Tina was already up and gone.  Probably out on the town for some shopping, so he headed straight into the shower, not bothering with breakfast.

Adam felt a flood of intense relief as the hot water jetted down washing sweat and grim off burning muscles. There was something intense and primal about fight practice. Just as much as it was having hot water running over muscles that still burned with post workout fatigue. It made him feel alive like nothing else could. He felt strong, powerful even.

So caught up was he in the sensations of washing he missed the intruder into his domain.

He was climbing out and toweling off hot steam rising from his skin when he saw her! Perched on top of the eight foot high towel closet like a bird of prey.  Grinning at him!

Adam nearly slipped on the slick tile floor as he leaped away instinctively.  “Goodness! Tina! Why would you… What are you doing here? I thought you left?”

She stayed there, perched in a squat, grinning down at him as she showed a scandalous amount of leg. Around her slender frame she wore a white onesie!

She was the picture of wild purity, “I left for a bit this morning but then decided to come back and ambush my dearest husband. Why? What else would I be doing?”

Adam snorted and wrapped the towel around himself once more, suggesting, “Well I thought you might be spying like the peeping-tom you clearly are.  I know you can see over the shower curtain from up there.”

Her grin did not falter, her lose curls fell forward to brush the sides of her lips as she said, “What can I say? I’m sucker for naked warriors.”

Adam raked handfuls of wet hair back behind his ears, the tips burned hot. “Oh good save, way to narrow down the pool of men!”

She leaned forward, dangerously close to falling off​ the huge cabinet but still perfectly balanced. Slender toes and fingers going hard as she held onto the edge with inhuman strength. Even her legs grew more defined under the sudden strain.

What distracted Adam however was the way her neckline was acting at this angle.

Her face was now mere inches from his. “How did you not sense me coming? This is the first time I’ve actually managed to sneak up on you since we married.”

She seemed genuinely curious, though there was a new fire in her eyes. She was looking at him like Swiss banker looks at a bar of gold.
Adam could actually feel the heat of her flushed face radiate onto his. He focused on words, clearing his throat, “I was um..? Distracted…”

Her grin returned in force. “By?”

Adam’s face grew hot, “Certain thoughts…”


“Well I was just coming down from a workout high. Blood was flowing… You know..?”

She actually giggled, “Goodness you’re adorable!”

Adam thought his face might melt, “I am the most powerful m..!”

Her hand flashed out index finger to his lips,”Shhh… It’s okay to be adorable. In fact most women actually find it endearing for some reason?” How this little smart-Alec did not fall onto her face with only one hand supporting herself was beyond him.

Adam rolled his eyes at the patient first-grade-teacher tone Tina had taken.

He turned to go find some proper clothes in the bedroom thus showing his mastery over his own body. She had no power over him!

That was when she pounced!

Adam grunted as her arms and legs wrapped around his front from behind.

Ignoring her like a tiger on an elephant, he strode into the bedroom and went about pulling out boxers and pants and tee-shirt.

Tina growled soft and catlike nipping the right side of his neck affectionately. It was like getting tickled or jabbed in the ribs! His body went ridged betraying his will as it tried to get away from this predator on his back.

He reasserted control a second later. Calmly he began unfolding clothes on the bed.

Adam could see she wasn’t trying to hide her game any longer. She laughed softly in his ear then clawed around his chest to purr and giggle in his left ear. She knew exactly what it was doing to him. He refused to acknowledge anything. For that would mean defeat. She would have to ask, if she really wanted him.

She suddenly leaped off him with such force it slammed him face first into the soft bed.

Grunted from the whiplash, he spun clambering off the bed. He was mad. Until he saw her eager face. It was another ploy to draw him out. “No!” he told himself again, she would have to ask.  “Just unbend that pride my sexy bride.”

Seeing the fire leave his eyes Tina pouted slightly and relaxed her fight stance. She was thoroughly disheveled now.

Adam decided to turn the tables. Besides he needed to get dressed. To prove he could resist her. If she only she unbent her pride and asked the bed would already be occupied.

He smiled at her golden eyes so full of fire even as he dropped the towel from his waist.

Impressively she did not break eye contact.

Adam grinned, “Oh, that was very good my Love. But we both know what will happen when I turn my back to put on those clothes.” He gestured at the pile on the bed behind him.

She moved around the bed at speed so he would not have to turn his back on her.

Her stare grew challenging, she had called his bluff.

Adam reached and pulled on the under-trousers or boxers as modern people called them.

He made a show of stretching. In no hurry. Her eyes flitted across his chest for the very briefest of moments. So fast a regular human would have missed it.

Adam grinned and slowly donned the shirt. His new-found power exhilarating.

