Photo Play (L)

“Want to play?” I ask with a half smile.

Screen Shot 2015-03-23 at 5.41.54 PM“Always, ” she replies, “You know that.”

“A game? A little bit of role play?”

“Oooo, maybe. Depends. What sort of roles?”

“I’d be a photographer, you’ll be auditioning, casting for …. ”
I wink.

“You actually going to take pictures?”

“Would you like to see yourself?”

“Mmmm, yes, I think I would actually. Use MY phone though!”

“I don’t know what you’re suggesting, a lesser man would be hurt!”

You give me your i-phone and go out of the room. You knock.

“Come in! Sit on the sofa, please. Now, you know what you’re here to do? We’re casting for movies of a very particular nature, and we need to be sure that you can do what we need and look relaxed doing it.”


“Right, I’ll ask you a few questions, but first could, you strip to your underwear, please?”

She stands. First she unbuttons and slips off her blouse then shimmy out of her jeans. I pause to admire her curves.

“Can you turn around please? Nice!”

Very nice in fact. Nice curves and a nice little tummy. I feel a stirring in my trousers.

“Please sit down again, I’d like to ask you a few questions. Now then, you don’t need to sit there like you’re in church. Relax. Lie back.”

She takes me at my word and lies right back on the couch one foot on the floor, one on the cushions revealing the dark shadow behind the sheer white lace of her panties.


My trousers tightened further.

“Do you like sex?”

“Oh yes, as often as possible.”

“What if you’re not getting it? Do you masturbate?”

“yes. I masturbate .” (Actually I already know this!)

“I see. Fingers or toys?”

“Both. I like to start with fingers.”

“Ok. Stand up, please. Can we lose the bra now?”

She stands and unhooks and tosses the bra across the room. I’ve always admired her breasts.


“Turn around, please. Now raise your arms over your head.”

She gives me a bonus shinny.


“Nice, Now cup your boobs in your hands. Sensitive nipples?”

“Oh very.”

“Would you run your thumbs across them, please?”

Still cupping her breasts, she runs her thumbs over her delicious pink nipples. Then she continues with light pinching, bringing them erect. And hard.


I let her continue, and her breath becomes a little irregular.

“Happy doing that?”

“Oh very.”

“Please sit again. As you were before. You said you liked to masturbate. Happy doing that in front of a camera?”

“Oh, yes.”

“Then would you touch yourself through your panties, please?”

She does so, up and down along the length of her slit and circular motions. I need to adjust my cock.


“Oh God…now rub yourself underneath…”

She slids her hand under the top of your panties. I can see you feeling yourself, Massaging, exploring, stimulating.

“How do you feel about that?”


“I feel damp…actually.”

One hand rummages about between her legs, sheer lace just concealing the action while the other idly plays with a nipple.


“How do you think you’ll feel being filmed in close-up while you masturbate? Really close!”

“Oh, will I have to?” (She’s starting to play along a little more now>)

“Yes, our customers expect it. I think it’s time to lose the panties.”


Lying on the sofa, she lifts herself up, sliding off the lacey little garment. She sits bolt upright with her legs clamped together.

“No need to be shy. Stand up and turn around, please.”

I gaze at the neatly inverted triangle; then she turns bringing her ass into profile.


“Stop!” Her back is to me. “Bend over, hands on the sofa. Now open your legs nice and wide.”

“Must I?”

“”Yes,” I’m a little hoarse.

She complies and her labia pops into view.


“Would you, just lightly, touch your pussy, please?”

Reaching between her legs, a finger runs along the length of her pussy lips.


Then, without being told, she opens herself up slightly.


“Sit down again please. No, with your legs nice and wide…oh yes. What we discussed earlier, the masturbation, now please.”

Licking her middle finger and position it over her clit, beginning with a circular motion. She is really starting to breath heavily now. Sliding her middle finger inside herself, it comes out glistening and wet, (CLICK) Back to her clit. Rubbing and massaging. Then two fingers…


“Put your feet on the cushions…nice and wide…now reach your bottom and open yourself wide…I,,e r… need to check your wetness level.”

I kneel in front of her and reach out, my middle finger extended. There is actually no doubt about how wet she is. The pink flesh you’ve exposed gleams with your nectar. I slowly slide my finger into her, as far as it will go. I make a “come here” gesture while my thumb rubs her clitoris.

“Don’t move!”

I rush into the bedroom and grab the vibrator she leaves there for fun and games.

It’s about normal cock sized and curves up in the end.

I hand it to her and without changing her pose, she positions it.

“Go on…”

Switching it on and applys it to her lips at first (CLICK) but then eases the tip into her pussy, Then out again and back in, a little further each time until burying it deep on the instroke and on the outstroke it shines with her nectar.


“Time to test your oral skills…”

I take off my clothes and stand in front of her. Her mouth is almost exactly level with my erect cock . She takes it by its base, lift it vertically and then slowly run her tongue from my balls to the head. I hold the i-phone, set to video, to one side, capturing her in profile as she licks the underside of my cock head before popping the end into her eager mouth, swirling her tongue around all the time. Gently stroking my balls, she takes me deeper until about two-thirds of me is buried in her mouth. Then she withdraws me almost totally and, resting her hands on my hips, moves her head slowly back and forth so that I’m fucking your mouth.

She takes me out, turns around and kneels on the sofa. I position myself at her swollen pussy lips and in one push my entire length is slowly buried deep inside. She is incredibly wet and the lack of friction allows me to fuck her hard and fast. She reaches under herself and frantically rubs her clit until she screams out!

I withdraw and turn her round again, lining my now thoroughly coated cock up with her mouth. Swallowing me greedily as this time I take hold of her head. I feel the familiar pressure and I cum hard, spraying the back of your throat with my semen. She keeps sucking at me and I cry out as the pleasure becomes almost painful.

Finally I withdraw from her lips and spray the last of my cum on her chest. She falls back, her legs apart and a smile on her face as she licks her lips.

