Sensuality and Fitness

My wife and I have been married 34+ years and we have enjoyed a wonderful sexual dimension to our marriage. I would even venture to say that the intimate part of our relationship has been a major contributor to the reason we have managed to weather the hard times that have come our way. Thankfully through God’s grace, I feel that we are entering a sort of ‘golden age’ to our relationship where openness and creative communication is now allowing a deeper level of awareness to exist in our sexual expression.

This post, however, has to do with fitness. I have been an athlete all my life and continue my commitment to aggressive weight training and outdoor sports even now at age 62. When my wife and I married back on January 1st of 1980, she was wonderfully alive sexually, but had never really made a commitment to fitness and outdoor activities. It was a big adjustment for her to deal with a highly competitive mate who expected her to jump in and make the same kind of commitment to fitness and athletics that had been such a part of my life up to that point.

I soon realized that I had to be realistic with my expectations, but in doing that a very interesting thing happened. Basically through our workouts and practices, she found an aptitude for athletics that she didn’t know she had. She had never been pushed before to physical limits and didn’t know where her boundaries were, or that she even had any for that matter. For the fist time in her life she began to see herself through the lens of fitness potential and accomplishment in competitive sports, as opposed to (or along with) style and fashion. She became more aware of her sensual self as she became more comfortable with her physical capabilities. She became more physically aggressive in our lovemaking which opened up whole new horizons for sexual expression. For a long time (and I know this may sound a bit weird), but each morning she would jump up on the bathroom counter totally nude and weigh herself. She might strike a pose. She might do something naughty. It didn’t really matter too much because I had that image in my mind ‘ALL-DAY-LONG’. Suffice it to say, that evening I was ready for anything!

So that’s the way it was early in our marriage, but how about today? Well, one thing for sure is that age is a factor. A person has to respect that, but I don’t believe a person has to give in to it. In fact, I believe that one of the greatest gifts that a married person can give to their spouse is a commitment to physical fitness. And it’s not just the finished product, but it’s the message that says “you’re important to me and I want to be my best for you”. There’s lots of expressions of love, but there’s none so tangible as someone who makes a lifelong commitment to be their personal best for that special mate. I thank God that I have a woman like that. I’m also thankful that SEX IS NOT OVER for us. In fact, it just might be that the best is yet to come.

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  1. smitten says:

    Amen to what your saying about fitness, especially in the older years. Lady Smitten and I have been married 40 plus years and as we got older it became increasingly hard to stay fit; pounds don’t come off as easy as before, and it’s easy to slide into the middle age slump. As I have said before in some of my stories and comments that many older couples get overweight, lazy, and joyless. Intimacy and romance and the wonderment of each other get traded off for the big bellied man sleeping on the couch in front of a television and the woman knitting, making blankets with other women, changing her hair into the granny look, (Lady Smitten has long hair and has been criticized by other older ladies for not looking like the older woman stereotype) sweeping the sidewalk etc.Many people think that is just the way it works. That dead kind of old age marriage is not for us and one of the keys is to stay fit, stay in love, stay imaginative, and reject the older marriage stereotype.

    • Blondie says:

      You older couples who have still got it going on are an inspiration to me! Love what you said about rejecting the older marriage stereotype. God bless you!

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