Then Tina took off her long shirt/onesie!

Adam’s mouth was very dry.

He suddenly understood. Whatever clothes he put on she would take off.

It took Titanic willpower to keep his eyes on hers as he noticed she wore no underwear down below.

Just in case there was any confusion regarding the onesie she thrust out her chest and pointed at her silk bra, “This equals pants…”

Adam froze one leg poised to enter the first pant leg.

After a moment he decided to call her bluff and yanked the pants on.  Unfortunately, she was not bluffing and Adam lost the eye contact battle.

Now she was the one stretching naked and grinning.

“I’m going outside,” Adam threatened.

She just grinned and a hand moved down between her legs, “And I’m going inside,” she pouted, “All alone… If only my husband cared about me!”

Adam froze staring at the sounds of her, the smell, the sight. How had he gotten so luck… No!! He would not break.

Tina’s eyes flashed with triumph as she saw his momentary lapse in concentration.

She pressed her advantage with sudden brutal aggression!

Adam clutched his head and stretched feeling somehow too rooted in place to flee. His muscles trembled too wound up to stand still. His hearing and smell particularly strong in this moment as his wife performed putting one foot up on the other side of the bed.

When she began calling out his name in ecstasy he broke and ran to her.

With short loud breathing and tearing clothes they came together as one. No words, just a drowning of fires over-stoked. Seeking release from one another with ecstatic abandon.

When it was over Adam held her, his heart bursting with love. He told her of the depth and width of his affection for her in every language he knew. She smiled and laughed stroking his hair as he spoke face nose touching hers. Every now and then she would would ask for a translation but for the most part his meaning was clear from the tone and primal power of his words. When he was finished waxing elegant and his high was subsided into a warm burning afterglow she had tears in her soft caramel eyes.

Adam played with a handful of curls brushing her tears away, “Happy tears?”

She nodded, eyes holding his.


“Because you are mine. My husband! Of all the women in the world you chose me! I still can’t believe it sometimes.”

“Would I surprise you to know I feel the same way?”

She smiled and her eyes all crinkled up as she rubbed her nose into his, “No.”

She grew more serious and slightly sad, “My only regret is not being able to give you my virginity as well as my heart. Yes, I know you think virginity is a condition of the heart not the body, but whatever, call me old fashioned! I don’t care.”

Adam grinned, “Well you took mine, so now you have a spare. Thank goodness I didn’t lose mine since it’s seems commonplace to ‘loose’ it everywhere.”

She stared at him for a second then burst out laughing. Hugging him in a way only he would ever know as her husband. Even her pelvic floor was inhuman strong like the wrest of her. She knew how much he hated the phrase, ‘Loose your virginity’ as if it were some mystical balloon to be whisked away by a random breeze.

Adam gasped at sensations then laughed with her. “In fact I’d ask for it back but I wouldn’t want to go a day without the biblical knowledge of, You.”

She rolled over on top of him squeezing intentionally now, “Is that so?”

Adam winced, “Ow easy! Your friend down south is still recovering from your last treatment.”

She ginned, “Sorry, but massages on sore muscles do work wonder’s you know. Increases blood-flow.”

“You’re holding me hostage!” He accused as she tightened again.

“Well I’m definitely holding something!” she laughed brushing back his hair.

Adam reached up and trapped her face with both hands then kissed her, tasting her sweet heady breath.

Eventually he broke away for air and she gasped, “I can’t believe I’m the only girl to ever sample such delights. It’s almost making me sad to know all those strumpets that threw themselves at you will never know the prize they just missed.”


She grinned rocking atop him and waxed eloquent with the phrase, “Well, this Goddess is jealous of her lover! For she is a selfish Goddess!”

Adam ran his hands up into the thick main at the nape of her neck taking more control of her movements, “This Warrior is glad the little Goddess is his delight alone to ravish. For he is drunk of love. To know her, his to know completion!”

She cried out softly as he bucked up at her and massaged her with all skill he learned over the last three months. The wedding seemed like it was yesterday. He would never tire of this newness! Of knowing her so intimately.

Some time later he asked, “Are we going to spend all day in bed?”

She lay beside him snuggled under one arm.

Her responding laugh came with, “Is that so bad?”

Adam wrapped his other arm around her, drawing her soft warmth in. “No I suppose not. Still… What will people think?”

She made circling motion on his chest with an index finger. Adam met her eyes in the large mirror at the foot of the bed. She shrugged, “I don’t actually care what they think. I’ve waited over eight hundred years for you. Now that you’re here I’m going to make the most of it.”

Adam frowned poutily, “Aww… How sweet!”

She poked him, “Oh, shut up!”

Adam laughed and kissed her strawberry blond curls. “Did it ever occur to you that you might wear out your poor mere-mortal of a husband?”