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  1. hornyGG
    hornyGG says:

    Michael and Lisa,

    I must say I didn’t like this story at all. .. I freaking LOVED IT! Ben and I are going to have to play this. Ever considered switching roles? Mmmmm, my pussy is wet just thinking about it. You two sure know how to get the juices flowing.

    Thank you both for the story, I look forward to your next one. God bless you and stay as horny as you are.

  2. Lovinghusband
    Lovinghusband says:

    Your story was fun to read. It was so hot that I now have an “all points bulletin” out for my wife!! 🙂 Thank you for the creative way you told this. God bless. LH

    • Michael & Lisa
      Michael & Lisa says:

      Thank you LH. And we try to be creative both st home, alone and writing these stories.

      Lisa 🙂

  3. Happy Husband
    Happy Husband says:

    Between your story and Horny GG’s stoies I feel the overwhelming urge to invite my wife into the bedroom to watch me masturbate until I shoot a huge load of cum all over her tits, belly and, if she would let me, her face.

  4. Michael & Lisa
    Michael & Lisa says:

    Ohhhhh Happy Husband! ( blushing )
    Trying to think what GG would say …… WOW you got me so fricking wet thinking about what you and wife would do.

    Lisa And stay horny !

  5. hornyGG
    hornyGG says:

    Just a quick question. Did anyone else get some last night or this morning? I sure did! Last night and around 4 am this morning. It was fantastic!

    My cuddle bear was in fine form, rock hard and ready for action. I came at least a half dozen times each session. By the time he dumped his load into me, I was a satisfied wimpering woman. I do so love that man of mine!

    Sharing this has gotten me so wet! Time to break out old reliable ” Mr. Jolly ” for a bit of solo fun! Just felt like sharing this. God bless you all and stay horny!!!!

    • lovemyhotwife
      lovemyhotwife says:

      GG, I sure did! After reading this story, I was all revved up and ready to go.
      Man, did we have some fun last night! Just thinking about it again is getting me excited at work! I’ll have to rein it in for just a few more hours. I can do this… I think.

  6. Oldersingle
    Oldersingle says:

    Can we answer “Yes” if we’re single and found the hottest article we’ve seen on here yet… enjoyed it while playing and in my case spurted the biggest load of cum in a while? I love all your stories, couples- Thanks and bless you all!

  7. Happy Husband
    Happy Husband says:

    Yes, HornyGG, It was a great night. I gave my wife a great oral workout and then I finished her off with a solid pounding from her favorite 9″ dildo. While I would rather finish her with my own cock, she clearly loves the feel of the dildo and I am all about giving her what SHE needs. She then gave me a fantastic blow job and finished me off by stroking my cock and did let me cum all over her pert little titties. I have already told her that she is going to get another cum shower tonight! I sure do love her.

  8. Michael & Lisa
    Michael & Lisa says:

    Mmmmmmm looking at star constellations, charts of the Moon, Jupitet, Mars & Saturn.
    YES and what do you know it repeated at approx 4am.

    🙂 anypne else?

    Stay horny GG

  9. hornyGG
    hornyGG says:

    Ok, so Ben and I weren’t the only ” horny toads” last night. Awesome! Staying horny is so much fun don’t ya think? Hehe. God bless all of ya.

  10. cameron
    cameron says:

    Love the story have to try and keep this one for Jake or he will have me doing that. Take care 🙂

    P.S. love all of the stories on here they make me good and wet.

  11. Happy Husband
    Happy Husband says:

    Wife had a GYN appointment this morning so no action last night, but she promised that tonight we are going to have a wild, intense timd together. Pray for her to experience the joy of getting a little out of her comfort zone in terms of patience and verbalization. One question for GG, what kind toy is Mr. Jolly? If we dont have one might get it for my sweetiE yours seems so well used…

    • hornyGG
      hornyGG says:

      My dear ” Mr. Jolly ” is a 7.5 inch vibrating dong. The name came from the package. My loving husband bought it for me before he left to go work out of town. Believe it or not it was my first sex toy. I now own 3, including a bullet vibe ( love! ) and a eight inch non vibrating dong complete with suction cup ( great for chair, tub and shower fun ). Stay horny now!

    • hornyGG
      hornyGG says:

      I will ask the “sex fairy” to sprinkle some special dust over you two tonight! Hehe. Seriously though, enjoy and cum lots! God bless and…yes you know.

  12. Michael & Lisa
    Michael & Lisa says:

    Thank you all for your comments. I’ve never been so hot & wet in the AM reading some other stories.
    Waiting for my husband to cum home & finish me off.

    Lisa xo

  13. hornyGG
    hornyGG says:


    Really wasn’t my intention to take reaction away from the story. It was fun, but I hope it didn’t irritate you two in any way. God bless you two and you know the rest!

  14. Michael & Lisa
    Michael & Lisa says:

    GG. What are you talking about??? We both love the interaction. It is fun.
    We can’t speak for others….of course but you’re THE best & you know the rest.
    Ohhh that rhymes.

    Lisa & Michael

  15. Happy Husband
    Happy Husband says:

    Horny GG, the first toy I bought for my wife (she has never bought one), was a 6″ vibrating dildo. I then got her a bullet and then upgraded her to the 9″ long and 2″ thick “Big Thriller” and she is in ecstasy when I use that and the bullet on her at the same time. At this point I have given her a g-spot vibe, a mini and full sized wand and a “We-Vibe” in order to really spice things up, but to be honest the only toys that get any action are the Thriller, bullet and, as a warm up, the wand. Am I the only husband on this site who routinely uses toys to make his wife cum? While I am capable of getting her there just fine with my tonge orally and my fingers, I will admit that I can’t match the sensations of a 9″ cock and the intensity of a bullet vibe on her clit and I want her to have a rocking orgasm every time!

    • hornyGG
      hornyGG says:

      Happy Hubby,

      I forgot to mention that I also own a Hitachi wand. Ben will sometimes use it on me. So much fun, leaves my hands free to play with my tits. I love when he uses the wand on my clit and tongues my pussy hole at the same time. I generally explode with a very strong orgasm.

