Train Ride

We left for the train station right after the wedding. We didn’t have time to change out of our attire. We arrived just a few minutes before the train pulled in. I watched you as boarded the train. I watched how the loose curls danced in the breeze. You looked so lovely. Your bronze shoulders exposed to the sunshine. You looked like a princess.

We got seated in our private car. Luggage in the luggage car held our regular clothing. We had to make do. You sat beside the window, gazing at the view. Such a beautiful smile on your face. I looked at you, thinking about what the night held for us when we would finally come together as husband and wife.

As I looked at your luscious lips, I thought how I would kiss and savor the taste of them. I couldn’t help but look at those beautiful shoulders. I thought about how I would kiss your neck and nibble on your shoulders. I allowed my eyes to wander lower. I gazed upon your breasts. I watched how they jiggled with the movement of the train. For the first time I noticed how blessed you were and soon I will be able to partake of those blessings. As I watched the movement of them, I could feel my penis harden. I didn’t realize that you were watching me until I caught a glimpse of you.

“Do you see something that is interesting to you?”

“As a matter of fact I do,” I whispered.

“I can just about guess what it is,” she coyly replied.

“Well now, if you think you know, show me. Show me exactly what I am interested in.”
With a giggle my young wife gently took my hand into hers. Not one time did her eyes leave mine as she placed my hand upon her jiggling breasts. Automatically our lips met for a long passionate kiss. I began sucking on her tongue as it filled my mouth. She moaned a deep throaty moan. I slid my hand down the top of her dress. Her nipples were hard as marbles. With every pinch of them, she groaned with pleasure. Her hands became busy as they unbuttoned my shirt, revealing my chest. She leaned in and suckled my nipple. My rod was harder than ever before.

“This is a private coach. Why don’t we get busy and consummate this marriage,” I asked. Without saying a word, she began to unbuckle my pants. In turn, I helped her get out of her wedding dress. There she was. Standing. Naked. Her bronze body smelling like roses. The only thing left on her was her while lace stocking, garter belt and white lace thong. I lavished every bit of her. I took in her big round perky breasts…nipples big as marbles…I looked down farther and gazed upon her hairy mound. I saw the glistening wetness of her juices inside her thighs. I took her into my arms and began to kiss her once again.
“Take me now, William,” she begged.

We sank onto the floor. She mounted on top of me. I felt my hard penis being wrapped inside the lips of her vagina. She began to rub against it. “Oh baby, you are so hard. ummmmmmm. I love doing this to you.”

Before I knew what happened next, she slid my penis into her hot wet vagina. She began to rock like crazy. I rose up and grabbed hold of her nipple. Sucking and nipping until we came together.

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    Really a nice one.. I’ve been reading stories of marriage heat but got registered just now 😉 … This is the best site for married couples to get really high. Thanks

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