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Out of the blue I texted my wife “hope work is good today, I need 30 minutes of your time tonight, let your imagination run wild, see you soon, I love you!” She texted back, “work is good, what are you up to? I am very curious, give me a hint!!!” I never replied to this text the rest of the day. When we got home, we did our normal routine. Supper, dishes, get kids to bed, etc. and she knew after me not replying to her text that she should not ask.

With the routine done, we sat on the couch. She was nervously shifting trying to get comfortable. Finally after some time, I finally said, “do you have 30 minutes I could borrow?” She said, “of course, I thought you would never ask!”

I got up, grabbed her hand and led her to our room. I shut and locked the door. I whispered in her ear, “no talking” and she complied. I slowly stripped her clothes off (after two kids this woman is unbelievable. The kids show on her and it is so sexy) and when she was fully naked I turned her around to kiss her. She was trembling, eyes closed. I cannot remember a time when my wife was nervously anticipating something so much. I got her to lay on the bed, eyes closed while I began the use of my 30 minutes.

First I went into her nightstand and grabbed her Magic Wand vibrator, she loves that thing and so do I. Next I went looking for help from some of our favourite toys. I positioned myself between her legs and spread them very slowly. I applied a small amount of lube to a glass g-spot dildo and moved it slowly across her pussy. She opened her legs further, which I took as a sign to enter. I don’t think I needed the lube as she was past excited. I grabbed her magic wand, turned it on and got her to hold it where it felt good. I slowly began to move the glass toy inside of her. She was very quiet at first, but as I gained momentum she starting making some of the sweetest sounds. When she was about to orgasm, she quickly and quietly said okay as her back arched. Out pushed the glass dildo, followed by a large gush of liquid. She looked spent, and it was only 10 minutes in. Lucky for me she is multi-orgasmic and I was just starting.

I got off the bed, turned her side ways so I was standing on the floor. I reached in to the toy chest and grabbed a  life-like dildo and slowly entered her. She took a deep breath as the size filled her up. Instantly I was able to move it with no problem and I could tell by her face, I was doing a good job. I reached down with my other hand to the area just below her pussy and slowly applied pressure. She asked what I was doing and I just said, “if it feels good I will keep going, if not I will stop.” She said, “it feels really good, keep going!” In about 30 seconds, she had her back arched, taking almost the full length of the dildo, quietly yelling “Fuck, fuck, fuck, okay, okay!” and out pushed the dildo with an even bigger squirt than the first one.

Now she could not even talk, so she couldn’t protest what I had in store for her next. I told her to close her eyes, she was hesitant but complied. I reached in and grab the “other one!” This one is the same length but with a little more girth. She has been liking to have some thicker play lately and I like to give it to her, but this one has not been used much due to the size.

Same as before, I slowly entered her and she took a breath and said, “you fucker you!” I laughed and as it is sank into her pussy, I let her get used to the girth. I asked, “is this okay?” She replied, “oh my god you are so bad. It feels so big.” I asked again, “is this okay?” and she exclaimed, “yes, yes, yes!” So I again applied pressure to the spot just below her pussy, and began to move the big dildo in and out. I cannot get this one in that deep, nor do I try because I am pretty sure she is squeezing every muscle she has on this one. I was just about to ask her how she was doing (like I couldn’t  tell!) and she lets out a huge squeal and pushes the giant dildo out, followed by a absolute huge squirt and shaking orgasm. I almost fainted at the sight.

After all this, she wanted me last. It was so great, she is so sexy and my favourite person in the world. And I only took 45 minutes of her time, but she never complained!

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      Actually not much to it for us. I was interested in it, learned about it and then using my fingers, along with a good vibrator, talked her through it. I asked where it felt like having to pee. When it did, I told her to not worry about and it happened. That was seven years ago now. Now she will with other things, but not each time. She drinks a lot of water and the more days in between the more likely I get a show.

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