The Sex Game

It was the perfect Saturday. In the morning, my wife and I had gone for a long bike ride together. We stopped a couple of times to enjoy the view across the valley where we live. Looking across the valley at the high granite peaks in the distance is always a breathtaking experience but adding my wife in her biking outfit to the view, took it a whole new level of amazing. During our ride, we took turns leading, and when she led I caught myself watching her perfect behind instead of the road.

When we got back to our house, we sat on the back porch and talked while cooling down and rehydrating. Seated in the sun talking with the woman I love is such an amazing thing. It’s these moments when I fall in the deepest love with her.

After about an hour of sitting in the sun and talking, we went inside to clean up. My wife had decided to take a bath followed by a shower, so I told her to go first while I got lunch started. I kissed her and told her to enjoy her bath, I couldn’t help but pause at the door to look back as she began taking off her clothes. Soft light shown through the blinds and perfectly highlighted her curves. She looked beautiful. As she turned to look my way, I whistled at her.

“I’m glad you like what you see,” she said smiling.

“I don’t like what I see; I love what I see,” I responded.

She entered into the bathroom, and I went out to the kitchen to get lunch put together. A few seconds later, I heard the water running into the bathtub. Just about the time I had everything ready, I heard the shower start up. I quickly took off my clothes and entered the bathroom to surprise her. When I opened the shower curtain, she stood there smiling.

“I wondered if you would join me,” she said.

“I couldn’t resist,” I said while I took her in my arms.

She wrapped her arms around my neck, and the water ran over our bodies as we kissed. She stepped back and picked up the body wash and offered it to me, asking me to help her get clean. She turned her back toward me as I poured some into my hand. I rubbed the soap on her back and worked my way down to her butt and thighs. Next, I stepped closer to her and let my hands glide around her waist and up to her breasts.

By this time, I was hard as rock and was loving the feeling of my hands sliding over her breasts as well as my cock being pressed against her perfect butt. I started kissing her neck and cheek as I ran my soapy hands over her body. She turned her head, and her lips met mine in a hot kiss.

She broke the kiss and informed me that it was her turn now. She put some body wash in her hand and began rubbing it across my chest.

“Have I ever told you that you have a sexy chest?” she asked huskily.

Before I could come up with a response, she pressed against me and kissed me. As we kissed, her hands slid down my body and grasped my rod firmly with both hands. After a moment, she ran her hands around my waist and then pressed tightly against me, trapping my cock between us.

With our arms around each other, she slowly squirmed back and forth. The sliding and slipping of our bodies together was very arousing. Her breasts glided across my lower chest, while my cock rubbed across her stomach. After a moment we stepped back into the stream of water and let the soap run off our bodies. Our hands moved over each other’s bodies to clear away the soap and keep the sexual tension high.

Shortly after we were both rinsed off, she turned and shut off the water. “I’m starving” she announced, “I hope you have lunch ready.”

By this time, I was so turned on that I thought I would burst. “Maybe we should have dessert first?” I suggested.

“Let’s wait,” she said coyly while giving a single light stroke to my aching member, “Waiting will make it even better.”

Throughout lunch and the rest of the afternoon the heat was kept alive with kisses, touches, close embraces and knowing smiles. When it came time to make dinner, I got some fruit out of the fridge and set it on the kitchen table. I sat down and she quickly came over and sat on my lap. We took turns feeding each other grapes and strawberries.

Finally, my wife stood up and took me by the hand and asked, “How about that dessert now?”

“Mmmmm, I’ve been looking forward to it all day,” I answered as she placed my hand on her waist and started leading me to the bedroom.

By the time we had walked the few feet from the kitchen to the bedroom I was rock hard and ready to go. That’s when the next surprise came.

She turned and kissed me and purred, “I thought we could play our game tonight.”

We had come up with this game to add some variety and spice to our love life. To play it right took at least an hour. The game is a kind of board game, we each have a token that we moved along a path on a piece of paper. Some spaces are assigned actions that we do together, others are assigned to body parts. On each body part square, we roll a dice to determine what should be done to that body part. We use a timer set to 5 minutes for each square.

My wife went first as the receiver, and her first square was assigned to her lips. I rolled the dice and got “touch/caress” as the action. We laid on the bed, and I began to lightly run my finger along her lips, occasionally leaning in to kiss her. She took my fingers into her mouth and sucked on them, then let me return to lightly gliding my finger along her lips as we gazed into each others eyes. I slid my hand onto her cheek and gently held her face as I kissed her until the timer went off.

Next, it was my turn; my first square was also assigned to the lips. My wife rolled the dice and got “kiss”. We lay side by side and kissed heavily until the timer went off.

The next square called for us to undress each other. I started by kissing her on the lips; then I let my kisses trail down and around her neck as I stepped behind her. I squatted down and lifted her shirt, kissing the small of her back. As I lifted her shirt, I kissed up her spine as the skin was bared. Then I lifted her shirt over her head and let it fall to the ground. I unclipped her bra and stepped around her again, kissing her collarbones as I slid her bra straps off her shoulders. Then I kissed down to her breasts as I removed her bra. I knelt down kissing down her stomach. I looked up at her and smiled as I unfastened her pants, then kissed down to her pussy lips as I pulled her pants down over her hips and let them fall to the floor. The musky smell of her arousal made my already achingly hard member feel like it was going to rip through my pants. I kissed up her body and between her breasts till I reached her lips.