      Do you own any toys for your own enjoyment ? I mean, they do have toys for men as well! I purchased Ben a toy called a ” pocket pussy ” to take with him when he has to work out of town. He loves it!

      I love watching him fuck that fake cunt. Sometimes we play together, he with his toy and me with one of my own ( usually Mr. Jolly). So much fun! I am considering buying him one of those battery operated strokers. I think he would really enjoy it.

      The Hitachi wand can be fun for guys as well. Run it over the head and down the shaft of your cock or even your balls. Ben loves for me to use it on him. He says the vibrations are intense. He doesn’t last long in most cases. I will often put it on that area between his ball sack and asshole while he beats his meat. Makes him cum really hard . I believe it vibrates the prostate in some way. Either way , he loves it.

      My goodness, writing this has made me quite moist. Let me finish by saying that I think it is awesome that you want your wife to go off hard every time. Every man should feel that way. She is a very lucky woman.

      As far as you not being able to match the sensations of her toys, well while I can’t speak for her, I am willing to bet that she would take your cock over her toys any day of the week!

      I enjoy using my toys and masturbating as you know from my stories. But they do not come close to the feeling of having my husband inside me. The love and closeness cannot be matched by any toy believe me. To me that is the most wonderful feeling in the world!

      I’ve gone on long enough, God bless you and yours my friend and remember to always stay horny!

    • Snag
      Snag says:

      HornyGG, you are so right that nothing compares the closeness of a good fuck session between a husband and wife – no comparison! As I tell my dear wife, my way to orgasm is via intercourse in her pussy. The intimacy that we share when we are one is the ultimate. However, I am encouraging her to get off frequently and unselfconciously in a variety of other ways as well. Your candor about servicing your pussy is enlightening and appreciated. I would love for her to tend to her own needs often and without deference to me observing. We are still working to overcome any reluctance to focus exclusively on her needs. I love watching her orgasm. However, she seems satisfied with four or five orgasms a month. I sense that you may average that in a day. Is that the case (4 or 5 per day) and, if so, has that always been your M.O. or has your libido increased recently? Thanks again for your frankness!

    • hornyGG
      hornyGG says:


      I have always had a high libido. I guess you can say that I am just one horny chick. I simply love sex and love to cum. My orgasms vary depending on how horny I am. I have had as many as 7- 10 orgasms in one day. Of course this is rare as life often limits those chances to get off.

      Thanks for the reply! God bless and stay horny my friend.

    • Bootylicious
      Bootylicious says:

      Alicia, please forgive my boldness for asking but I’m curious to know if you share your mom’s high sex drive? I’m assuming you do (which I think is fantastic!!!). I’m always horny too and I’ve always wondered if my mom is as well. Unfortunately, we don’t have that kind of relationship where I’d feel comfortable asking her such things.

    • Alicia G. M.
      Alicia G. M. says:


      I’m a pretty horny girl. But not sure anyone can be as horny as my mom. Lol. ( Just kidding mom ! ) Put me on the spot there Bootylicious! Lol. I don’t really know. Ewwwwwe! Lmao

    • TPGames
      TPGames says:

      Yeah!! GG you are one horny chick. I know Ben loves it and so do we. We get to read your great stories and advice. Ben and you are the heat of marriage heat. We gotta gives thanks to Blondie for all she has done!! Appreciate what both of you have done to heat up my bedroom!! Love the HORNINESS!!!

    • Happy Husband
      Happy Husband says:

      Horny GG:

      My wife did encourage me to get a “pocket pussy” type of thing one time, which I did, but to be honest, it is nowhere near as pleasurable as her pussy, her mouth, or either of our lubed up hands. So, honestly, toys are not much for me, but I admit that I would LOVE to see her stroking her big 9″ dildo in and out of her pussy while I watch on, but she has only done that for a few seconds here and there and purely for my benefit. She much prefers that I screw her with it while she focuses on how it feels.

      I don’t want to give anyone the impression that she does not love the feeling of me inside her (and I love it too), but I was really just focusing on what actually makes her cum, which usually is the big cock inside here with some good ole’ stimulation of her clitoris. There is no doubt that the closeness of a man with his cock inside his wife is the “becoming one flesh” experience that God intended to bring us together, but for pure orgasm, I love to give her what seems to make it the most intense.

      Your are blessed with your love for Ben and your mutual sex drive. Keep it going and stay horny!

    • Happy Husband
      Happy Husband says:

      I did forget to mention that a other reason why I don’t much need toys is that she will pretty much suck my cock anytime I ask for it. While she has a low orgasm libido, she loves the feel of my hard dick in her mouth! That is a very good deal for me!

    • Bootylicious
      Bootylicious says:

      GG, I like to play with my tits too!! Mine are DDDs with nice thick sensitive nipples that are always hard. how big are yours? What kinds of things do you like done to them?

  16. smbandit
    smbandit says:

    Happy husband same here for me. My wife has a lot of toys and enjoy watching her pleasure herself with them . She does like the oral the best but afterwards she likes other toys. The vibe is a big hit.

  17. cameron
    cameron says:

    I just love how people are so open to share on here. All the side stories lol.

    Read this story with Jake and I could hardly walk the next morning!

    Take care 🙂

  18. Alicia G. M.
    Alicia G. M. says:

    Guy’s one day I’m gonna get the hang of commenting on here. Noticed some of my comments have not been accepted or over looked. Not a big deal, just remember I’m still a MH virgin and trying to learn from my mishaps.

    MH is super and I really love being a member. You guys are all super awesome! Thanks!

