Jada had just arrived in town, and it was late, but she needed to look her best tomorrow, and her best outfit wasn’t clean; so it’s off to the Laundry-Mat. Upon arriving she was very happy, it wasn’t crowded. Only one other person. The bell jingled as she entered, causing him to look her direction.  Their eyes locked, and she quickly looked away, not noticing his lingering gaze.

Brian was enthralled by this powerful and confident ebony lady, but he couldn’t think about that right now. He was going to pull another all-nighter getting ready to present his latest book idea to his publicist. He hated being on the road, but if everything went right he would be published soon. Then life would settle down. Right now he needed clean clothes for tomorrow’s presentation.

Since she had only the one load, it didn’t take her long to get it started, sit down, and dive back into her latest read, Delta of Venus. Little did she realize she had taken his seat. It wasn’t his spot but his book bag was stashed under the chair, and it contained the rest of his quarters. Brian wasn’t very outgoing, so he wasn’t sure how to do this. Still, he wanted to talk to her;  after all, he wasn’t going to be in town much longer. What did he have to lose?

“May I get my bag out from under your chair?”

Jada heard a voice in the background but didn’t realize anyone was talking to her. A train could have crashed thru the room right now, and she would have been only slightly aware. Her book’s primary protagonist was caressing her lover’s penis in public, and Jada was completely drawn in. The sealed folds of her Delta were opening. The all-too-familiar throbbing ache of sexual deprivation had returned, and she was moist. The desire, actually more of need, to rearrange her swollen clit inside her panties caused her to look up first. Jada found herself looking straight into the eyes of the man she had dismissed as she walked in. He was a good-looking man in his early forties with just enough of a paunch and gray hair around his temples to give him a distinguished look. Suddenly embarrassed, she wondered how long he had been trying to get her attention.

“Excuse me. May I get into my bag? It’s under your chair.” He repeated.

“Oh. Sure.” She was glad for the opportunity to shift her legs. Hopefully, she could rotate her hips just enough to get her love button out of a bind. It was always a relief for her when she could let her labia open up as her pussy became swollen with excitement.

“Why did I wear these panties?” she asked herself still not noticing this man kneeling before her.
Wait. What? Was she interpreting this correctly? He didn’t just reach under her chair when she turned her knees to the side. “He is actually on his knees looking straight at me.” She told herself.

When their eyes met, he let his gaze linger for just a moment too long. Then, ever so slightly, bowed his head and paused momentarily before grabbing his book bag. His message was loud and clear; he was not the first white boy to worship her. She knew it was her confidence and intelligence that drew them to her but never before like this in public. No longer was she simply moist; her delta was flooded, and she had an idea…

Jada kept her composure and avoided his gaze, but she was glad he sat in the chair next to her. This was going to be fun. She decided right then and there to give him an experience that would have him jacking off to her memory for a decade or more. While he dug into his book bag she simply crossed her legs, reopened her book, and pretended to be reading again. She wanted to tease him so without even looking up she gently brushed her leg against his. Ever so lightly; teasing.

Brian stopped digging and placed the bag on the floor. While doing so he let his leg press harder into hers. He was wondering if she would back away. She didn’t, she kept her leg pressed against his but kept her face down, appearing to read her book.

Actually, she had rolled her eyes his direction to look at his crotch. She wanted to know if he was getting hard. His sweats did show a bit of a bulge but she wasn’t sure if he simply had his package arranged nicely or if he was beginning to swell. She really wanted to touch herself a little, just to rearrange her wet labia and give her clit a little wiggle. But she wasn’t going to give him the satisfaction of seeing how turned on she really was. Instead, she clenched her vagina muscles a few times and simultaneously lifted her leg to rub against his and lowered it again. She could no longer think about her book; she wanted to see him fully erect and drive him crazy. So she continued to “ignore” him instead of looking at him directly. She stroked his leg a couple more times with hers, and he was just starting to squirm when her washing load stopped.

“Oh good,” she stated to no one in particular and stood up. She turned and sat her book on her chair and looked directly at his crotch. He was obviously sporting a fully erect hard-on. She walked to the washer and knew he was checking out her ass. Secretly she was hoping he would start to touch himself a little. Pulling her small load from the washer and tossing into the cart, she turned to him. With a stern look, she raised a single finger extended and wagged it back and forth to convey, “no touching.”

His dryer buzzed as she loaded her wet laundry into a nearby dryer.  “Good. Perfect timing,” she thought to herself. He stood, and his discomfort was obvious as he was unsure what to do with his throbbing manhood. She did. She knew exactly what she was going to do. As she walked away, she made sure to firmly brush against him.

