Weekend Lake house

My wife and I had come to a lake house for sale at the lake we frequent. After viewing the house twice with the owner, he offered it to us for a weekend to get a feel for the house. We took him up on his offer the following week.

We had talked for years about someday having a lake house, and this one boasted a fantastic view of the lake that seemed to push all of the right buttons for my wife. She had the day off work on Thursday, so she went up to the house to get things ready for us. Like chill some wine and make the bed. On the way she texted me that she was so excited about the weekend that she decided to go commando on her solo trip. When I received the text, it made me hornier to think of her traveling that way. I then texted her and suggested she take a topless selfie with the lake view in the background. I soon received two photos of what I asked along with a couple of her laying nude on the freshly made bed. This was so far out of her character that it made me excited for the weekend to come.

Friday after we got off work we threw a few things in a bag, hooked up the boat, and headed to the lake. We stopped along the way to get dinner to have on the deck and arrived at the house just before dark. We ate by candle light on the deck and moved into the great room for some wine and romance.

We were like newlyweds with long passionate kisses and caressing fingers. We quickly moved to the master bedroom where we undressed each other and slide between the sheets. I kissed my way down her torso and began to nuzzle her now wet pussy. She moaned loudly as I sucked her swollen click between my lips and flicked it rapidly with my tung.

She began to grind her pussy in my face and motioned for me to come around to the 69 position. She began to slowly run her tongue around the head of my penis, but soon was sucking the full length into her hot wet mouth. While I licked at her clit, my left index finger drew gentle tight circles her soft, sensitive anus which rewarded me with moans that vibrated my stiff cock. It wasn’t long before her moans became continuous and she climaxed long and hard while sucking me in deep. I asked her to get on her hands and knees so that I could get deep in her pussy, and she was eager to please.  I rubbed the head of my penis on her clit until she was begging to feel me deep inside. I slid in slowly, and she immediately began to stroke my cock with her pussy muscles. She and I both moaned as I drove deep while stimulating her anus.  It wasn’t long before her enthusiasm pushed me over the edge and I unloaded in her beautiful pussy. We cleaned each other up and cuddled the rest of the night tightly. We made love three more amazing times that weekend.

We may have to buy that house!

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  1. PacMan says:

    Love the story! Love 69! Love my wife's sensitive anus! The best is having two eager lovers go at it. Well done. And love the photo with the story too — love when my wife is braless!

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