  19. PassionateForChrist
    PassionateForChrist says:

    Dear GG, I’d love to ask you a question about orgasm (you seem to be the perfect one to ask it to)… I hope you’ll see this… This may be a little embarrassing for me but I’ll just go ahead and ask for your wisdom/advice/input – after all, I’m here to grow and learn… so, boldly, here I go (Thanks for being always gentle with me! 🙂 )…

    You already know that I’ve started out of a place, where I had for years fiercely suppressed any kind of sexual feeling, and when a sexual feeling happened I was quick to condemn myself for it and beat myself up. It was God’s greatest personal blessing to me that He graciously led me to have a new beginning in my sexuality in and with Him. I remember how nervous I was when He allowed me to touch myself truly for the first time – I had no idea how it was supposed to feel, the responses that would/should happen… I’m so glad that God is so faithful; He never left my side through it all. The years of unhealthy, fierce suppression, in which I went overboard in exerting condemning self-judgement and obsessional self-control, have made it necessary for me, when I began to make love to myself, to work on letting go. Guided by Him, covered in His grace, I’ve made a lot of progress since He began His amazing work in me in mid-2014. In the beginning, I had no idea what an orgasm really was and I was a little scared that I wouldn’t be able to achieve that. It indeed was such in the beginning that, when I would get on the verge of where orgasm would be about to happen, my system was so used to by all means not let go that it would immediately intervene in that moment and sort of abort it. With God on my side, I didn’t let that stop me from just continuing to practice with Him. I was (and continue to be) determined to become all that He has created me to be for His Glory – so, there is but one gear for me: moving forward. By now, I can navigate my response cycle much better – I catch much more vividly what happens in the arousal… I do feel how the excitement builds, how it engorges, how it gets warmer and warmer, wetter and wetter (unless I’m at a time in the month where I’m just a bit more dry by nature but even when I don’t get wet so easily, I enjoy the challenge of getting myself to be responsive nonetheless right then… out of any situation, my wish is to be able to be responsive for my future hubby’s pleasure, for our mutual pleasure as we have playful marital fun getting together)… On the verge of orgasm, I catch my head and back arching, I sense the tangible inner rush in my private part on the way to explosion… At the moment of orgasm, I sense the involuntary rhythmic quivering and how tense everything gets…

    Now, to my question… For me, the challenge is mostly to let go, to really completely release myself unto that moment of orgasm… I’ve come a long way, thank God!, but sometimes it feels to me like, though I reach the O by now, my system still kind of blocks a little the freely riding the wave completely – like the tenseness implodes more than it explodes (hope this makes sense)… I’ve read a lot lately on MH in the comments from the husbands how they so thoroughly enjoy seeing their wives orgasm, letting so freely completely loose, and I want to be the best I can be for my future spouse… God is teaching me a lot about playfulness in intimacy through MH and, to me personally, what’s most meaningful and significant about sex in marriage would be the all-out deep love that my spouse and I would be tethered together in and fully share with each other, the becoming one… I wouldn’t want chasing after the big O to be bigger than enjoying the love my hubby and I would share as we feast together on each other and just have fun every time we become one in the sanctity of marriage. But seeing that, in general, the big O is something especially deeply meaningful to the hubbys out there, I want to do all I can to reach complete liberty in this, in order to be able to give my future spouse all the pleasure he should be able to get from me as his wife.

    Now I’ve thought about what I could do to continue growing in the freedom of letting go at the moment of orgasm… maybe it just takes some more time and practice… but nonetheless I thought I can just ask you for your input (you being full of experience in all this)…

    I so far exclusively use my fingers… This has been important for me to really get connected to myself anew (and I love it! 🙂 ). I had seen your discussion about the different toys (a little above in this post) and to be honest I have no clue about any of that… I imagine a vibrator to be a helpful gadget to just push one over the edge (from what is shared about these toys, they seem to be truly intense)… I’m concerned though that I would spoil myself for my future hubby… These are machines, and if my system would get used to that kind of stimulation, then they would certainly rob my husband of some kind of level of pleasuring that he would long to give me but with him not being a machine this maybe could end up to be frustrating for him, I would imagine… I in no way want to rob my future hubby of anything that is his to take or have in me. Plus, I hold it to be the privilege and the right of my future hubby to be the first and the only one to get access to the most inner courts of my garden. So, regarding toys, I don’t know.

    Looking forward to hearing what you, dear GG, (or anyone else who would love to) would like to share about the big O and learning to let all loose. Bless you all!

    • cameron
      cameron says:

      P.F.C. I am not GG, but thought I would put in my 2 bits. I know that it is hard to let go some times. Honestly I can’t get my self all the way off. When I have my best orgasms is when I am with Jake. He can take me over the edge because for me it feels so good my body just goes limp and I cant do it long enough to go all the way. So with that being said I will leave the rest to GG.

      Take care 😉

    • Lovinghusband
      Lovinghusband says:

      Dear Passionate For Christ – I’m part of the “anyone else” you addressed. I just want to say that I love the heart you bring to all of this! I would encourage you not to worry (you didn’t say you were). God is going to honor your devotion. Your selfless desire to be all that you can for your future husband is laudable! I can only speak from my limited experience as a man – and gleaning from my wife’s knowledge and experience. There are sometimes when the orgasm from masturbation can be off the charts. I don’t think it is the norm for that to be. I find orgasms from masturbation to be very pleasing – but they are not to the degree that comes from being with my wife. My wife would say the same for her. I think your experience so far is great because it gives you relief and satisfaction – but still doesn’t bring what only comes from two people in a one-flesh, covenantal marriage. So, God supplies all your needs, while keeping you still hungry for what will come with your future husband. I hope this helps you to be content in the place He has for you right now. I think having this perspective can help you to not expect too much or too little from masturbating. It also keeps you from being self-satisfied. God didn’t say to Adam: “It is not good for man to be alone – unless he really knows how to masturbate with the secret knowledge that only a few have – as they learn it from masturbation gurus”. 🙂

      God knows how to comfort us and bless us in each stage of life (as your testimony shows – I love the way you state your gratefulness). Ultimately, not even marriage and marriage sex keep us from wanting something more! Why? The perfect consummation only comes in the resurrection – then we will be in the perfect relationship with our husband Christ with perfect contentment – because we will be without sin in Christ’s presence!

