The Hotel part 1

We had three children at the time and due to some rather tough economic fortunes we were living with Karen’s parents sleeping in one of the bedrooms. There were five of us sharing one room. We had an old tattered blanket strung across the room that gave us some privacy but not much. It certainly wasn’t conductive to any sort of passionate lovemaking, or as Karen commented to me one frustrated night “Seems like ages since you’ve properly fucked me.” Now since neither one of us uses that kind of language I knew that she was very horny and wanted me in the best way.
I had just been told by my employer that I was due for a rather large bonus. So I made plans to stay in a hotel for the weekend. A chance to get away and as Karen said,” Properly fuck her!” We got into the car and headed up the road both of feeling very excited and couldn’t seem to keep our hands off of each other. It was a hot summer day and Karen was wearing a tank top, which showed off her beautifully tanned smooth skin and a short skirt with heels. After about twenty minutes of Karen teasing me and rubbing my swollen and hard shaft through my pants, I was ready to pull over and do her on the side of the road! It wouldn’t have been the first time either! Karen said she had a better idea and unzipped my pants. She slowly slid her hand in and fondled me, pulling me out and working my shaft up and down with those beautiful hands and red fingernails. I moaned and saw her lift a drop of pre-cum to her tongue and slowly, seductively suck her finger into her mouth. As those beautiful and pouty red lips engulfed her finger, she moaned a little bit and I could only hope I knew what I was in for.
Karen slid those beautiful lips over my swollen cock and began to move her lips up and down sending me to heaven. I was having a hard time, pun intended, keeping the car on the road. I was lost in ecstasy when I noticed a van next to us keeping time with our car. I looked over and saw a woman and guy looking down at what was going on in my lap, they were waving and giving me the thumbs up! I tried to avoid exposure by grabbing her hair with my right hand and pulled her lips off of my lap. Her mouth was open and her tongue was eagerly trying to get back to its job, there was a line of saliva from my tip to her mouth. She didn’t even notice the van next to our car I think she was blinded by lust! The people next to us gave another wave and thumbs up and then we were split by traffic. Karen had gone right back to work hungrily trying to give me as much pleasure as she could with that incredible mouth of hers. I had slid my hand up her thigh to find her legs open and her thong very wet. My fingers found her moistness and began to caress and tease her making her squirm and moan around my cock in her mouth. I was getting close to climax when unfortunately the road conditions forced us to stop.
As we made ourselves respectable again I looked over at her and she looked back at me with lust filled eyes and said “Just you wait until we get to the hotel, I’m going to make you glad you married me!” I shuddered with expectation and took her hand in mine and couldn’t believe that this beautiful creature was mine. Next . . . the hotel!

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  1. TexasLover says:

    Fully understand how being a parent can kill your love life with your wife. The good news is even in your fifties you can still have fantastic love making with your wife and the house is empty of kids.

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