New Years, the Day After (continued) (L)

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I open the door and see her through the shower door. She is rubbing soap over her body. I slide the shower door open. She is startled at first and covers her breasts. I chuckle. “Hi, honey,” as I step into the shower my cock springs to attention. The water is hot. “Can I soap you down?”

“Of course,” she replies as I take the soap from her and work the lather into her body. Her body is hot and smooth. “I’ve missed your touch. This will be the best shower you’ve ever have, I promise you.” With that, she put her tongue back to my mouth and started to stroke my cock. “Take me, lick me, kiss me, touch me, fuck me, make me yours, Mike, make me yours.”
As I work up the lather, she grabs the shower gel and start rubbing it into my chest. I start caressing her breasts with the soap. They are firm and I caress her nipples, they stand to attention at my touch.” Ohhh Yes! Play with my nipples.”

We continue soaping each other – me her breasts and her my chest. I move a little lower and she follows. I soap her stomach – admiring her trim body. She copies working on my lower body. I move a little lower lingering for a moment at her belly button then I begin soaping around her pussy. She moans and moves her hand to my very hard penis. We caress each other, soaping, teasing each other’s bodies simultaneously.

“Raise your arms.” I say. I wash underneath her arms and the sides of her breasts.

My fingers move to her clit and I pull on it a little sending a gush of sexual energy through her body. One of her hands moves to my balls and caresses them as the other starts jerking me off. She grabs the shower head and washes all the soap off of us. Our eyes connect. We don’t need to speak; we both know what we want. She washes me clean then drops to her knees. She slowly takes all of me into her mouth. I can feel the tip of my dick at the back of her throat. The water is rushing down on top of her as she clamps her lips down at the base of my dick and slowly pulls back and forth. I move forward feeling the water rush over my head as she sucks me. She takes me out of her mouth and starts to lick my balls. She takes one into her mouth and gently run circles around it with her tongue. She grabs my dick with a free hand and continues jerking me off while sucking on my balls. I am in complete ecstasy. She knows exactly which buttons to push and I can feel myself about to explode. She senses this too. I am shocked at first but a wave of pleasure sweeps through me as I start to cum. I shoot out over her face and chest.

I take the showerhead and wash the soap and cum off her body recovering slowly from my intense orgasm. As the soap rushes to the shower floor it reveals her beautiful body. I begin to get hard again. I want to eat her ! Taste her in my mouth. I drop to my knees just as she did before. I grab her ass and bring her to my mouth. Her pussy is warm and tender from the warm water. I thrust my tongue deep inside her. She sighs as my tongue explores inside her. She pushes herself into my mouth wanting more. More of her sweet honey. I move myself close to her pussy and very gently take her left inner lip into my mouth and begin nibbling and sucking on it. She draws a sharp intake of breath and her moaning becomes more guttural and animal like as I lick. I move my tongue to her clit and lick up and around the tender folds. Her back arches as I tease her. My hands move up to her nipples and I gently tug on them as I explore her clit with my tongue. The water still rushing down on us adds to the intensity of the moment. I take her clit into my mouth, sucking, and gently biting on it increasing the pleasure running through her body. “Ohhh.” Her juices flow down her leg. I move one hand from her nipple and grab her ass, pulling her closer to my face as my other hand continues teasing her nipples.

“I’m CUMMING,” she shouts and explodes into my mouth. I continue licking her clit as her body spasms. “Fuck me now!” she screams, “I need you NOW!”

I quickly turn her around so her hands rest on the shower wall. I spread her legs. I take one hand and spread her plump lips and with the other hand, I guide my erection and enter her from behind.

“OOHHH, yes! YES! Fuck me!”

I slide in easily as she is extremely wet. She feels so warm and tight. I begin to thrust, going faster and faster and she moans in ecstasy. The sensation of the water coursing across her brought my attention to her breasts, bouncing and bobbing with each thrust we make. Small droplets kissed her nipples before plunging to her  tummy and trickling down to the wonderful spot where my body penetrated hers. She closes her eyes, cupping her breasts, pinching and twisting the hard, pink buds between her fingers.

“Mike, faster, oh… I love you inside me… faster….”

I went faster and faster and finally shoot load after load into her, until I feel it over flowing out. I stay inside her, hugging her, feeling so good.

”Ohhh!! That feels so good.” She moves with me shaking her head as she cums & cums again. I have never seen her this intense. It turns me on so much to see her in such pleasure.”That’s amazing.” (Her body convulsed momentarily, as if she had lost complete control) She says as her pussy spasms. I collapse, resting on her back letting the water devour our bodies.

“We should do this more often,” I say.

“Well…. we haven’t finished yet,” she turns around to kiss me. We turn off the water and step out of the shower. “Follow me,” she says and I follow her into the bedroom!

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12 replies
  1. Lovinghusband says:

    Your stories always motivate such intense heat in us who read them. Thank you for sharing your lives with us! You are great examples in showing your gratefulness to God! All good gifts come from Him!

  2. Drew&Holly says:

    Oooh! Another hot story, you two! We enjoyed reading it together the other evening, which inspired us to have our own hot shower sex.

    Thank you for sharing! God bless you!

    • Michael & Lisa says:

      ooooohhh! and THANK YOU both…. and
      ” inspired us to have our own hot shower sex.” and happy to help

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