Wedding night

My husband and I had waited for this special day for 7 years. We were very attracted to one another (and still are) but we never went further than kissing, hugging and holding hands.

Our wedding was absolutely beautiful, it couldn’t have been better. But the best was yet to come. The moment we had been waiting for, for 7 years. We were nervous, but excited at the same time.

My new husband and I went up to our hotel room. Outside the snow fell, the town was all white. I was in my bridal undergarments when I came out and saw him sitting on the silk bed in his boxers. I moved over to him and he sat me on his lap. We gently kissed each other,  and he caressed my back over my silk corset, while I embraced him back and ran my fingers through his hair.

Then, I could tell his man part had hardened. So I slowly bared myself of my corset and panties, and I was completely nude. I lay on my back, on the white silk sheets, while my husband pulled down his boxers. We finally saw each other nude for the first time.

I was ready for him. He came over to me, he lay on me, as he entered me. It felt so good to hold and feel each other naked for the very first time, all these new loving emotions running through us while we were kissing and caressing one another.

Then he started thrusting. I felt no pain, and my ladyplace was so hot and wet all over. He loved being inside me, and I loved him being inside me. My pleasure started intensifying while my husband made his pubic bone massage my sweetspot. The way he held me showed me that he treasured me. Then I climaxed, my orgasm spread all over my body. I moaned in total ecstasy, while my husband kissed my neck & caressed my face, intensifying my pleasure even more. I felt exhausted.

Then he came, he gasped moaned while he held me tight, then, when he came down, kissed my neck, working his way onto my collar-bone as I felt the beautiful feeling of afterglow. Our first time was so beautiful, it couldn’t have been better.

And this was just the beginning of our 30 years of bliss…

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10 replies
  1. Lovinghusband says:

    What a gift from God! I am so glad that the memory of that first time is so fresh in your minds! It is in us too (28 years later) – except we were literally too tired and exhausted on our first night. We cuddled naked and fell asleep in each other’s arms. I mean we were beat tired! We still can’t believe that we didn’t have sex at our first opportunity – but the next day was something very erotic!!

    Thank you Harper – the vivid description you gave is both romantic and erotic. I look forward to more of your writing with great anticipation! God bless you and your marriage.

    • Harper Shelby Thornton says:

      I couldn’t agree more, smitten. At the beginning of the year, my husband and I celebrated 31 years of marriage and don’t plan to slow down sexually. Our wedding night is still vivid in our memories, as if it only happened yesterday! And I love to go back and read stories of then and now 🙂

  2. LoveMyWife56 says:

    I enjoyed reading your latest story and your comments to my first two postings, so I wanted to go back and read all of your postings. Your wedding night was beautiful. What a blessing to be virgins on your wedding night! I was married and divorced before becoming a Christian. My current wife of 33 years helped lead me to Christ. I am so blessed with this woman. God has blessed you as a couple, too!

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