The First Time (Part 1)

For a “best sex stories” category, James and I have decided to tell the story of our first time. Part 1 will be from my perspective and Part 2 will be his. But first some quick background on “us.”

As most of you know I was the victim of sexual abuse, I was 15 when I was removed from the situation and I went to live with my sister who was 12 years older than me. At college I earned myself the nickname of “ice queen” as most of my romantic relationships ended shortly after a kiss because of the mental blocks I had with intimacy. I had truly begun to believe that my experience had left me asexual, and my therapist and I were exploring this idea. But then I met James. We became fast friends and soon we both knew we wanted more. I was nervous, noting my previous track record, I didn’t want to hurt him. He asked me out, and by this point we had been friends for around a year, I told him all about my story and why I had to turn his date down. He was so respectful and understanding of what I said, but he asked if he could come to therapy with me one time to help explore those feelings. He came with and about 3 months later we had our first date, he continued to go to therapy with me until I didn’t need to go anymore, and the rest is history! And now for the good part!!

It had been the greatest day of my life. We had had a small wedding, but I was still so thankful to have reached the hotel and to have time alone with my brand new husband!!! James opened the door to our hotel suite, I moved to walk in but he stopped me. After placing the door stop down, he swooped me into his arms and carried me in. Moving in to kiss me, he expertly flipped the door stop up with his foot, as the door slammed behind him.

“Did you practice that,” I teased.

“Everyday for a month,” he whispered. I giggled and he set me down. Looking deep into my eyes, my handsome husband whispered, “I love you,” before engulfing me in a passionate kiss that still melts my heart to this day even thinking about it. We reluctantly pulled away and for the first time that evening, I felt nervous.

“Let me go put something more comfortable on,” I stammered, “Help me unbutton the back of my dress?” I turned so my back was facing him and crossed my arms to help hold the dress up as he unbuttoned it. He started with the buttons closest to my rear, I took a deep breath and forced the memories away.

“Are you alright?” James asked.

“Yep, just keep going.” Obviously we had hugged before, but him undoing the buttons and knowing what we would be doing later made the touch seem different. Knowing that tonight I would willingly share my body with him, and him with me the whirlwind of emotions fluttering through my head engulfed me.

James finished with the buttons, turned me around, and hugged me. “Don’t take too long in that bathroom,” he whispered. I giggled, kissed him on the cheek and made my way to the bathroom. Once in the bathroom, I removed my dress and hung it up. I put on a baby doll top lingerie with some lacy panties. I washed my face, brushed my teeth, and fixed my hair. I took a good look at myself in the mirror, sighed and closed my eyes as all my little worries and doubts flooded my brain.

“What if I can’t go through with it? What if I’m a poor lover? What if he doesn’t like what he sees? I don’t even know how to enjoy sex. I don’t know how to react, all I know is how to let it happen so it will be over sooner. What if I mess up?” I prayed for a moment and asked God to help me let go, and enjoy my new life with my husband. I felt a wonderful calm come over me, and I knew that I could do this. I could do it and enjoy myself, and enjoy my James. I opened the bathroom door and James was sitting in the big king sized bed, with the covers pulled over him, wearing an ashen expression. He hadn’t even glanced my way when the door opened, my heart sank a little but I crawled under the covers and snuggled up to him.

He slipped an arm around me and smiled at the feel of the silky material. He was wearing only silk boxers, which felt wonderful on my thigh. Being snuggled on his bare chest felt amazing, it was so warm and inviting, and knowing it was all mine sent a few tingles down below. I relaxed a little further, and began to kiss his chest. Suddenly I was filled with desire, I wanted to touch and kiss and explore every inch of my man’s body.

James still looked ashen faced, so I asked, “What’s wrong, baby?”

“I’m nervous,” he whispered. “What if I do something to hurt you? What if I just plain suck at loving? What if I do something so awful I send you backwards on your journey, when you’ve come so far? What if I do something like…him?”

“Baby,” I whispered, “the things you would have to do to be like him…you couldn’t. You’re not that type of person. You are warm, understanding, loving, caring, selfless, and I could go on and on. I’m nervous too, but I’m so ready to share myself completely with you. You told me once, women were put on Earth for many reasons, and one of them was to love and be loved. Come darling, love me. I want to be your wife, your lover. Let me love you.”

“You’re amazing. And you looked stunning in your dress today, took my breath away. And now,” he began to stroke me lightly through my lingerie, “you look so sexy.”

