Drinking From Her Garden

It was a busy Saturday night – getting all things ready for a full and blessed Sunday with our church family.

My wife came up behind me at the kitchen sink and grabbed my butt, reached under and cupped my balls, then reached around and felt my shaft – causing an instant boner.

She walked to the fridge where I returned the favor – in grabbing her sexy ass, and fingering the outline of her cunt slit.

I asked, “Are you going to be horny a little later?”

She seductively replied, “Oh Yeah!…I’ll be plenty horny”

My cock grew to its full 7 inches as I walked away!

– – – – – – – – – – – – –

Fast forward to bed time.

I told my beloved as we were taking off our clothes, “I want to do everything tonight! But I really want to feast on your pussy. I want you to masturbate on my face – as my tongue penetrates you. I want you to not feel rushed at all. Take as long as you want. But, I so desire for you to cum in my mouth – as I drink in every last drop of your sexy wetness.”

She said, “I’m ready!” Boy, was she ever! I don’t know why, but we were both extra horny.

My wife immediately started sucking my dick – and I might add – She was extra sexy with her tongue and hands. I love it when she flicks her tongue on the opening on the head! She was also grabbing my butt.

Then, she got on top of me for boob play. I told how perfect her tits looked and felt – hanging in my face. I sucked on her tits as she kept lowering her ass on my cock – teasing him.

Next was the pussy feast. Drinking from her garden. She was SO scrumptiously wet! We got under the covers with me on the bottom. I was so hungry to eat her cunt – that I didn’t properly align the sheets and blanket so that I could get air to breath. Her head was at the top of the bed. But, here is how crazy I was for her pussy in my mouth right then: It was as if I didn’t care about making sure I had enough air! I was fixated on her lush garden. Who needs air when you are getting “pussy to mouth resuscitation?”

My wife and I were in oral sex heaven! Time didn’t exist! We would never need sleep again!

I was so enjoying my wife grinding her cunt into my face. As I began to finger her asshole, she groaned that wonderful sound of an awesome orgasm. I loved the feeling of her pubic hair scouring my pores. If I were a teenager with acne, there could not have been a pimple left on my face! I so love the joy of knowing what euphoria I am helping my wife experience at that moment! All I want her to know right then is that I love and cherish her! She came hard and in a few waves. I love her orgasms.

She didn’t get off of me until I had lapped up all her wetness – which took glorious, multiple swallows! And all of it was better than I had longed hungrily for. I love the taste of her pussy juice!

We re-positioned and finished with some doggy-style sex – and all the pent up sexual energy in me exploded into her gyrating pussy – as we thrusted hard together in a rapid rhythm. She took every drop of my white cum. We both love the feel of the slipperiness in her cunt when she is full of my cum.

We were both so contented! We had thanked the Lord just before – for what He has given us – and for the joys that we were about to experience. And did we ever?! We are so blessed! Thank you Lord!

PS – We both woke up horny again. We fondled as we dressed for church – and made plans for another episode tonight! I can’t wait!


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9 replies
  1. hornyGG says:

    Hot story LH! Gonna have to get Ben to give me a little “PMR ” (Pussy to mouth resuscitation! Lol.) Makes me wet just thinking about it. Gonna have to jill off ! God bless you and your lovely wife and stay wonderfully horny dear sir.

  2. smitten says:

    Fantastic! I’m going to my wife right . . . I mean right now!
    Lovinghusband you told it just like it is. Once we as men are there, tasting, swallowing, there is no going back until our wives are content.

  3. smitten says:

    Smiten’s wife: My husband walked up to me as I sat in the living room. He had that special sparkle in his eyes that sent my heart leaping and my clit tingling as he came down to his knees between my thighs. He hungrily latched on to my right nipple, emptied it, and then moved to the left one and emptied it. Then he led me to the bed and manfully positioned us into a position 69. We fed from each’s essence and came together.
    Bless you Lovinghusband!

    • Lovinghusband says:

      Dear Smitten’s wife – Your husband is a man of his word, because he wrote that he was “going to my wife right…I mean right now!”

      I am so glad you both had such a wonderfully erotic time together! Now, this has gotten me all excited again! Maybe you’ll write a fuller story on how your hubby came and took you with loving passion.

      Thank you for your kind words – blessings to the Smittens!

  4. lovegood says:

    Such a great sex story! Nothing better than my hubby being in control and telling me what he wants to do, ESPECIALLY when it’s out of the blue… makes for super wet panties and very happy husband. Now you two get busy again and fill us in on your next adventure together! Very nice!

  5. Harper Shelby Thornton says:

    What a hot story! Some parts especially turn me on. But keep on giving each other what you’ve got, and don’t hold any of it back!

  6. Lovinghusband says:


    I’m looking back over some old stories today – and in this case looking at comments people have made on my stories – to see if I missed replying to anyone. I know it has been over 6 months since you wrote your comment – but I am so happy that you are more and more confident with what you and your husband are doing sexually! That is awesome! I am also glad that you are not embarrassed to admit that you like a finger or tongue in your ass hole. I’m glad the testimony of other wives has helped you to see that your desire was not strange or rare. My wife likes so many things – that my problem is trying to pick the one to bring her to orgasm with that particular night. It is just too fun!!! God bless you Ann. I hope all is well. LH

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