“You’re turn,” I said smiling.

She grabbed my shirt and pulled it up as she kissed me. Once my shirt was off, she leaned over and kissed my chest while unfastening my belt. She unbuckled and unzipped my jeans and before pulling them down reached down the front of my underwear and grabbed my cock. I groaned in pleasure as she used her other hand to pull everything down and let my pants and underwear fall to the floor. I could feel her hand sliding a little on my cock from the copious amounts of precum flowing from my engorged member. After releasing it, she put her arms around my neck and pulled me close as we kissed.

The next square called for us to dance together to the same song that we first danced to as man and wife. I stepped away and started the song on the MP3 player by our bed. We put our arms around each other and swayed to the music. We kissed each other lightly as we danced, and I let my hands glide along her back and butt while she ran one hand along my neck and shoulder and ran the fingers of her other hand through my hair.

After the song was over, we went to the next square on the playing board. The next body part was her chest. I rolled the dice and got “lick and suck”. She laid on her back on the bed, and I started kissing all over her chest. At first, I avoided her areoles and nipples, kissing every where else on her breasts. She began writhing on the bed, trying to get my mouth to her now erect nipples, but I was determined to make her wait a little longer for release. She grabbed my head and pushed me towards her nipple. As soon as I took it in my mouth and ran my tongue around it, she exhaled with a moan. I switched to the other side and gave her the same treatment. I kept switching between her breasts like this until the timer went off.

She rolled the dice, which gave her the instruction “rub/massage”. She laid me down, and while straddling me, started massaging my pecs and shoulders. As she rubbed me, her body moved back and forth. Often when she would rock back, I could feel my penis poke her behind. When she slid back to get access to my stomach, she lifted up slightly positioning my cock between her pussy lips. I looked down and could see a wet trail down my stomach from her arousal, and the head of my cock glistening with my precum mixed with her juices. The rest of my chest massage consisted mostly of her grinding her clitoris on my rod.

When the timer went off, we were both on the verge of climax, but we stopped and moved on to the next square. This square was for her pussy. I rolled the dice and got “vibrate”. She retrieved her favorite vibrator from her bed stand and handed it to me while laying on her back and spreading her legs. Her pussy lips were fully engorged and glistening. I knelt between her legs and turned on the vibrator running it along each labia before settling in on her clit. She arched her back and licked her lips as I slowly stroked the vibrator up and down along her clit. As the timer started to go off, her orgasm hit. Her mouth opened wide as she let out a moan of pleasure. Her whole body shuddered, and her back arched more. Once her orgasm subsided, I pulled the vibrator away and turned it off. I leaned over her and kissed her deeply.

Now it was my turn to receive. She rolled the dice and got “lick and suck”. My cock twitched in anticipation of what was to come. I laid back, and she kissed my lips then trailed kisses from my lips to my waiting member. First, she slowly licked from the base to the head of my shaft. Next, she took it in her hand and swirled her tongue around the head, licking the precum off before taking me fully into her mouth. After being in a nearly constant state of arousal through most of the day, I knew I wouldn’t last long with the treatment she was giving me at that point. She bobbed her head up and down on my shaft while sucking hard, stopping only to occasionally swirl her tongue around the ridge of the head. While doing this, she used one hand to alternate between massaging my balls and stroking my shaft. Soon, I couldn’t hold it anymore and with a groan came in her mouth. She hungrily gulped it down. She looked at me and smiled just as the timer went off, then rose to kiss me on the lips.

The next step in the game called for us to tell one thing that we like that the other does while making love. We held each other close and I told her that I love the way she looks when she cums. It’s always been my favorite part of making love to her, knowing that I helped her reach such a peak of pleasure. She told me that she enjoys it when I use my hands and mouth all over her body.

We started kissing each other as we embraced on the bed, and it didn’t take long for me to get hard again. She reminded me that we still had one more square to go for the game. This one called for us to draw a card from the box which had the name of a sex position written on it. She drew the card labeled “bedside”. She scooted to the edge of the bed while I stood beside it. I took one of her legs in each hand and spread her wide. Again the scent of her arousal hit my nostrils and I leaned over and gently licked her clit, eliciting a sigh. I leaned in, and letting her legs rest on my back, I sucked on her clit letting my tongue roll around it.

As I pleasured her orally, I put two fingers at her entrance, while she rocked her hips down pulling my fingers into her. I curled my fingers back and forth running them along the roof of her vagina, applying extra pressure to her g-spot. I watched her face and body as my tongue and lips stimulated her clit, and my fingers worked deep inside. Her mouth opened and her tongue touched her lips as her orgasm rocked her body.

“Mmmmmm, Baby, aahhhh,” she exclaimed.

Before she could fully come down from her climax, I stood and thrust my cock into her. She rested her feet on my shoulders as I pumped in and out of her. Our bodies slapped together with each thrust making her body rock back and forth. She reached down and urgently pulled on my thighs, guiding me deeper and deeper into her. I moved both of her legs to the side, rolling her to her side as I continued to rock in and out of her. She cross her outstretched legs causing her pussy to grip me even tighter. My own orgasm erupted, seeming to flow through my whole body in waves.

I pulled out of her and climbed on the bed to lay beside her. We wrapped our arms around each other and held each other as we caught our breath.

“I love you,” I whispered as I ran my fingers through her hair.

“I love you too,” she murmured and gave me a squeeze.

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