Afternoon Delight on the Porch

This is my first story for MH.  Hope you enjoy!  We have a new favorite place to enjoy our sex together.  It is on the screened-in porch of our home.  Now that we are in our 60’s and working part-time, we have more opportunity for daytime sexual encounters (the best!)

The porch has a hammock, chairs and a futon sofa.  We usually get warmed up by shedding our clothes and having lunch or a cold drink together, while listening to our favorite instrumental music.  We just enjoy looking at each other in the broad daylight (no neighbors nearby)! Sometimes we read Marriage Heat to get our juices flowing, or for creative ideas to enhance our wonderful married life of over 40 years.

Anyway, a recent encounter deserves retelling.  We were reclining on the sofa, watching each other masturbate, which we very much enjoy doing.  My lover husband springs right up as soon as the clothes go off and he catches sight of my breasts.  He began stroking himself and getting heated up watching me rub myself slowly and rhythmically.  We took it slow and leisurely, enjoying each stroke together.  I reached up and pinched my right nipple, exciting both of us further.  My nipples by that time were standing at attention, and my love juice was beginning to run between my swollen lips.  My man leaned in to kiss me on the mouth.  I love the way his tongue darts in, and I met his with mine, in a tongue dance, slightly parting our lips and moving our tongues in and out of each other’s mouths.  Hot!

I reached for the coconut oil and began massaging his engorged cock with the yummy smelling oil, letting it drip down on his shaved shaft and balls.  By this point he was sitting back on the sofa, with me kneeling between his legs.  I put both hands on his cock and rubbed back and forth, like spinning a stick to make fire.  His eyes were fixed on my face, drinking in the sight of me giving him pleasure.  I moved my hands to caress his balls, very gently.  My mouth took his manhood in and I swirled my tongue round the tip, then flicked his special spot with the end of my tongue.  By now he was moaning and arching his back.  We so enjoy the gift of sex, including lots of oral sex!

He asked for a break and we moved to a reclining position, with him between my legs with his head on my chest.  He began licking my nipples and sucking on my breasts in turn.  Nothing gets me hotter than his lips on my tits!  With one hand he caressed the breast that wasn’t in his mouth.  My hand found my mound again, and I continued to stimulate myself…

We came up for a breath of air and a drink of iced tea.  I moved into the hammock and resumed rubbing myself.  My lover husband stood over me watching, on the side of the hammock.  I told him what I wanted him to do…to stroke himself while I watched, and to let himself explode in a great orgasm, squirting all over my belly, breasts and mound.  It drives him wild when I talk to him about what I want him to do.  I told him to come all over me, and then he would have to lick it all off and lick me to orgasm.  (This is one of my favorite ways to come!)  He ejaculated in fine form, directing it onto my spread-open pussy and clit.  After he finished, he sat down in a chair to rest for a moment.  I love to see that look of pure release and pleasure on his face.

I turned to be sitting crosswise in the hammock.  He pulled his chair closer.  I wrapped my legs over his shoulders, as he moved in to stroke me with his wonderful tongue. Using his tongue, he slowly swirled his cum around my lips and clit.  He let his tongue dart into my cunt, then out again, swirling our love juices together. Wow!  It only took a little bit of this action to get me panting, moaning and climaxing in a wonderful orgasm.

We are enjoying our sex life more than ever. Thank you, Heavenly Father, for each day you give us to celebrate our love!

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13 replies
  1. Lovinghusband says:

    This was so hot! We love watching each other masturbate too! Then, we love talking about it later when we are all over each other! We still talk about masturbation sessions near the beginning of our marriage – it still has that potent of effect on us! Thank you for writing this. I loved your thankfulness to God. God bless you both. LH

  2. hornyGG says:

    What a hot story! Made me so horny, I couldn't help but touch my hot cunt as I read it. My husband Ben and I enjoy watching each other masturbate as well. Gets me so hot. I also love having him cum on my body. Oooo-La-La. Thank you , God bless you both and stay horny!

  3. Juicy says:

    I pray that my husband and I are still craving one another like that when we are that age. And to also be creative with our pleasure would be such a blessing.

  4. Old Lover says:

    We are in our mid-60s and we love to masturbate together. Your story opening reminded of how we often kiss, cuddle, and then separate to play with ourselves. Listening to each other edge multiple times makes us so horny that one of us begs to cum – usually it's my wife. The challenge is to stay in control of our masturbating pleasure as we do our best to make each other hornier than ourselves. The winner is the one that can't stand it any longer and pleads to cum. Lots of blessed fun in God's purposed marriage bed!

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