Pushing My Buttons

I’ve never had a way with words when it come to expressing my thoughts. Its a sort of anxiety I get from being a afraid of getting rejected or judged. Recently, My husband has expressed a desire for me be more aggressive sexually and tell him what I wanted instead of waiting for it to happen. I said I would try. Garrett knows how to get what he wants when it comes to sex and I am always the sucker that falls into his trap.

I was headed out the door for work, when Garrett pulled me back inside and kissed me passionately.

“I wish I didn’t have to work today,” I said.

“Then don’t,” he replied before kissing me again this time with a little tongue.

I pulled myself away before I lost control.

“I love you so much,” I said looking into his eyes.

“I love you, too,” he said.

I forced myself to leave and get to work.

I’m a professor of Neuroscience at a university (not to sound conceited). Garrett knows not to call or text me during my lectures unless it’s an emergency. And he usually doesn’t. So when I felt my phone vibrated in my pocket, I had to check to make sure.

“I’m going to suck and lick your pussy until you cum on my mouth,” The text said.

It caught me off guard as I wasn’t expecting that. I didn’t respond and put the phone back in my pocket. I had forgotten about what I was explaining to the class not because of the interruption, but because I instantly thought about his mouth sucking on my pussy. I got aroused and I could feel myself start to blush. I think my students noticed was amiss because one of them asked if I was okay.

At the end of class, I went to my office to email some other students and to call Garrett and yell at him for interrupting me. When I got out of the elevator, he was standing by my office.

“What are you doing here?” I asked as I unlocked my office and put my bag down.

“I took an early lunch break and brought you something to eat.”

“Seriously? You’re not going to address what just happened?” I tried to sound angry.

“Aren’t you hungry?” I was pretty hungry, but not for food.

I wanted to suck his cock but at the same time I didn’t want to give him the satisfaction. I didn’t know what else to say. My heart was pounding and my pussy was wet from just looking at him. Then, a knock on the door. Before I opened the door, he said quietly,

“I want you to tell me all the things you want to do to me when you get home.”

He left and one of the students walked in.

I told the student that I would send them an email explaining something they needed. I just couldn’t concentrate enough to answer the question sufficiently.

When the student left, I got another text, “have you thought about it yet?”

Of course, I did. It’s all I could think about. I wanted to cancel my second lecture but it is too close to midterm so it wouldn’t be fair. I sat in my office thinking about everything I would do to Garrett and everything I wanted him to do to me. But I didn’t have the guts to actually do or initiate any of my thoughts which is what he wanted.

I got through my second lecture more horny than ever. The students knew something was off because nobody had any questions and the were pretty quiet when they left.

I drove home quickly. I’m surprised I wasn’t pulled over by a cop. I was hoping to get laid. Garrett was watching TV on the sofa.

“You’re home early,” He said casually.

“I practically flew home.”

“Why?” He asked.

I was getting frustrated.

You know very well why, I thought to myself.

We had dinner, cleaned up and went to our bedroom. I knew what he wanted me to do. But I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. I was hoping he would get something going. He walked past me and took a shower. I was already in bed when he got out. He put his PJs on in front of me. He kissed me goodnight and laid down to sleep.

No! You don’t get to just drift off into sleep after everything you put me through today, I thought. Something primitive took hold of me. I threw off the covers and climbed on top of him. I was surprised at myself but it was new and exciting. I held his wrists down slightly above his head.

“You don’t get to tease me all day and not have to pay.”

I couldn’t believe what was coming out of my mouth. I’m usually pretty old fashioned with sex. He smirked.

“Go ahead. Take what’s rightfully yours. Punish me. Make me pay for my crimes.”

The sex that night brought out our animal instincts. It is a night I will never forget. I will definitely be initiating sex a lot more.


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6 replies
  1. shanto says:

    Pleasant story! ^_^
    I and my partner enjoy foreplay sessions a lot! Starts with simple cuddling and moves up we love it !!
    Thank you for reminding everyone the pleasure of a foreplay !! 😀
    Love and peace.

  2. Lovinghusband says:

    I really liked this Ah. There is something about those days when we still have to do the things we must do – but are so enmeshed with horniness! It is a great problem to have when you know your loving spouse will be there when you get home.

    You must have seen the satisfaction in Garrett’s eyes (and other places!) when he saw you taking more sexual initiative than before. I love it when my wife is horny and hungrily goes for my cock. Sends me into launch mode instantly! I hope you keep growing in this way. Please write more stories as time permits.

    God bless you both!

  3. JazzdBoutH&N says:

    You and Heather are the same person. She has some of the same issues you have. Very reserved and self conscious about her sexuality. Remember the feelings of empowerment you experienced when you allowed your womanhood to abound. That’s really what your husband wants. He wants you to empower your sexuality that is in you. We all want that from our wives just as you and other wives want it from your husbands.

    Happy Marriage Heat and good lovin to you!

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