Birthday in D.C.

It was my wife’s 40th birthday, and I thought that I would surprise her by arranging a weekend away in Washington, D.C. It was to be a cold January weekend, but we needed the time away together. I made arrangements for the kids and had reserved two nights at a quiet B&B in the DuPont Circle area of the city. Upon arrival, we discovered that the room had a glorious modern, open shower, and a very elegant, warm atmosphere. We spent the afternoon walking around snowbound D.C., enjoying the sparsely attended Smithsonian Museum attractions. We had dinner plans but needed to go back to the hotel to change.

Upon arrival, we discovered that the B&B had complimentary cocktails and wine served in the common areas, and we each had a glass before retiring to the room. Once inside, my wife slipped into the bathroom and emerged wearing only the robe supplied by the hosts. She was feeling frisky from her glass of sherry, and I was instantly hard just knowing the beauty that was concealed by the robe. She asked me to come over to the king sized bed where she had seated herself and unbuckled my pants, urging me out of my clothes. Within moments, I had tasted her sweet lips and began to make my way down her body, which now was fully reclined on the bed on top of her now-open robe. I gently nibbled on her hardening nipples as they grew erect in the warm air flowing from the old fashioned radiators in the room.

Since this was ten years ago, when I moved down to her perfect pussy I encountered her musky, untrimmed bush, which is now fully shaven. At that time, however, I relished and savored every fold, every scent, and every curve of her love nest as I began to lick and suck and probe her pussy and lips. Under my attention, her pussy began to swell and engorge, and I could feel her grinding, surging and pressing against my building stimulation. She reached down with both hands and spread her lips wide open, urging me to give full attention to the underside of her now enormously swollen clitoris. I flicked my tongue over her hard, erect ridges along and around her clit, and I could feel her tremble with each flicker and stroke of my tongue, which I varied between being hard and soft.

While I continued to eat, lick and savor her pussy, I reached up and took her perfect small breasts into my hands. I ran my hands along the side and underside contours of these beautiful features, and then rubbed and flicked her pert, perfect nipples. Her breasts and pussy were now fully swollen, and she was continuing to move and grind against my loving stimulation. At this point, she moved her hands from her lips and took the top of my head and pushed me even more firmly into her drenched pussy. I took one hand and slipped two fingers inside her, finding the ridge of her G-spot as I rubbed and pressed against it.

My cock, which had been unattended to at this point, was fully hard and erect from my visual stimulation at seeing my wife so open, so horny, and so engaged. She then suddenly urged me to come up to kiss her. The taste of the sherry and her pussy juices mingled between our tongues, and then I plunged my cock into her. She was close but wanted me deep inside her. I slid my rigid cock inside her glistening slit and began to stroke inside of her. She slid her right hand down to her clit as I rose to pound her more vigorously. As I pounded my cock in and out of her pussy, she began to rub her clit more and more quickly. Suddenly she tensed and moaned, and I could feel her pussy clench around my cock like a vise. Within moments, I was put over the edge, and I exploded with bursts of my cum splashing inside her warmth. I could feel her juices and my cum as my weakening cock stirred a sex cocktail inside her still-quivering pussy.

I moved down to kiss her, both of us still breathing quickly and deeply from our orgasms, and I held her tight. Our lips joined, our tongues entwined again, and we enjoyed the afterglow as the snow continued to fall outside of our room.

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  1. Michael & Lisa
    Michael & Lisa says:

    Ohhhhhh my! Great story. I agree with Alicia. This has reminded me of a time we checked into a B& B.
    Just 2 1/2 hours till Michael gets home. Maybe I’ll great him with just a robe on.
    Soooooo wet and ready. Ohhh I have to find that cowboy 😉 hat for this cowgirl.

    Lisa xo

    • cameron
      cameron says:

      Oh Lisa you naughty girl lol. I have ridden Jake may times wearing a cowboy hat. Cant wait for him to get off work either.

  2. hornyGG
    hornyGG says:

    Mmmmm, great story Happy Hubby! Made my pussy wet. Ben needs to come home and fuck me! Thank you so much for posting, God bless and as always stay horny my friend.

    • Happy Husband
      Happy Husband says:

      I thought you might be a fan, horny GG. I hope Ben comes home today and does to you what I am going to do to my wife tonight. She has already texted me this morning that she wants some licking and a big orgasm tonight. On Sunday we had a great love session that ended with me shooting my cum all over her flat belly and her pert tits. She is starting to love getting bathed in my love juices, which is a breakthrough for her.

    • Lovinghusband
      Lovinghusband says:

      Happy Husband

      Your comment fits with the last two early mornings with my wife – she is on her period (which doesn’t necessarily stop us from fucking) and she’s awoken me by putting her tits in my face. I’ve sucked and tongue teased them while putting two fingers in her cunt and one up her ass. She’s cum so hard! On both mornings I’ve then titty fucked her – ending both times by exploding all over her tits with a huge amount of hot cum! We’ve done this many times – but I don’t know if it has ever been quite as hot as the last two days! We’ve had to jump into our day quickly today so it couldn’t happen 3 mornings in a row! I have a feeling that we will both be horny again tonight.

      Anyway, I’m glad your wife is enjoying your giving her a cum bath! May this increased vulnerability point to a deeper level of intimacy between you two! God bless you and your family! LH

    • Jake+Cameron
      Jake+Cameron says:

      LOL Lovinghusband periods never have stopped Cameron and I. If any thing we go at it harder and she has many more orgasms then when not on a period 😉

    • Lovinghusband
      Lovinghusband says:

      Jake, I have a curious question: Do you go harder at it when Cameron is on her period for a specific reason – or does it just seem to be that way? I’m glad nothing stops you two!!

    • Jake+Cameron
      Jake+Cameron says:

      Well I am not sure we go hard at it all the time. We have a lot more shower sex when she is on her period since it is less messy. We just go at it harder in the shower for some reason.

  3. Drew&Holly
    Drew&Holly says:

    First of all, Happy Husband, HOT story! There is just something about being alone together in a hotel room, isn’t there? Loved this.

    Secondly, Lovinghusband, I really enjoyed the experience you related in your comment.

    Both the story and the comments have me ready to jump my hot hubby’s bones tonight. It’s going to be torture getting through dinner tonight…

    God bless!

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