Gardens of Delight

Gardens of Delight

     Eve knew that today was going to be different.  There was just something in the air telling her that today she was going to enjoy a special surprise.  After showering, wrapped in her towel, she was selecting the day’s attire.  While laying out her jewelry, she sensed something say, “Take off your towel.”  Eve paused and tried to dismiss the idea but the sensation persisted.  “Take off your towel.”

She thought, “Why not?” and let the towel slide from her body.  Standing totally nude in front of her mirror, she warmed to how truly beautiful a woman’s body is.  She viewed herself in various poses and then, unbelievably, she heard her body say, “I am your Garden of Delights.  Your own personal GoD, if you will.  I have pleasures designed for your enjoyment.  Please touch me.  Explore me.  Don’t be afraid. “  

Eve began to give herself long and gentle caresses.  Her fingers glided over her arms, shoulders and neck.  Down they slid over her stomach and hips.  Her hands found their way around the sweet curves of her buttocks and through the velvet of her pubic hair.  Gradually she began to glow in a passion she’d never known before.   Her stare fixed on her left breast and she heard it quiver, “Play with me.”   Eve gave it an easy squeeze, rolling it softly between her now moist palms and kindly kneaded its firmness.   In response her breast breathed, “Oh yes!  Don’t stop.  There’s more for you to enjoy!”

As Eve relished the moment and the feeling, she began to toy with her nipple.  It swelled its pleasure and Eve moaned hers.   Basking in the window’s sunlight, she felt it purr, “Suck me.”

Eve had never nursed from her own breast and the idea seemed somewhat mysterious.  But, she cupped it upward and lowered her lips to suckle.   The glowing passion increased its heat.  Eve’s breath grew heavier and she began to tingle with pleasure.   As she sucked, Eve began to give her other nipple some playful tickles.  It too swelled in joyful delight and cooed, “Suck me.”  Eve moved her moist lips to the other glistening nipple, wrapping it in tenderness and, with her hot tongue, suckled herself to even more pleasure.

Her body encouraged her to keep enjoy herself and pined, “Now, lie down.. The greatest pleasure is still waiting for you. Your garden has more delights!”   Eve obeyed.  Flexed fully and lithely, she could feel her hand being led to her vee.  The glowing passion and tingling became their own ecstasy as she swirled her fingers through the hair and caressed her pussy lips.  Her body, now almost commanding, said, “Come on in…. explore and enjoy!”    Eve’s fingers slid inside and massaged the creamy sanctum.   Gentle thrusting inside and delicate rubbing of her clit was bringing Eve to a sensation beyond her experience.

Her breathing heavier and nearly steaming in passion, Eve felt her body say, “Taste me.”   She licked her fingers and savored their delicious flavor.  Wanting more, she glided them back into her pussy.  Thrusting harder now and rubbing her clit faster, Eve was getting lost in the pure delight her garden was providing.  Suddenly, her body directed, “Look!  Someone is here who will give you even greater pleasure!”

Eve saw her husband, Adam, standing at the foot of her bed.   What a surprise!  He too was naked and his manhood was throbbing in anticipation.  Eve melted as she saw it.  Long…thick… and best of all…HARD“Adam”, she panted, “come and enjoy my GoD.”

“Your ‘GoD’?, he queried.

“My Garden of Delights.  Adam was mesmerized at Eve’s beautiful form.  It truly was a lovely garden waiting to be enjoyed.  He lay beside her and began to kiss her, wherever her body led him.  Eve’s breasts whispered to him as they had to her, “Please play with me and suck me.”   Eve was writhing in pleasure as her beloved Adam suckled and nursed.  His had slid down her curved, ivory abdomen and playfully toyed in her hair.  Her wet clit was a joy to fondle.   Eve’s pussy gave him the same summons:  “Come on in…”   Adam gently probed Eve’s crevice, feeling its creamy moistness and, like Eve, tasted its flavor.  Eve’s passion was nearly boiling as Adam obeyed her pussy’s request to be eaten.  Eve groaned and begged, “Oh yes, Adam, that’s it. Eat me. Eat my pussy!”

Adam slithered his tongue to explore and taste all that Eve’s garden provided.  His own passion was glowing as Eve responded in helpless moans of delight.  Then, he heard her body begging, “Fuck me!”   Adam positioned himself to enter Eve but she suddenly said, “Wait!  Your body is also a Garden of Delights and I want to enjoy it.  Please, lie down.”   Eve’s hot passion poured itself all over Adam.  She kissed him, caressed him and stroked him.  Relishing his muscled form in which she felt safe and protected, his cock was just too hard and sweet to resist.  She opened her hungry mouth and let it glide all the way in.  Adam groaned now and gasped, “Oh my God!  That’s it, Honey.  Suck me….eat me!”

Eve filled herself with Adam’s fruit and heard it throb, “I’m all yours.  I want you to fuck me.   Fuck me until you can’t stand anymore!”   Eve could hardly wait to have Adam inside her.  Still on his back, his rod was rock-hard and pulsing.  Eve poised herself and let it fill her as she slid down its length.  It was a euphoric sensation that only a woman knows.  Her legs and knees worked in rhythm, thrusting Adam’s bulging cock all the way into her burning pussy.  Pausing to catch her breath, Eve was nearly numb with pleasure.  Adam reached out and deftly pulled her down to lie on top of him, while staying inside of her.   “Don’t stop, Eve.  We each have more for the other to enjoy.” 

In perfect harmony they were happily and heartily fucking each other.  Adam marveled at how Eve’s pussy could swallow all of him.  Eve thrilled at how Adam’s cock reached her deepest delights.   In the raw, lustful excitement it wasn’t long before Adam panted, “Oh, keep fucking me, Eve ….I’m cumming.”  Eve echoed, “Keep fucking me, Adam….I’m cumming too!”

Only those who have made love with their one, true love can fully understand the beauty and majesty of such moments.  There is nothing to compare with it.  In their joy, nearly delirious with flaming passion and exotic pleasure, Adam and Eve had a fresh vision.  Ever greater and ever stronger they knew that their bodies were not just tools to use for each other but Gardens of Delight to share with each other.  Eve’s garden was Adam’s and his garden was hers.  This truth made their lovemaking even more deep and meaningful.  They were not just joined in body but were melded soul to soul and spirit to spirit.  Eve nearly cried in the realization that this wonderful man and his GoD would be shared only with her and according to her desire.  Adam was humbled by the knowledge that Eve’s GoD would be his and his alone.  In the final reality, they would be and remain not just two, but one.  This is the way it’s supposed to be.  Yes, today was a special day.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    I love this!…. "GoD"!! It puts HIS perspective and intentions on HIS gift to us! I will meditate on this some more and teach this to my children as well. Ty!

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