The Black Corset (L)

It had been 2 months since our first child and we were still trying to find time and the energy to be together. I had ordered the corset so Amanda could feel sexy again after working hard to get back her previous figure. I had laid out the black corset I had ordered for her along with a black lace thong. It was a perfect match with the black satin corset with lace patterns matching. I knew she would take a shower at some point so I laid the two pieces of lingerie in the bathroom and waited on the couch in nothing but my sweat pants.
My anticipation built as she said she was going to take a shower. It took awhile so I knew she had seen the lingerie and was shaving and primping her body for a sex session. She walked down the hall into view, looking like a lingerie model in her black corset and matching lace thong. I was instantly hard. I walked over to her body, dropping my pants. My shaved and trimmed cock standing straight out toward her.

We locked in a kiss as my hands slowly search her body in front of our open shades to the patio. My dick pressed against her clit. Our tongues dancing. My hands found her round ass and her wet clit. My left hand aggressively grabbing and groping her ass. My right hand teasing her clit as my shaft rubbed against her wet thong. Grabbing my dick and rubbing it on her clit through the wet fabric. Our tongues still locked.

I move to kiss her neck and ears. My left hand more aggressive on her wonderful ass, my dick and fingers still teasing her clit in my right hand. Knowing she needed the stimulation I broke the kiss and ran to the bedroom. I came back with a bullet vib for her clit, she hadn’t used it in months. I turned her around so my hard dick was pressed against her ass. I turned the vib on low and directed it to her clit. I kissed her ear and neck from behind grinding on her.

“You look so sexy in that corset” I said before I dropped to my knees.

Bending her over the stools at the dinner table I kissed and playfully bit her round ass cheeks as I slowly stripped off the black lace thong leaving her in only the black lace corset. I stood back up and turned her around. Sitting her on the stool I brought her leg up and put in on another stool. She was spread wide and shaved to my tongues pleasure. I licked her clit slowly, she was wet from our foreplay so far and tasted amazing.

I stood up and rubbed my trimmed and shaved dick against her wet shaved pussy. She placed the vib back on her clit as I bent her over the stool once more. I was very horny from rubbing my dick over her pussy and ass cheeks. Teasing her as she teased herself with the vibrations.

I slapped her ass knowing it drove her wild when I couldn’t help my self. I grabbed the top of the corset to take control. My other hand controlling my cock as I rubbed it all over her pussy getting it wet and ready for my shaft. I slide in gently at first, spreading her wetness on my dick. I soon find my rhythm and start fucking her pussy.

“You’re so fucking sexy when you dress up for me. I love it when you’re my naughty wife.”

I can feel the vibrations as I go deeper and deeper. I pull out and rub all over her pussy and ass teasing her and the tip of my hard cock. Knowing I won’t last much longer i slam back into her pussy for a few more minutes of thrusts. I tighten my grip on the corset and give her more spanks on the ass. Seeing her bent over in the black corset is to much as I pull out and cum. My hot spurts spraying all over her round butt.

Amanda wasn’t finished with her vib just yet so I keep my grip on the corset and slid a finger into her wet pussy. I tell her how hot she looks and how amazing she felt. Amanda bucks back into my finger trying to get it deeper and deeper and the vibrations reverberate on her clit. Not long after my orgasm Amanda is moaning and shaking. The wonderful site of my cum covering her ass as I hold her tight by the corset and she shakes from orgasm won’t leave my mind anytime soon.


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