Mountain Spa, DIY Style

Screen Shot 2014-08-19 at 9.56.54 PMIt was late June and our kids were away at camp for the week, so my wife and I decided to take off for a romantic getaway while they were gone. Her aunt and uncle have a cabin in the mountains and it was available for the weekend, so we packed up a few things, strapped the mountain bikes on the car, and headed north. The drive was only a couple of hours, but with no schedule to keep we just took our time, chatting and enjoying each other’s company, and made our way into the mountains. We were looking forward to some adventures, like visiting one of the nearby wineries, doing some biking, and checking out the local town. And we were definitely eager for some naked time!

We had never been to their cabin, so when we arrived we quickly realized that “cabin” was a misnomer. This place was amazing! It was really more like a secluded private lodge – a huge great room with a beautiful mountain view, a great home theater setup in the basement, and a nice master suite and bathroom, complete with a shower built for two and old-fashioned tub. To cap it off, it had a great wrap-around screen porch overlooking the mountains. After we explored all the rooms we sat together and rocked for a few minutes on the porch swing. I looked at her and could tell she was thinking the same thing I was: “I don’t know if want to leave at all – this place is awesome!” She agreed, so we unpacked, poured a couple of glasses of wine, and settled in.

We did have some adult fun that day, but this story takes place on day 2, which happened to be her birthday. Since we weren’t going to be able to celebrate with the kids or any family, I wanted to make the day special for her. We slept in, snuggled for a little while, then I got up and made a big eggs & bacon breakfast, which we ate on the porch. After hanging out and reading and relaxing for a little while, I had an idea for another birthday present. I told her to stay where she was, and set to work. I found a sleeping bag, blankets, sheets, and a couple of towels, and I transformed the picnic table on the back porch into a makeshift massage table. I set up my iPhone with a Pandora spa station, grabbed some massage oil and a couple of water bottles, and went and fetched my bride.

I led her to the porch, and when she saw the picnic table and heard the spa sounds, she gave me a skeptical look. I replied, “Welcome to your personal spa – I’ll be your masseuse today. Go ahead and disrobe and get on the massage table face-down, and we’ll get started.” She raised an eyebrow, then smirked and leaned into me, giving me a quick peck on the cheek, and promptly stripped. Seeing my nude wife in broad daylight was quite a turn-on; we’re both fairly modest in public, and though we were about as far from “public” as you could get, there was still something exciting and a little taboo about the whole scene.

I got out the oil and went to work on her upper back, shoulders, and arms, slowly and methodically massaging any remaining tension out of her body. She let out a couple of soft moans, so I knew she was enjoying it. I kept going and started moving down to her lower back and butt, enjoying squeezing and kneading her perfect ass. Just as she started to squirm a little and I could tell she was enjoying the feeling of my hands on her butt, I stopped, moved to the foot of the table, and started on her legs. I started on one side, working her calf muscles, then up to her hamstrings, firmly massaging out any tightness that remained from her workouts a couple of days prior. As I worked on her inner thighs, I let my hands wander closer and closer to her pussy, lightly brushing up against it and feeling the tickle of her pubic hair.

Once again, she started to writhe just a little bit and I could tell she was somewhere between total relaxation and arousal, so I backed off and went to work on the other leg. I repeated the process, slowly making my way towards her sex. This time I was a little more bold, rubbing my hands along her inner thigh and up the fold of her ass, my slippery fingers pressing up against the sides of her lips. She was now moving her hips and opening her legs little by little, giving me a wonderful view of her ass and pussy.

I love the view from behind, and her state of arousal was becoming more apparent as her labia were open and glistening with her juices. I leaned in and started massaging her ass, starting with my thumbs on her beautiful lips and softly tracing the outline of her pussy, running up to her ass and then around the curves of her butt, then back around again to her opening. After a few minutes of this, she was moaning and writhing quite a bit, and her juices were mixing with the massage oil and her entire pussy and ass were glistening. I ran my fingers along her pussy one last time, then backed off and instructed her to turn over.

She protested a little, but gave in and flipped over to her back, revealing her magnificent breasts. I got more oil and moved back to the head of the table, then started on her neck and shoulders. I was trying my best to take my time and tease her a bit, but I couldn’t resist touching her tits, massaging them both, rolling my thumb around her nipples until they were both hard and she was arching her back for more. I focused in on her large, pink areolae, pinching them between my thumb and finger and working them the way I know she likes. I did this for a while, but her writhing and moaning was indicating that her pussy needed some real attention.

I slowly worked past her breasts and across her tummy, down to the small patch of hair, then separated my hands and ran them down the sides of her pussy lips. My fingers met at her opening, then I slid them upwards to her clit. Everything was  oily and slippery, and I could tell she was thoroughly enjoying her massage. After a couple of minutes of this I moved to her feet and started in on her thighs, again working one leg and inching my way closer and closer to her pussy; then backing off and working the other. It was quickly apparent that neither one of us could wait any longer – it was time to focus my efforts.

I moved to her side so that I could get closer and see what I was doing, and paused for a second to take in the view – my gorgeous wife, nude and glistening from massage oil (and maybe a little sweat from the summertime humidity), her legs open and her wet pussy ready for some attention. My fingers were on her in an instant, running down one side of her open lips, teasing her opening, and then up the other side, stopping at her clit. I rubbed a couple of slow circles and then repeated the pattern, leisurely circling between her button and vagina. I gradually increased my pace until finally I plunged two fingers deep inside her, feeling the soft, wet walls of her pussy, rubbing up against her G-spot. I thrust them in and out, feeling every part of her, matching her bucking hips.

She was moaning loudly now, oblivious to everything but the throbbing in her pussy and clit, and her burning need for orgasm. After almost 20 years of marriage I know when she is ready to come, and as I pulled my fingers out I knew it was time to focus my attention on her clitoris. I spread apart her lips with my left hand while my right went to work, circling her clit, slowly at first but quickly picking up the pace.  She began bucking violently, her hips and pussy rising to the rhythm of my fingers. In just a few moments I was going as fast and hard as my fingers could – her hips raised up and her entire body tensed. Time seemed to stop as I waited for her release.

Then her body convulsed and she let out a series of loud moans, gasping for breath, as wave after wave of her orgasm overtook her. I slid my fingers inside of her and felt the powerful spasms squeezing them, holding them there until she finally relaxed and fell back into the table, completely spent.

I pulled my fingers out and grabbed her a towel and water bottle, waiting for her to come back to the real world. After a couple of moments she opened her eyes and smiled, then sat up and downed some water.

“How’d you like your massage?” I asked.

“Best one I’ve ever had, Babe!” She smiled and motioned for me to lean in closer, then kissed me deep and hard.  We stopped kissing and I straightened up, then gave her a sly grin. “Wanna open your next birthday present?” Her eyes lit up with excitement and anticipation, and she nodded and gave me an emphatic “Yes!”

But that’s another story…

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  1. Eva says:

    Haha! I have this fantasy… This fantasy of the kids being old enough to go away to summer camp…I’ve never really gotten past that first part of the fantasy, though… 🙂 but when that day finally comes…oh, the fun we will have! I’m glad you were able to make such fabulous use of your kid free week!

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