The tables for folding dry laundry faced the window and the door. She could keep an eye out for intruders.  “Need some help folding your laundry?” she asked.

“I could use a hand, but I’m able to fold my laundry,” he replied.

Jada stepped up behind him and pressed close making sure her breasts were firmly against his back. She knew he couldn’t feel her hard nipples but she sure could, and it felt great having them pressed against this sexy man.

“Do NOT turn around,” she commanded in his ear. Unsure what to do, he tried to reach behind him to fondle her pussy.

“Nope. Hands on the table.”

“Yes, ma’am,” He said as he complied.

Reaching around and down, she found his hard cock and squeezed it firmly. Too firmly. Almost harshly. He winced.

His cock was thicker than she expected;  probably because of the surrounding layer of sweats.  Touching him like this made her soaking wet.  She loosened her grip a little and stroked him. She could feel him throbbing, and he was already pulsing his hips.

“Do you want to cum?”

“Yes, YES!” he replied as he thrust his hips harder. She knew he wanted it. She just needed to hear him say it.

“Tell me what you want,” she said as she stroked him faster.

“I want to cum. Please make me cum.”

“Who am I?” She asked.

“You are my Ebony Queen,” he replied.

“Oh, goood boi. I have your reward,” she said as she slid her hand inside his sweats. Hmmm, no undies, that’s why his hard-on was so noticeable. She didn’t give him the pleasure of touching his cock directly. She had slid her hand in from the back and was cupping his balls. Her other hand continued to stroke his cock on the outside of his sweats. As soon as she wrapped her hand around his scrotum, it clinched into a smaller denser mass. She knew what this meant, so she moved her hand to the tip of his dick and squeezed just below the head but above the ‘rigid’ portion of his shaft and squeezed very firmly.

“Oh no, you don’t. Not yet.”

He couldn’t believe it. What the hell was she doing?  He was so close to shooting his load, and she stopped him, but he stayed hard. He’d never experienced this before and wondered where she had learned that little trick. He tried thrusting his hips, but that didn’t work either.

“CALM DOWN,” she commanded. Reclaiming her grip just below the head of his throbbing cock. Her pussy was throbbing too, but she would never let him know.

“Now, nice and easy,” she whispered quietly in his ear while starting to slowly stroke him again. She was using her left hand to gently fondle his balls, and her right hand was stroking his once again throbbing cock. She knew he was right on the edge and she planned to keep him there as long as she could. She wondered how long he could hold out before shooting his load.

Jada’s panties were soaked. She loved controlling this man. She wanted to make him get on his knees and bury his face in her pussy but not here. Not in public like this;  she couldn’t afford the publicity if they were caught.

She continued to stroke and fondled him. He was getting close again.

“Please. PLEASE!” He groaned. “Please let me cum!”

Jada said nothing and simply pinched the base of his little head again. Suddenly her dryer buzzed. It doesn’t take long for 50 cents to dry up. She moved her left hand slightly so she could cup his balls and put pressure on his taint with her middle finger at the same time. With her right hand, she adjusted her grip and started jacking him in earnest. He would cum soon, and she knew it. It took less than 30 seconds until he was moaning and thrusting his hips. She felt his balls tighten even more and she knew it was time.

She stroked his thick cock a couple more times before he filled his sweat pants with a huge load of cum. She loved it and kept stroking gently until she was sure he was finished. She was very certain it was a huge load because of the way he groaned and kept thrusting his hips.  She wished he had shot it all over her tits but hey, at least he would never forget her or this evening and that was her primary goal. She opened her dryer, placed her laundry into her bag along with her book and left.

She awoke early the next morning with her pussy still aching. Jada and her husband had vowed to not even masturbate until he returned from his latest business trip and it was going on two weeks now. Last night’s activities had served to inflame her desires, but hopefully, it helped him relax. She dressed in her best. Jada arrived at the publisher’s office early, but she was expected and quietly escorted to the board room. Her small chain of Christian book stores was doing okay, but she really needed something fresh. Promoting this new author could be just the ticket. She wished she had spent a little more time preparing for this meeting instead of jacking a “stranger”, but she figured; What the hell, YOLO.

Suddenly, her husband arrived. A distinguished gentleman in his early forties with a little paunch and graying around the temples. Brian looked straight at Jada and winked; even though she was an Ebony Goddess her blush was unmistakable.  He wasn’t sure how she had gotten away from her work and who was watching the kids but all those details were irrelevant at this moment in time. The important factor was simple; his beautiful wife was beside him to support him as he made the most important presentation of their lives.

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  1. Sexysimone says:

    Love when a beautiful black female is romanced by a handsome white man (or a man of any race) especially in the eyes of God. Great setup….hopefully you can add another chapter….

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