      So, when we are chasing after the perfect orgasm – in a way, we are really crying out for the perfect contentment that will only come later. So, let’s be grateful for the orgasms we have – and not forget what they point us to – if we are thinking with Christian minds.

      God bless you! I want you to know that your heart encourages many of us! LH

  20. hornyGG
    hornyGG says:

    Bravo! LH and Cameron, I couldn’t have said it better myself.

    Passionate, You are such a sweetheart and a great inspiration to many. Like Alicia said, your heart is just so full of love that it spills over into your words on here.

    I am honored that you feel so highly of me. I am also humbled by it. I think LH pretty much said it all, he is so full of wisdom and I respect him greatly. I learn alot from his words and blessed to consider him my friend. As I do you.

    Darlin, let me just say that you have taken this road of discovery and have traveled it well. Trusting and loving the Lord the whole way. For that I am so proud of you.

    I get on MH and write about my sex life with my husband Ben. I share in my masturbation practices and my orgasms. I read and get inspired by the wonderful stories that writers such as Blondie, Lovinghusband and many others.

    I want you to remember that everyone is different. The good Lord made us that way. Our bodies are different and respond differently to various situations including sex. Believe me when I tell you, not every orgasm will be ” mind blowing “. Many will be subtle but will feel just as good.

    Up until recently I have always used my fingers when I masturbated. To be perfectly honest, it is still my favorite method. I love the personal skin on skin contact. Like you I enjoy the build up and the feeling as I gradually moisten.

    Darlin, please do not feel like it is a ” must” that you use a toy. Take your time and enjoy what your body has to offer. Everyone is a ” work in progress ” when it comes to sexual matters. Believe me, the good Lord has been working with me for years. Thankfully my loving Ben has alot of patience. I still have a long way to go.

    As far as letting go, girl you are doing just fine! Just relax and don’t pressure yourself. Keep faith in the Lord and just as the old saying says ” roll with the flow “.

    Passionate, you are going to make some lucky man a wonderful loving wife one day. And that day will come. Like LH said, we all tend to chase that “perfect ” orgasm. But you know what, any and every orgasm we have is perfect. We were all created by God as we’re orgasms. Remember, they are gifts that are meant to be enjoyed and of course shared with that one person that we call our spouse.

    Stay the course my dear and continue to love yourself for once you reach your destination of love. It will be a true blessing for you and whoever that lucky man may be.

    I hope this makes sense and helps a little. I tend to ramble on at times. God bless you my sweet friend and please continue to stay horny!

    xoxo! GG

  21. PassionateForChrist
    PassionateForChrist says:

    Dearest GG, Cameron and LH, thanks so much for having invested such love and time in responding to me! I so love talking to you all on here – I always leave more enlightened, refreshed in soul and feeling beyond blessed and loved! You all are unique blessings from above.

    Cameron, dear, you are always welcome to share your takes with me. What you share is always reassuring. Among this precious MH family of mine, I feel like being in such good company – I indeed feel to be at home here. Thank you for who you all are!

    LH, what you’ve spoken has been a special blessing to me. Thank you for all your words of love! Thank you especially for having helped to get my perspective slightly adjusted again! You are right… I didn’t say it but I realized as you spoke it that I did slip slightly into a little lingering worry. Grateful to God that He gives us unto each other in Christ, to walk with one another and sharpen one another, and to clear that perspective when needed! 🙂 Sometimes my zeal makes me get ahead of myself, haha. I lost a little out of sight that there are many amazingly beautiful things that I’m not supposed to figure all out during the preparation for marriage, for I will have the joy and honor to discover these together with my hubby once married. And it is good to be that way ’cause this will stitch us together all the more closely. It will be part of the growing together. I love the additional depth you’ve added while putting it all in perspective and I’ll certainly embrace all of this.

    Dearest GG, what you’ve shared helps a lot! It always does. I knew you’d have golden nuggets of experiential wisdom to share with me on this, and you did. I will take them all to heart and hold them dear. Your words, your love so bless me! Thank you!! No doubt about it, once God allows me to be found by my precious future hubby, I will be like the most blessed woman in the whole wide world. That’s certainly how it will feel to me. He will totally be my knight in shining armor 🙂

    Dearest GG, I consider you to be a dear friend of mine by now too… I pray that the moderation panel will graciously allow me to post/speak what I’ll speak now because I love and respect you all very much and you have grown very dear to my heart in Christ… When the day of my wedding will come, I’d love for you, Alicia and Cameron (with your hubbys, of course) to be a part of my wedding. It’s nowhere near yet and I know it’s not completely MH protocol but if you wouldn’t mind, I would love to share this significant day in history with those, whom God has blessed me through on this journey of faith, and He has blessed me very much through you all. I’d love for you to be my guests then – I envision my wedding to be a sweet, godly, little ceremony and celebration in TX, so you won’t need to travel too far or to bring gifts, just bring your pretty godly selves and your lovely hearts. I know when I’ll live to see that day it’s gonna be a godly blast. You won’t need to reply on this, unless you wish to, of course… I just wished to express how much you mean to me and to let you know you’re welcome to be my guests then. (Thank you so very much in advance, dear moderation panel, for being so kind to grant me, by way of exception this one time, to speak my heart a little more personally! God bless you for all you do!)

    GG, no worries about rambling on – I too tend to be fairly extensive in speech 🙂 I appreciate every single bit of what you have spoken!

    I’m totally excited and encouraged by what you all have shared here with me!! THANK YOU!!! God bless you all abundantly and keep you all always!!! Much love and blessings!

    • hornyGG
      hornyGG says:

      Passionate, you brought tears to my eyes. You are so sweet , thank you so much! I got to get off here before I get too emotional. God bless you my dear, my friend.