I had my eyes closed in pleasure, “you look awful good yourself.”

James gently brought my mouth to his and we kissed, long, slow, ravishing. His large hands began to roam and explore my body. The wonderful sensations were making my pussy soaked and I sighed in contentment. His hands found my breasts and started to squeeze and knead them. I couldn’t control my moans of delight. Knowing this was how God intended for sex to be, and the great pleasure I was feeling at his touch was driving me crazy.

I started to explore James. So many hot heavy muscles, that quivered with my touch. I was sitting in his lap and for the first time ever, I felt a hard penis touching me and I didn’t want to run or fight. I wanted it in me, I wanted to touch his manhood, see it in all its glory. I moved to remove James’ silky boxers, but he stopped me.

“You aren’t even half naked yet.”

“Maybe you should fix that hmm?” And fix it he did. With feather light finger tips he slid up my belly taking the top with him. After taking his time (he said he was nervous about it getting stuck in my hair and hurting me) he tossed the top to the side and looked at my naked upper body for the first time. His eyes bulged out of his head, his breathing became deeper and quicker, as his eyes devoured me. My face must have gone through about 5 shades of red, but I was so turned on by his reaction.

“Wow,” he whispered as he slowly traced a finger all over my torso, “you are so…wow. I am one lucky, lucky man. Words can’t describe your beauty.” We shifted so I was on my back as he straddled me. James began to pepper my face, neck, and ears with kisses, whispering little love words. The fire in my pussy was blazing, my hands roamed all over his broad shoulders, back, neck, head, and face. I wanted him, I wanted him bad.

Without warning James took a nipple into his mouth, the sensations I felt forced me to let out a scream. It felt so amazing. James, startled by my scream, asked if I was okay.

“Yes, baby, I am more than okay. I’m in heaven, that felt so incredibly good.” James went back to suckling on my breasts and I couldn’t help my coos and moans, it was the most amazing feeling I had ever had. It was like there was a direct connection between my breasts and my clit. My little nub was throbbing and aching like there was no tomorrow. All to soon (in my opinion) he left my breasts and kissed down towards my tummy and my pussy. It felt so amazing, I just can’t describe it. For the first time in my life I was (almost) naked with a man and it felt good. I felt loved, safe, sexy, desired, special, wanted.

James’ hands had started to roam about my hips and closer to my pussy. He paused for a moment, as though he was thinking, and then began to stroke my pussy through the panties. I let out a low moan and involuntarily began to arch my hips.

“You are so wet, I can feel it through your panties,” he growled. He took them off and cast them aside with the top. I smiled as he drank all of me in. I gave him a few minutes, but I wanted to see him. It wasn’t fair if he had all the fun anyhow. I sat up and crawled towards him. He lay on his back and I rubbed his hard member through his boxers. He was as hard as steel, and my pussy tingled with excitement for him.

“If…if you don’t stop…I…I’m going to cum now…” he panted. I did stop, and decided to explore him more. I started down by his ankles and kissed and nibbled all the way up his strong leg, only to repeat with his other. Finally I slipped my hands into the band of his boxers and removed them. His penis came bouncing out, happy to be released from its confines. His penis was amazing, and I was in no way put off by it (my largest fear of the night) instead I wanted it. I slunk back on the bed and spread my legs for him.

“Make love with me,” I murmured. James found himself a comfortable position and kissed me, hard. Then he slipped his delicious penis inside of my warm, wet, and waiting pussy. He filled me up and we both groaned from the sensations. James began to move in me, I knew what a penis inside of me felt like, but I had no idea how pleasurable it could be. I could feel my first ever orgasm building, but I could tell James was farther along than I was. My selfless husband was trying so hard to not let himself go, so I could catch up with him. His face of concentration was really sexy, but I could tell he was losing his battle.

“Leah, I’m sorry…this is just…I can’t…you feel sooo good. Oh, baby!!” As he shot his load deep within me, all he could do was clutch me and whisper I’m sorry. All I could do was wrap my legs around him and pull him as close to me as physically possible. My poor husband was still apologizing when he removed his penis from me. I tried to talk, but that wasn’t working very well so instead I kissed him. When we broke apart he looked at me with a puppy face.

“Leah, I’m sorry, I just couldn’t control myself anymore and…”

“Shhh, my baby, my wonderful, selfless James. You have nothing to be sorry for. Nothing. It’s the first time for us, of course you’re really excited. I am too, it just takes women a little longer.”

