sexual fantasy we are so sexually charged that the climax is absolutely incredible. Try it, you definitely won’t be disappointed.

Great thing for a husband and wife to share to stay intimate and close

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  1. cmghome says:

    Trivial Pursuit is such a long game. Do you ever actually make it through the whole game, and if so, how long does it generally take you. It sounds like a lot of fun!

    • Romantica says:

      It usually takes about 2 hours, consider it extended foreplay. As the game goes on you are aching to give or get that next sexual favor. If we are both naked, sometimes to speed the game up, we’ll just go right to answering the questions we have remaining for the piepieces/sexual favors (rather that trying to land on them by chance) You’ll need to take a little break when you setup the scenario for the winner’s sexual fantasy, but by then you are really ready to go. It is an erotic fun way to spend the evening, hope you try it an give feedback

    • Blondie says:

      Sometimes when the foreplay is drawn out longer the sex is that much more urgent and hot. Ingenious idea for Trivial Pursuit, Romantica!

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