      Loves, GG

  22. PassionateForChrist
    PassionateForChrist says:

    Dear GG, can I ask you anew for your precious advice/recommendation? (Any other sweet MH member’s advice is of course welcome too) I’ve submitted it on this post as it is a bit of a follow-up questions concerning toys…

    A few days ago I’ve read a post by Marriage Heat from 2012 entitled “All of Him” (someone commented on it, so it caught my eye). The wife in the post wished to surprise her husband for his birthday with an all-the-way BJ (including deep-throating, him cumming in her mouth, her swallowing the cum and all). The wife told how she could never really go all the way because she didn’t really like the salty taste and had a pretty intense gag reflex. She set out to practice to overcome it – she bought herself a book about BJs and got herself a dildo to practice on over the next couple of weeks. It worked.

    Following my own conviction and the lovely advice you all have supported me with, I’ve decided not to venture into toys, as far as my lovely place is concerned, until I’m married – my future hubby being the first to make my garden his own, me being divinely joined unto the pace and feeling he would give me, thoroughly becoming one with him first, before adding to the playful fun later on through toys together. But I do want to do everything I can do to become the best future wife I can be for my future hubby and I must say that the BJ is something I would definitely consider practicing… There isn’t a husband, so it appears to me, who wouldn’t wish to receive a BJ from his wife (please correct me if I’m wrong on this)… and I want to be able to give that special kind of pleasure to my future hubby and I do believe that a little prior practical knowledge/theoretical experience about how that would remotely work and feel like for me would surely help… To that effect, I would consider getting a toy before marriage – in this case it would prepare me (not spoil me), it would help me become the best that I can be for my hubby as far as gifting him with a BJ is concerned.

    Now, no worries, I’m not gonna go like right out the next day and buy me a toy and work at it… I believe that’s still a little too early in this season for me but I’ve learned to ask the questions, that I have, right away, so I can receive the help or counsel I need/seek from those who are further along in their godly walk/experience than I am 🙂 So… Dear GG, dear all, would you have any recommendation on what kind of dildo would be best to use for such a purpose – practicing for gifting a BJ – keeping in mind that I’m a complete newbie? I have no clue at all about toys. Is there something I must take into account while picking one out, while practicing or about anything else? Hoping this not to be too personal for you all… Is there any experiential wisdom you could share with a newbie, an unwritten soul like mine, who just begins to sprout in all those matters under God’s loving touch and merciful guidance?

    To my dear fellow MH ladies, did you practice to be at least remotely/somewhat prepared for giving your husband a BJ before you gifted him with a BJ for the first time or did you just jump into the water, so to speak? To be completely honest, -and you all will probably laugh about this-, a couple of weeks ago, I’ve wondered whether I’d have a gag reflex interfere in a BJ-kind of situation… I’m not too gag reflex prone in general, but then again I haven’t stuck something up into the back of my mouth before either… well,I thought, that’s something I can test and find out. So, I took a banana and slowly pushed it in slowly, deeper into my mouth. I was ok with how that worked out and happily munched up my banana afterwards – but it is clear to me that a banana can’t accurately represent my future hubby’s manhood…

    Anyways, hoping that my questions are not too goofy overall, I’d very much appreciate receiving your advices, recommendations and words of wisdom on this one. Thank you!! Love and blessings! 🙂

    • hornyGG
      hornyGG says:

      Passionate for Christ,

      Mmmmm, sucking cock is one of my favorite subjects! Lol.

      Seriously though, sorry I have missed this. My sweet friend, I don’t know what I can add that Lovinghusband and Cameron haven’t said already.

      I never really practiced giving a blow job. I just went for it and learned as I went along. With Ben’s guidance, I have gotten pretty good at it if I should say so myself.

      There are a variety of items you can use to practice on if you wish. A banana or like Cameron a carrot would work. However, if you are really interested in a toy, there are a variety of different toys in various sizes. Some are really realistic looking, complete with “balls ” and veins.

      Personally, I wouldn’t get one no larger than 7 inches. Whatever, be sure to boil and clean very well. Some flavored lube should make it a pleasant experience instead of sucking on a pure silicone dick.

      I have always had a bit of a gag reflex problem, especially early in our marriage. Over time it has gotten better. Don’t worry if you can’t take your future husband all the way down, believe me he will enjoy it regardless. Take what you can and let your hand do the rest.

      Like I said before sweetie, nothing you can ask is silly or stupid. I am honored to help you if I can. I am not a expert and do not claim to be, but always willing to put my two cents in. Lol.

      You make me feel special on here my dear friend. Thank you! I hope this helps.

      God bless you sweetheart and stay wonderfully horny as you continue along in your journey.

      Loves, GG

  23. Lovinghusband
    Lovinghusband says:


    When my wife started giving me BJ’s – she got a sore jaw. I am 7 inches and she tried to go down all the way on me and the important early breakthrough was her finding some comfortable positions to support her head while mine was in her’s 🙂

    She became aware of what she needed to do with her teeth – with my feedback. This gave her confidence that she was doing it right – I love to tell her how good it feels – besides moaning my pleasure!

    When you get your husband really hard and excited – it will be like his cock becomes unhurt able – not literally of course! 🙂 a horny and hard cock can take a pounding – so don’t be afraid.

    Perhaps some ladies can tell you of exercises you can do in order to build up jaw flexibility and strength. It took my wife a while but she has no problem with staying long on my cock and it is wonderful for both of us.

    My last point is that I sense my wife’s love and joy as she sucks my dick – her tenderness and aggressiveness speak loud and clear. She treats me like sucking cock is a “destination” not just a foreplay stopover.

    In my opinion- I’m a blessed man. Yet, my wife has convinced me that she feels like the blessed one – in that she gets off on playing with “her friend”. This makes a huge difference. She lets me know that giving me a blowjob is not “doing me a favor” – it’s her joy and horny desire too! This is love! And it is still red hot after almost 30 years! I recently told her she just continues to get better and better!

    I hope this encourages you! Your man will grow with you in this – yet he will be blessed by whatever thoughtful and loving preparations you were able to make. God bless you! LH

    • PassionateForChrist
      PassionateForChrist says:

      Dearest LH, I so love it when you weigh in. There are always gems to be found in what you share, and these words of yours are indeed not only encouraging me but also enlightening me.