“I’m still going to make you cum.”

“I hope so, because that big penis of yours felt amazing! But let’s give the poor guy 5. I think your big hands will do wonderfully.”

“I don’t know how.” My poor James looked so sad, so vulnerable. I kissed him gently.

“First of all snuggle me nice and close with one arm.” He slipped his left arm around me, drawing me near to him. I slipped my arms around his neck and snuggled my face into his chest.

“Okay, now worm that big hand of yours down to my pussy and feel around, explore me.” James was so gentle so loving. He took his time tracing discovering me. I had my eyes closed in sheer pleasure from his delicious ministrations. His thumb soon found my clit and I whimpered when he began to rub it.

“Is this your clit?” he asked.

“Yes…keep rubbing it, it feels sooo good.” Kept rubbing he did, and without me asking him to, he slipped his index and middle finger inside of my pussy. “Oh my gosh, yes James! Harder,” I whimpered humping his hand. He was rubbing my little nub so hard, and all of the new wonderful sensations were taking over. My orgasm exploded from me with a

scream and James rubbed and fingered me until the last of my tremors subsided. When I opened my eyes, I felt tears forming. I never thought I could do this yet, here I was in a big bed with the most amazing man who ever lived. When I looked up at James there were tears in his eyes as well. We shared a kiss, wonderful and deep.

He removed his fingers from my pussy and licked them, “You taste good, really, really good.” I giggled and blushed. “I love you,” he said, nuzzling my face and neck.

“I love you more.”

He smiled against me, “Can we do that again?”

“Most definitely, lover.” We made love again slowly and wonderfully. After another blissful orgasm each we fell asleep. And I woke up to the heavenly sensation of my breasts being feasted on and a hard penis nestled against my thigh.

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17 replies
    • hornyGG says:

      By the way, I grew up listening to Elvis and am a big fan of his. Visited Graceland a couple years ago during the Anniversary of his death. Very moving. Always thought he was Hot!

      Anyway, sorry to jump the subject. Don’t know if that is where you got the name or not. Just a bit of FYI.

    • elvis123 says:

      That’s so cool! We are huge fans of Elvis. One of our cats is named Elvis. The sad thing is we picked elvis123 because it would be easy. Elvis is the cat who sits with you when you’re on the computer, and 123…pretty hard to not forget that!

    • elvis123 says:

      Thank you Blondie! All love is beautiful, just in different ways. We enjoy reading everyone’s amazing stories!

  1. Wendy Singh says:

    What a lovely story_I really enjoyed it! :). Leah you’re a lucky woman to have such a supportive husband. Thank you for sharing. God bless you abundantly!!!

  2. BlueBee says:

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful first-time story! I am crying as I write this…I also have a history of sexual abuse and used to struggle with some of the same insecurities concerning sex, as well as the fear that I would never enjoy sexual pleasure. It has taken me many years to even acknowledge my fears – I believe I am still a work-in-progress as far as healing is concerned.

    After 8 years of marriage, I still feel guilt after sex, especially now that I have been feeling hornier than ever! Although my hubby is very kind and loving, he is overwhelmed by the changes he sees in me. As I step out into the healing light, I am becoming more confident and outspoken about what I want from our sex life. I thought he would be excited when I initiating sex more often and that I want us to have more fun. Instead, he is withdrawing and has voiced concern over these sudden changes. Sometimes I feel inadequate about my high sex drive and for having sexual desires that make my panties wet. I know this is part of the healing process so I just thank God for his love as I try to embrace this awesome freedom that has overtaken me.

    God Bless ☺

    • elvis123 says:

      So awesome to hear about others on this journey. You know what they say, the man comes around, but your husband (just as you do) goes through a whirlwind of emotions while making love. He doesn’t want to hurt you, but he also wants to pleasure you and feel pleasure. If he’s voicing concerns make sure to have a discussion with him about those concerns. In an odd way, its a healing process for both people. We will be praying for you both!

  3. Lovinghusband says:

    What an amazing story! I loved it. I am so happy for the place where God brought you both. His grace is not only amazing – it is sufficient for all things. Your details were both touching and hot! Thank you for taking the time. What a blessing.

    • elvis123 says:

      The Lord is good Lovinghusband, the Lord is always good! Thank you so much for your compliments!

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