Lovin My Honey

Lovin My Honey

My Sweetie and I have been married for longer than most and are probably older than most on this site, so hopefully from our story you can realize that the beauty and joy of physical intimacy can continue long after 4 decades of marriage. Anyway, one of my/our favorite ways for me to show my love for my Honey is with a good backrub. We like to use warm, scented coconut oil.

This fun time together typically starts out in our over-sized tub, with a little play, but then on to the main course, the topic of this post.

After getting out of the tub and drying off, I like my Honey to lie down on the bed with her head at the foot of the bed. I know it sounds a bit weird, but it makes it easier for me to really give her a good rubdown on her back, all the way past her bottom, and sometimes it makes me accessible for her to give me a little lick or suck while I am rubbing on her.

I love to pour the warm oil on her shoulders and back and then rub it into her skin. She likes both the feel and the aroma, but best of all it relaxes her back, neck and shoulders. I love to hear her sighs of pleasure as I massage her body. After taking my time with her back and neck, I proceed down to her legs, making sure that they are well-oiled as well, especially her dry feet. I really enjoy spreading her legs to make sure I get in between her thighs massaging and getting turned on as I do.

After a while, My Sweetie, will say that she is ready to turn over so I can take care of her front. I am always happy to oblige. I start at her neck and shoulders with the warm sweet smelling oil. I then proceed down to her breasts, which are not as perky and sensitive as when we were younger, but I don’t care. I still love to pleasure her body and take pleasure of my own from her. I continue with my sensual massage down her body, making sure that I take care of the front of her legs, feet and toes as well, making sure that they are well-oiled and massaged.

About this time, she is parting her legs so that, I can have access to her joyful parts. I start slowly first around her outer nether lips, again massaging with the sweet smelling oil. In time, I will spread those lips so that her now throbbing clitoris is in full view. I make sure to take my time before addressing her pleasure button, massaging all around it and down to the mouth of her pleasure pit.

About this time, I am quite turned on myself and so my tongue is ready to play. She also likes it when I don’t shave before-hand. Something about the extra sensations when my tongue starts its slow dance around and on her pleasure spot. Again, I take my time with slow and easy strokes on and around her happy button. No point in hurrying is there, when my Honey is giving me moans of pleasure? This goes on for a while, the pleasure building, and building with the tongue strokes that get ever stronger and more insistent. About this time, I am also sucking as well as licking her clit, pulling even more moans of pleasure from her lips. Sometimes in her desire to give pleasure to me, we will get into a 69 position.

Sometimes I will combine the use of our Lelo bullet toy with my lips and tongue to ensure that she has a truly memorable climax. This usually comes with screams of pleasure and quickly scrambling to get on her knees so that I can enter her from behind. Now it is my turn to pound into her, feeling wave after wave of warm pleasure for my joy stick. Sometimes she will even come again internally as I reach my climax. When that time comes, we both end up lying flat on the bed for a time until one or the other needs to move.

We have been making love for over 40 years and while we don’t do it as often as we did when younger, we still enjoy it a lot. The Lord has blessed us mightily.

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5 replies
  1. marriedman says:

    It's all about quality, not quantity when you've had a few birthdays. I do love sitting on the couch with my Sweetie. She faces me then lowers herself over my heated knob as she takes me inside. We just sit stuck together, talking and teasing each other. Good times.

  2. happygold says:

    Great summary of what us oldies do. We are heading for gold and emulate most of lovinghusband45 details. Sure it is not as athletic as it used to be but we are in the Masters Category and it sex doesn't get any better than one taking time and attention to detail to really what matters most-total love for each other.

  3. Goodwife2007 says:

    This is great! We are not very advanced in years yet, but we plan on still being together when we are! I have wondered from time to time what will still be the same and what will be different about our sex lives when we are older. This story and it's comments give a nice idea of what it could be like!

  4. ServantLeader says:

    Great story LH45. Favorite parts for me were "her breasts are not as perky and sensitive as when we were younger, but I don’t care" and, "No point in hurrying" and
    "We don’t do it as often as we did when younger, we still enjoy it a lot." Your story was a great encouragement for me. Write some more.

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