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Truth Be Told…. I Have A High Sex Drive

Having always had a high sex drive, Alex always jokes that I can never get enough of him, and I say that sometimes that

it is him who can never have enough! So this story is about one of these instances.

We were both watching a movie naked after having a morning quickie, it was his day off, and we wanted to have some time together, so we were watching Star Wars. During the beginning of the movie we were cuddled under a blanket together (the kids weren’t home) and his hand reached over and started to gently play with my nipples. I got goosebumps when his hand started to roll them, and I moaned. He chuckled and rested his hand on my breast, and then pressed me closer.
Later on during the movie he slid his hand down my body to my vagina, and he reached around to my clit. He started to play with it, needless to say I was hot and ready, and as soon as I told him that I wanted him, he stopped. He wanted me to beg, well two can play at such a game. I faked that I had to go and use the ladies room, but I really put on a super sexy thong and bra set with a giant frumpy robe on top. I got back on the couch with him under the covers.
He cuddled back up with me and I ground my ass slightly against his groin, and then I kissed him, biting softly down on his bottom lip. Then I reached down and grabbed his dick, and I gave it a tug. I heard him moan, I finished kissing him, then I stopped and rolled back over. By now I know that he knows what I am thinking, and that I know what he is doing, so I decide to step up my game.

I went and got a bowl of strawberries, (you all know that I love them! 😉 ) and I put some chocolate syrup on them. I came and sat down in the chair that was across from where my hubby was lying, and I spread my legs so that he saw my thong, but so that it wasn’t obvious that I was spreading them. I started to dip the strawberries in the chocolate syrup and I licked the chocolate off; I sucked it all off.  I could see his dick get harder and harder, and I knew that my plan was working. By now the first movie was over, so when I bent down to put the next movie in I made sure that my bath robe showed off my thong. When I started the movie he asked me for a strawberry, so I bent over to I made sure that he saw my cleavage.  As he ate the strawberry he went to kiss me, and as I got close and he saw my breasts he moaned and told me that I was playing this game unfairly.
“Well, that’s what you get for playing hard to get!” I said and I pulled the blanket off of him so that I could get to his penis. I then got on my knees to suck him (his favorite thing in the world is to be sucked).  So I gave him a taste of what he likes, and I twirled my tongue all around his hardness. I flicked my tongue all over it, and I sucked his full member, and then I stopped.
“Beg for it, and maybe I’ll have mercy on you,” I told him as I took off my robe revealing the outft that is his favorite.
“Baby…..please suck me… you win! I want you so baaaad. Please? Take mercy on me?” he moaned. So I got back down on my knees and as he rolled onto his back. I started to suck in earnest; I sucked and sucked and then I asked him where he wanted to cum. He begged for me to suck him off, so I did. I sucked as I rubbed his balls, and he soon tensed so I knew he was going to blow. When he did I moaned and I licked it up.

“Thank you, angel. I love you!”
“I love you too, handsome! Do you wanna finish this now or later?”
“Let’s build up to it,”  he said with a grin and I agreed – when you build up to the big finale, well the results are explosive!

So we watched the rest of the movie, and then the next, and then I stretched and asked if he wanted to take a shower with me. We both know that when we say shower, we really mean “nice long dirty fuck in the shower” so as we walked there, I noticed that he had gotten hard and was stroking himself. I realized that he was watching my ass in the thong, so I stopped him right there in the hallway and watched him jack off, it is the most amazing turn on for me to see him touch himself, to see his hands, gently tugging and pulling, with a gentleness, but a hardness..mmmmm (MMMM I’m getting hot now just typing this out. Lol)
I looked into his eyes and jacked him off, getting just the right rhythm and grip to make him moan. With his teeth he pulled my bra down, and his mouth found my left breast, and we were both moaning at this pleasure. I slowly started walking to the shower and we both got in after he helped me out of my thong. We got in the steamy water and we started kissing. He pushed me gently up against the wall, and he started to suckle my other nipple, tracing it with his tongue over and over. I felt a love for him well up inside me, about how he is so gentle and fragile with me, its so sweet. I reached down to return the pleasure to him, but he smacked my hand away.
“This is about your pleasure, baby. No, no, no, I know that you’re about to argue, just shush!” he said and resumed his suckling this time on the other breast. Then one of his hands traveled down to my vagina and started to play with my lips there making me moan. I reached down and pressed his hand in, and as one hand played with my clit, the other went into me. His mouth was sucking my breast giving such sensation and stimulation! I moaned as I got closer and closer, and then he stopped his sucking and got on top with his knees before me. Seeing him on his knees when he is all wet and hard and sexy, mmmmmm, I can’t get that image out of my mind as I watch him begin to eat me out. He slowly traced his tongue up and down my pussy’s length. Then when I am begging for more, he slipped it into the lips and he began to work his magic. When I came on his face, he told me that it felt so good and that it tasted so amazing. I knew then that I just had to have him in me.
“Baby, please, please put it in! I really want you in me right now, please? I need you so bad!” I begged as I started to grab my breasts, and he was more than happy to oblige my request. There was nothing like the moment when he stuck his head in. That first insertion and then the way that he did it made me orgasm right there, I was so close to the edge.
He pumped it in and out, hard and gentle at the same time. When we both were finished, he kissed me and washed off my body, kissing it after he was done. Then we went back to cuddle and watch more movies. I thank God for him every day!  <3 He is my heart.

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6 replies
  1. Lovinghusband says:

    I can’t believe you could get through the movies! What a great time you two had. It was very hot to read! I really like how you described all that you two did. My wife likes to watch me when I masturbate, too. I like watching her play with her pussy as well. I look forward to your next story. I’m happy for the healthy sex drives you both share together!

  2. Steve & Annie says:

    Couldn’t agree more very hot story. Nice to hear that you took advantage of the time when the kids arent around and hubby is off work. Blessings on you two!!!!

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