Adoring my wife who loves to please with a hot letter

Something I love to do, particularly when I have an extended period apart from my wonderful wife of 10 years is to write to her.  She reads these letters alone with a vibe or with her hands ready to touch and stroke herself in just the right place as she reads.  Below is a letter I sent to her recently.  If you would like me to share some other letters I’ve written to her in the past, please just let me know in the comments below…..I hope this encourages you in your erotic letter writing to your spouse.

Darling I have a confession, I‘ve been thinking about you again….and watching you.  How could I be watching you?….well because you gave me many special memories in Fiji.  Sex memories that I’ll enjoy for the rest of my life, but you also let me film you in those high heels, fishnets and open cut corset.  You had the collar and blindfold on as well…..and how could I forget that skimpy pearl g-string.  I’ve just watched the film again of you expertly pleasuring yourself….and it took everything in me to not cum.  It also means that I’m right on the edge as I write this….in that zone that you love when my seed is right at the base of my shaft almost about to race into you….that zone where I say things that you say you enjoy hearing….and there’s a whole lot I want to say right now in this pent up state.  First of all…sincerely, thank you.  I am the luckiest man alive, not just because I have a gorgeous wife that I’ve got a sex addiction to, but because you have been so open to me suggesting things, wearing outfits I buy for you and accommodating my fantasies.  While many other couples are having sex in the missionary position again in their flannelette pyjamas (which there’s nothing wrong with of course) I’ve had the pleasure of beholding and playing and sexing a decadent minx that I love on every level.  You are my best friend and I’m so stoked to be able to spend the rest of my life with you, but as a guy in a very sexualised culture, what a privilege to be able to enjoy a wifey as sexy, adventurous and downright hot as you.  I am so strongly attracted to you in every way, but right now with my dick strong and hard I can’t help but focus on the physical…..your beauty has totally encapsulated and transfixed me….You naked, from head to toe….so much perfection and then to watch you all dressed for sex, accentuating your beautiful features and showing your erotic side, legs apart stroking your love bud and fingering yourself while I watch on like a mesmerised puppy dog… it just makes me want you more.  Most men would have to pay to be intimate with a model like you, especially dressed and dolled up like you so often lovingly are, but I get to ask nicely and you’ve been so happy to oblige.

Even the other week when I got home from that work trip to Brisbane, there you were, waiting like a mistress for me when I arrived, knowing that in a few moments time my aching cock would be deep down your throat while my eyes feasted on you and drank in more precious sex memories like someone savors a rare delicacy.  I’m really keen to keep the communication up, and my encouragement would be for you to also let me know what you want and need sexually and relationally.  I want our sex life to continue to be an overflow of good friendship.  I want to continue to be open with you about what’s on my mind, even if it seems a little different or dirty from time to time, and I hope you’d feel free to do the same.  I don’t need a private sex show every time we have sex, but I’d love to witness a few more.  I don’t need to have my cock pleasured orally every time, but I still love it when you do from time to time (you’re such a sexpert with your hot mouth), especially when you’re scantily clad and looking like sex on a stick.  I don’t know what it is but I do love it when you’ve gone to a bit of effort to up the raunchiness or risqué nature of what you’re wearing.  It’s probably because it adds to a sense of ‘I want it now’ and ‘I’m all yours to have your way with’.

I certainly want to take charge a few more times and treat you like a sex-doll again, not in a mean or demeaning way, just making any request I like of you and you willingly obliging and submitting to my sexual whims and wishes.  That collar on you really did add to the appeal of that sex session.  It was probably just the power that I enjoyed and the ability I had to have the view I wanted when I wanted it, not to mention the power to place your sexed up self in any position I wanted with my cock and your sex toys wherever I wanted them…I’d love to film you a few more times too, just freely playing with yourself, eyes into the camera, teasing at first, moving around a little so I get a great view of everything and with you saying freely whatever is on your naughty mind until it ends with your nectar all over your fingers or liberally coating my cock.  We’ve got so much we can have over the next few years and I want to have it all with you my precious cock pleaser.  That’s such an attractive quality, the desire to please… is confidence, and you should know that you can feel confident of your sexiness and my wholehearted attention in my presence because even with clothes on you’re mesmerising, let alone when you have little or none on.   I desire you, I long for you, I’m looking forward to you… I love you. xxx

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4 replies
  1. hapster says:

    Very well done Loveithot. I have written very similar letters to my wife. I wish she enjoyed masturbating for me like yours apparently has done for you. To the wives on this site, you have no idea how hot it is for a wife to masturbate for her husband. It drives us crazy because to each of us there is nothing more beautiful than one’s wife, whom we adore and love without end, showing us how sexually hungry, needy, and skillful she can be with her own body, all while allowing and inviting us to witness such an erotic and intimate show. Would I rather be making love to her, yes, but is this an amazing manner of foreplay? Absolutely.

  2. loveithot says:

    Thank you hapster, you’ve summed it up well re the mystery of the attraction regarding a loving wife being vulnerable and just plain hot when pleasuring themselves just for you. We have incorporated this a few other times, although mostly with me also stroking my cock while we watch and lust over each other until she brings herself to an orgasm and then the sex continues. For any wives reading this that haven’t put on a private show for your man like this my encouragement would be to seriously consider it. If you just relax and enjoy your body I can guarantee 99% of men would be using every inch of self-control they have to not ravish you before you finish. If it helps hapster, sometimes I’ve introduced a new idea into our lovemaking through these hot letters to my wife. We recently introduced a vibe to her arse after a letter I wrote to her a couple of months before. She loved having it up there while my cock filled her but the letter gently introduced the idea with no pressure her to act it out, but at the same time communicating my openness to the idea and revealing to her that it had gone through my mind. Of course I was fortunate the idea intrigued her. I’m also of the opinion that some of the special things my wife does are just icing on the cake of a strong friendship….that the special ‘hot’ or ‘bonus’ things aren’t ‘what I married her for’ but they sure do make being married to her an extra special blessing.

  3. Lovinghusband says:

    I love your thankfulness Lovithot! God has given you good gifts and you are grateful.

    I agree – I love it when my wife is masturbating in front of me. It drives me crazy instantly. I also love it when she is masturbating when we are in a kind of 69 position – with her pussy on my chest. I watch her fingers go to work or with a toy. I love it when she grinds her pussy on my chest (or actually anywhere on my body). I tell her to take her time and I just take it all in with fascination. Her pussy is one of the “Eight Wonders of the World” in my opinion. I watch it closely as she orgasms. It gets so wet! I also love the smell of her pussy juices as she masturbates just inches from my head. Sometimes it gets so hot that I cum on her tits and face as she is cumming through masturbating.

    So – your letter sure stirred up many memories for me. And I’m sure for many who read this! Thank you for the encouragement. I’m glad you are on MH. Keep seeking the Lord first in all things – and knowing the contentment in the pure marriage bed that the Lord has provided for us! God bless you.

    • loveithot says:

      Thanks loving husband, that is something I have appreciated about this site, that there is plenty of gratitude and adoration expressed to one another’s spouses…and you’ve given me a couple of nice variations to try re the 69…sincere thanks.

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