      Rest assured, when God will have given the love of my life unto my loving care in marriage, I will without the shadow of a doubt be passionate about every bit of him in his entire being – I not only bear the passionate in my name on here; I bear pure passion all over my heart and it will entirely be gushing out for my husband. 🙂 I can tell you with confidence already now that I myself will purely delight in sharing all kinds of special intimacy with my future hubby because I will just simply love him more than words could ever say. Yes, I will for sure revel in this wonderfully amazing gift God will have blessed me with in my future hubby – every bit of his precious body, his beautiful soul, his godly spirit. The love you have described is exactly the love I envision to be present and alive between me and my own future hubby.

      I’m hoping that my future hubby will lovingly reassure me all along the way ’cause this is definitely something I deeply appreciate, something that tremendously helps me whenever I’m traveling on new ground and haven’t reached a great level of confidence yet in an area… Words of affirmation and encouragement are my top love language, so these will go a long way to help me excel and relax. Knowing myself, I do believe a little preparation would be beneficial to keep fear and its relatives at bay… if I prepare what I can prepare – getting a foundation of basic knowledge and maybe some theoretical practice – then that would help me develop a good baseline of assurance and confidence within me in this area, which would safeguard me from feeling overly insecure, enabling me then to discover together with my precious hubby any and all new ground in a thoroughly unhindered, untroubled, joyfully excited, free and lovingly playful way. 🙂

      Thank you very much LH for investing time and care in me on here! Your counsel is so much appreciated and always helpful. God bless you and your precious wife too!

  24. cameron
    cameron says:

    Passionate, I practiced on a carrot lol. That was really the only practice I had before I gave Jake a BJ. I would say don’t worry to to much about being good for you first time. Him just seeing you naked or not will be enough to make it the best feeling he has ever had + the fact the he is getting a BJ lol. So I would have to say I just jumped in and Jake loved it. I have learned over time with his help how to give him the best. So if you are feeling like you need to know how before hand, trust me you don’t. I would have to say that a little practice would be good for the gag part, but a toy will never be as good practice as the real thing.

    Take care my friend and hope some one can help more lol.

    • PassionateForChrist
      PassionateForChrist says:

      Cameron, I’m thankful for everyone, who cares to give me their lovely take on the Qs I have! You’re all a wonderful system of support to me and each one of you, in your unique way, is very much helpful indeed and special to me! How could I ever grow and learn unless I’m unashamedly bold to ask what’s on my heart and unless you’re so kind and caring to lovingly impart from your knowledge, wisdom, experience and understanding? If it was not for the boldness God graciously grants me to operate in right now and if it was not for the kindness and gentleness of you all, who sweetly invest your time, heart and God-honoring knowledge in someone as unwritten/unexperienced as me, I couldn’t grow and flourish in all of this the way He enables me to do right now. I deeply appreciate the help and the love I receive within this precious community of believers, which is so dear to me! Through you all, through MH, God is continuing His work in me, helping me to bloom further, grow further, learn further – not just in the matters at hand I ask about (like the BJ…) but just as much in the deeper spiritual matters like trusting Him, being confident in Him, stepping out in faith with Him. For me, everything has a deeper level in and with God and through it all He is preparing me for His good plans, which are to come. This MH family makes a tangible difference in my life and I so cherish it and can’t thank you all enough for it!

      You are certainly right that a toy can never take the place of the real treat. But, through Lovinghusband’s sweet and awesome reply, I’ve just really realized for like the first time… how can I best say this… how amazingly huge that precious treat is! So, though a toy can’t come close to my future hubby’s manhood in authentic feeling and though the unique dynamic in this act of love between my hubby and I can only be discovered together with each other (which is mighty good! 🙂 ), I’m almost convinced that some practice would definitely help me with getting over the initial embarrassement I could certainly feel when coming face to face with what I’ve never seen in person before and it would definitely help with getting my mouth, jaw and throat a bit used to being filled… I imagine that to make it easier for me… By me taking care of what could hinder/inhibit me ahead of time, I’d be less prone to standing in my own way later, thereby greatly enhancing the potential for rich, free and blessed enjoyment for the both of us. And that’s what my future hubby and I would be after: enjoying a divinely playful time together, freely discovering each other and richly feasting on/reveling in our love for each other. Marriage bliss!! 🙂

  25. PassionateForChrist
    PassionateForChrist says:

    Dear GG, thank you so much! I love receiving your two cents on all that concerns the practical/experiential side of God’s blessed gift of marital sexuality/intimacy. What you share is always well-balanced and graciously open and from the heart. I value that so much! You are a friend to me and I hope it’s ok if I tell you that I do see you as a motherly shepherd to me in this blessed field of sexuality that God has given us all for His glory. In my life, I have no one to turn to and nowhere to go ask all these nitty-gritty questions to, which pop up in my heart as it blossoms under God’s leadership… so, I’m more than thankful for MH being a safe Christian place, which offers, besides bringing the Heat, the space to weigh in, learn of and be sharpened by one another, and I’m more than thankful for you, GG, who heartily shares sweet motherly advice with me on here! You sort of have an MH kid in me, so to speak. 🙂 I hope you see that as a blessing… it surely is one to me 😀 God’s gift of sexuality is one I don’t want to fool around with, so I am very grateful for your heart and I cherish the guidance I receive from you (as well as from the other dear MH friends I’m blessed to have like Lovinghusband)!

    So I do see… basically, good, diligent, be-well-prepared-so-you-won’t-get-scared, little old me is peeking through here… haha! That’s fine with me ’cause good preparation mostly serves me well. 🙂

    I for sure won’t go beyond 7 inches… Lovinghusband was so kind to share that detail with me and to be completely honest… being from overseas, I had no concept at all of what 7 inches looks like… so, with the help of a ruler, that night I looked up what 7 inches means and… Wow!!! I mean, I was amazed!! I pictured 5 inches on the ruler too, and to me that is just as amazingly huge. I thought, Good God, how in the world is such a precious, huge treasure supposed to fit in me (mouth or down-under). I thought, when I’ll be engaged, heading up to marriage, I’ll probably slowly need to prepare stretching a bit my lovely place… When I was bold, for the first time, to discover my inner private part, I could only get one finger in there. I rejoice about being able to fit two in there by now. Making progress 🙂

    Speaking of what Lovinghusband shared… Do you know what he means with “what she needed to do with her teeth”? I’ve been wondering about how I could get the teeth out of the way – ’cause that’s what I thought is necessary when giving a BJ – but it sounds to me like somehow they might get involved?

