Our Best Friends’ Wedding

Our friends’ wedding back in 1992 was a blast! It was a beautiful outdoor wedding, with a restaurant reception.

By: Vinni

We were so touched that they had asked my husband and I to sing their “first dance” song! That was very special for us as well as them.

Then, after the wedding, we went up to our hotel room, and our two beautiful girls went to bed right away.

So my husband and I danced around our own room, for a little while, to our favorite band (which we frequently like to do, as a form of foreplay before having sex). Then, my husband unzipped my dress, and when I turned around the sight of me nude was still enough to turn my husband on! I saw the look on his face, not to mention that I also saw him get a hard on!

So I slowly got into the bed, as I watched my husband take his pants off. And the sight of his nude body got me going as well, my ladyplace got so wet, and I got so excited as he joined me in bed.

He decided to lay down and have a little stretch before we made love. So I decided to rub his back while he lay there. But not before I wet his legs by running my very wet ladyplace over them.

“Oh, I like that!” He said, “Wet me all over if you like.” So while I gave my hot husband an erotic massage, I wet his lower back with my turned on wetness.

“I have to do something for you now, sexy lady!” My husband told me.

So I lay on my back, and my husband started to touch me. He caressed my body, then moved his hands upward to my breasts. He moved his hands lightly over them before he caressed my cheeks, and I put an arm around him while he French kissed me.

“I want you to know how beautiful you are to me. You’re a very special woman, and I love you.” My husband told me, “Oh baby, kiss me! Let me show you how much I love you!”

And at that, he climbed on top of me, and entered his hard man part into my wet ladyplace.

We held each other tight, while we kissed passionately. I rubbed my husband’s back while he rubbed mine. He thrusted passionately, and my goodness that in itself was intense!

“Oh baby, that’s good! Oh it’s so big!” I remember thinking, as he deeply penetrated me, and thrusting that hard man part of his inside my lady place.

Suddenly, I came and this orgasm was one of the longest ever! It lasted for a good ten minutes, and it was strong! I moaned, and cried out in ecstasy, while my husband did his “signature” thrusts inside of me.

My husband wasn’t ashamed to let out his cries of pleasure either, while he thrusted a little faster, making my climax even stronger, while he almost screamed!

I sure was exhausted when I came down. I was sweating and so was my husband. He kissed my neck while he slid his finger tips down the shiny and very sweaty area between my breasts before placing both his arms around my waist to cuddle me.

I lay in bed feeling the afterglow, with my husband holding me in his arms; and while he slept I remember smiling, knowing that our family was all blessed by God.

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15 replies
    • possibility says:

      Yes, isn’t it wonderful that we can make love knowing that what we do together while we make love is righteous in God’s sight!

    • Harper Shelby Thornton says:

      Oh absolutely, when we go to other peoples’ weddings, we can’t help but think about our own love as well! <3

  1. Lovinghusband says:

    Thank you Shelby. I loved your dancing as foreplay. 10 minutes caught my attention, too! Wow! I can’t imagine those just married having a hotter night than you two did! God bless you both.

    • Harper Shelby Thornton says:

      Wow, I’ve never had anyone address me by my middle name before, haha! But you’re welcome, I’m glad you like it! 😀

  2. JAM777 says:

    This is definitely one of my favorites! I love you two singing and dancing together!

    And then the 10 mins…! I can't even imagine!
    That had to have been intense….!

  3. Harper Shelby Thornton says:

    Oh it sure was! I was so turned on! There's plenty more where that came from, son! I've got some stories that are going to be released in the next few days 😀 So excited! I hope you and the others will enjoy them <3 God bless

  4. JAM777 says:

    Well that humble spirit of your's is part of the reason. You have an awesome talent with writing beautiful, erotic, gripping stories! Stories that paint a picture that speaks a thousand more words! That's why I would love it if you wrote a book. Maybe a fictional one that tells the tale of a brand new couple just coming into marriage. Then have a sequel with them having a baby. Then another that shows them raising them from.children to teenagers. Then maybe where it shows them becoming empty-nesters and their kids getting married and having their own children. I believe you would be able to make a story that shows the love of Christ working in this couple's lives and imparting some of your wisdom through them. A long with some beautifully depicted times of love making. But even with out any sex, I know that your stories would be a must read!

    I get drawn in by your stories, you engage your readers. I simply like your style. I'm not really sure how to put it into words, sorry I'm not very good at expressing my thoughts.

    And thank you so much, Mrs. Thornton! You don't realize how much that means to me! Though, I feel that if I was but a tenth of what your husband is, I would be a good and loving husband. 🙂

  5. Harper Shelby Thornton says:

    You are fine with expressing your thoughts, son! Oh, I tell you if my Clara wrote a book on her life it'd be a must-read. Her life was always very interesting. And yes, God never abandoned her and her husband, and of course, He never abandoned me or my Henry :') Clara is a wonderful wife, mother, grandma, aunt you name it! She's a Proverbs 31 woman, in my humble opinion. And her husband's a sweet man as well. They're a wonderful couple <3

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