My Sexy Birthday

This the story of my sexy birthday. It was on Sunday (April 13th) and I was in for something extra special that night! I spend the day at an amusement park with my 9 year old granddaughter, and we both had a wonderful time, getting a thrill out of riding roller coasters and eating fairy floss, while my husband was at home, planning something, though I didn’t know what at the time…

We all went to a pretty restaurant for dinner, and despite our delicious desserts, my husband told me that the night wasn’t over yet. When we got home we watched our wedding video with our granddaughter, who despite seeing almost all our videos, including the one of our wedding so many times, she never gets bored of them! And frankly, neither do we.

My husband and I remember that day like it was yesterday, and when we made sweet love for the first time. After I put our granddaughter to bed, I went to our room, and smelled something sweet on the way. I was starting to get an inkling of what my husband planned that day… I was starting to get wet, if you know what I mean…

I saw our room. It was lit with rose and lavender-scented candles. There were colorful petals around, but not too many. But my goodness, it looked beautiful! Not that our room wasn’t pretty as it was, but the fact that he made all this effort turned me on even more!

I put on my favorite night-dress, the same one that I wore on our honeymoon in Sweden, and pulled back the covers. I lay on our bed, thinking and remembering the times when we were young. Then, I heard my husband saying in the distance,

“I’ll be over in a minute, sexy woman!”

I was getting excited, as he came near. He came in, and started taking his shirt off, then slowly he took off his pants, leaving his white boxers on.

“Oh, I knew you’d still be so sexy after all these years!” My husband told me,

“Right back atcha! You’re still hotstuff!” I replied.

So he got on our bed, and I reached up to caress his face, before he ran his hands over that thin night dress. He started to touch and feel my breasts, and I could feel my nipples getting hard. I let out a soft moan.

“Your breasts are still beautiful, your body is still young. You’ll always be beautiful to me, and I love you.”

He then reached up my gown to feel my wet lady place, and he stroked it for a bit.

“Do you remember back in 1985, when we made love in that summer house in Hawaii?” My husband asked,

“I certainly do,” I responded,

“It was a beautiful Summer. We were so young.”

“Oh it was. We were on that beach, walking back to that house, the sun was setting and we were the los-destinos-mas-romanticos-del-mundo-en-2012-1only ones on that beach. And I’ll never forget how we made love afterward.”

“That was the most erotic Summer of my life,” I told my husband in an aroused tone, while he kissed me.

I felt my husband’s body, loving the feeling of caressing his back while he lifted my night dress over my head and then, once he got rid of his boxers, I lay on my front.

My husband gave me a gentle, but very erotic massage while we continued reminiscing.

“Remember our honeymoon, baby?” I asked,

“Oh yes,” my husband replied, “now that was one hot trip, wasn’t it?”

After a little while, we just couldn’t hold off anymore! I had to turn around and spread my legs, and he went into me and he was as hard as always!

He moved around a little while I rubbed his back.

We both thought of times we made love when we were young, as well as enjoying this very moment, being older and making love. We remembered our wedding night, our first time and how beautiful it was, at the same time being so glad that we are still able to make love this way.

We kissed passionately, and caressed one another, as that’s what we both like, and the pleasure was getting stronger. My husband nuzzled my neck, before moving up to shower kisses on my face.

I felt hotter, my breathing turned into moaning as my husband thrust a little faster, and I began to cry out as climaxed and the orgasmic sensations spread all over me. My husband climaxed almost immediately after I did.

The afterglow was beautiful as always. My husband and I cuddled while we engaged in pillow-talk, before falling asleep in each other’s arms. Thank God for the years, and the wonderful things in our lives. And, for the last 30 years, we’ve been making love the same way – in the nude!

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9 replies
  1. hornyGG says:

    Wonderful story Harper! I absolutely love the way you write. So beautiful and honest. Thank you so much! Looking forward to more. God bless and stay horny!

  2. smitten says:

    We can relate to this beautiful story, the deep knowing of each other, the comfortableness of making love as older married folks, and still being charged up and satisfied sexually.

    Thanks for sharing.

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