    As I said a little earlier, I don’t want to fool around in this close-to-God’s-very-own-heart field of sexuality… If I would look up on some toys… Would it be ok with you (&MH of course) if I ask you sometime then whether a certain toy I may pick out to buy is ok for me to get? Or would that be inappropriate?

    God bless you, my friend! God bless MH, and dear Blondie and Josh, and all the volunteers in the background, who make it special and keep it godly! Much love to you!

    • Lovinghusband
      Lovinghusband says:

      Hi Passionate,

      Just a quick reply about what I meant about teeth…

      It is not that the teeth never come into contact at all – but you will quickly learn the skill as to how to suck, and use your tongue, and bob up and down on the his head – without grating on your husband’s cock with your teeth. I suppose some women could have longer teeth than others, etc. My encouragement to you is to not worry about this at all! You will learn this very quickly with your husband.

      I suppose you could practice on a toy cock or something else. But, when the time comes, and his cock is in your mouth – you will have a presence of mind about the precious “cargo” inside your mouth – that will motivate you to not hurt him. You will be just fine!

      I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that there have been times when my wife has started off with me in her mouth as she is just waking up or really sleepy. It is when she is real sleepy or groggy – at those moments I must admit that I want to make sure she is alert when my cock is in her mouth. I’m very aware to not wanting her to be surprised by her dozing or her making some kind of surprise movement that ends with her closing her teeth on me. It has NEVER happened – but it has been in my mind quite a few times. In the main, when I’m really in the moment of enjoying a BJ from my precious wife (which is always) – I am so hard, and my cock seems so indestructible that a little teeth contact is not a big deal. If she seems for some reason to be a little rougher than normal – I will tell her so. I usually just have to say “teeth” and she immediately adjusts.

      My wife feasts on my cock and does it with a hunger that is so satisfying. Passionate, this is the biggest advice I could give to you: When your future husband senses that you desire his cock in your mouth – and that you enjoy everything about being down there – it is then that you will sense his joy in this aspect of sex. There are nights when I tell my wife, “wow, you were really extra horny in sucking my dick tonight”! Other nights are great, but not always as intense. This is okay! My biggest joy is knowing she wants every part of me. We are growing in this aspect over time. We have not arrived to some perfection!!

      So, whatever practice is in your mind – know that your future man will find the greatest joy in blowjobs when you communicate that you are hungry for his cock in your mouth! All the rest is gravy!

      God bless you friend! LH

    • PassionateForChrist
      PassionateForChrist says:

      Dear LH, big hearty thanks for having taken the time to clarify that for me! I so deeply appreciate all that you share from your personal experience with me on here because it is indeed greatly reassuring and helpful to me – being able to see such things, by your kindness in sharing, from a husband’s perspective is a total blessing!

      Thank you all for taking such great care of me on here!! How could I ever thank you enough for your love and support?! May God bless you!!!

  26. Michael & Lisa
    Michael & Lisa says:

    Passionate, I juat wanted to add that 7 ” is an unreal length. Looking up some things for you, the average length of an erection is approx. 5″. To 6 1/2″. Now that’s average! Most men think their penis is smaller then they think it should be. Part of that is the penis returns to a slightly smaller size when it’s not erect and the other part is the human mind.
    Like Cameron, I’ve practised on a carrot and bananas. And like GG giving head Aka blow jobs aka sucking I enjoy It with my husband, Michael.

    Lisa xo

    • hornyGG
      hornyGG says:

      Great points Lisa! Thus the reason I stated no larger than 7 inches. I didn’t mean for it to sound like it needed to be 7 inches. I apologize to Passionate if that is the way it came across. Thank you Lisa. God bless girl and we’ll you know.

    • PassionateForChrist
      PassionateForChrist says:

      Dearest GG, no need to apologize for you at all. I perfectly understood what you said and meant. <3

      If anything I need to apologize to you because the way my words came across just caused you a little unrest. Please know that whenever you connect with me, about whatever it may be, you never ever have to feel in any way worried or feel like you've done something wrong. Dearest friend, you can do no harm at all. We're God's girls. He is lovingly watching over us always. He wouldn't have me here if He didn't know that I could and would handle this precious forum and the subjects at hand maturely and responsibly, according to His perfect will. I know I am here by divine appointment – that He caused me to find MH was no coincidence – I got no doubt that it is somehow an essential ingredient in my journey with God – and He has brought me together with all of you lovely, godly believing MH hearts, who are very dear to me by now, to have fruitful exchanges on here to His praise and Glory. Dear friend, don't you worry one bit. There is no way I could ever misunderstand you. If I should ever not understand something clearly, you can be sure, I would ask you anew. Please know, you can do no wrong at all. It's all good. I love you much! God bless you in a personally special way! <3

    • PassionateForChrist
      PassionateForChrist says:

      Dear Lisa, thank you so much for having looked all that up for me! That’s so very kind!

      Just in order to guard against misunderstandings, I want to make sure you all know that I feel completely encouraged and fully positive about all of this. Dear GG, Lisa and Lovinghusband, you all are a big blessing to me! I’m a shorty, so whether it’s 4″ or 7″, that’s the same to me – it’s a huge treat 😉 And that’s ok and great! No worries, I’m not gonna be scared about it or so… I know I can trust God, and the one He will have made me for will be the perfect fit for me, for He, who intricately crafted me, also crafted him fearfully and wonderfully. I’m joyfully looking forward to heading into the BJ adventure together with my future husband, in close fellowship, in our beautiful marriage relationship. We will both be blessed by it! 😀

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