She looked slightly alarmed, “Oh!? Are you… Do you want to..?”

Adam smiled at her dismayed fluster and shushed her with, “I’ll let you know. Trust me.”

She frowned a little, “The problem is you don’t know your own body’s limits. Plus when has a man ever turned down sex!”

Adam shushed her again, “Relax, I was only kidding.”

She was determined now, “Adam, if you feel at all like you need a break, you tell me, got it? I’m stronger than you so it’s hard for me to gauge your fatigue! I can’t tell when too much is too much! You must be honest please!”

He touched her face, serious, “I will.”

She searched his face and must have seen his sincerity. She let out a long breath and settled down on his chest again, “Okay.”

Adam gave her a grin through the mirror, “Gotta admit though. It would be a great way to go! Death by sex.”

She bit her lip and jabbed him again, “That’s not funny, you big Oaf!”

Adam grunted and laughed.

She went back to stroking the muscle lines of his left pectoral. In all seriousness she asked, “I know you were busy as king back in your homeland but surely you had some time to… you know?”

Adam met her gaze, she blushed for some reason. She was too far away in the mirror on the ceiling to get a proper read, however it was clear she was embarrassed.

He waited and she elaborated, “Oh come now, how did you never even kiss a girl before we met?”

Adam saw the vulnerability in the question, ‘I’ve kissed many girls, just not on the lips’ and said instead, “I said I never kissed ‘A’ girl. Not that I was never kissed ‘by’ a girl.”

She stiffened slightly against him.

He quickly explained, “Technically, I have experienced a kiss from three different women. The first was my last night at home in Norfolk before the war turned my world upside down. The second was by Marion, a week before… Before the King… Well… You know.”
He cleared his throat, “The third was by a certain bold and powerful Roman Senator who claimed right after she did it that it was because she never had a chance with me anyways. She was right.”

Tina knew him well enough to guess the names, “So the two you didn’t name were your childhood crush, Regina and that power hungry Strumpet named, Senator Stella of House Violet?”

Adam nodded.

She scowled, “I wish I could travel back in time and give that Harlot Senator-turned-Emperor a slap!”

Her jealous outburst made Adam laugh. “I already told you she had no chance.”

She pouted and grabbed him possessively, “It’s the principal that matters.” Her eyes found his, “I’m sorry about dragging up Marion’s death. I know you like to keep her memory sacred.”

Adam’s throat tightened and he kissed her wonderful forehead, “It’s okay, any conversation with you is sacred to me.”

She smiled then wrinkled her nose and berried her hot face in his chest, overcome by the cuddles.

Adam ran his three forefingers along her spine, feeling the soft skin over bumpy vertebrae. Fully content for the moment just to hold her.

She gave him a happy sigh and nipped him, “How is it that even after sweating yourself all up, you still smell so good?”

He found the soft twin bands of muscle running along her spine, valley swelling into her lower back. Adopting a formal tone he did his best to answer,

“Well… There are several reasons… First. I am a magic man, Tina.”

“No argument.” She agreed easily, ginning at the statement. Her teeth really were perfect!

“Second, your opinion is totally bias. So therefore holds little…”

“Hey! I have the best nose of any warm-blooded woman out there!”

Adam nodded conceding to her interruption, “Third. I am, ‘in case you have not noticed?’ very elvish due to my heritage. And as my friend and servant William has pointed out many times, ‘elves do not stink!”

“And fourth?”

Adam grinned arrogantly, “Fourth? Let’s see? I am obviously a superior specimen of a man.”

“With a silver tongue in the bedroom,” she agreed nipping at him again.

Adam pulled away, “Hey! Your teeth are sharp! Watch it!”

She kissed the bite mark. “Cry me a river, you’re tough!”

Adam cast an arm over his face in mock despair, “Someone help me! I married an abusive succubus!”

She immediately jerked back at the final word.

Adam kicked himself internally! How could he have forgotten Tina was the originator of that word! In a past life, she was terrified she might eventually returning too.

She sat up on the bed face blank, pulling the sheets up to cover her shame.

Adam grabbed her before she could leave, “Hey don’t..! Please..! I promise I didn’t mean it like that.”

There were tears in her eyes and she shook with emotion. “Please let go of me.”

Adam recognized the coiled desperate power behind her words and released her immediately.

She ran to the bathroom in a flash of white sheets that snapped and tore from the wind of her flight.

Adam sat clutching his own head in silent despair. Idiot!!!

He ran to the door and yanked aside the big sheet jammed into the jam. It was locked.

He knocked softly, “Tina?”

Her voice came back through at him like a hammer, “Go away!”

Adam, staggered by her rejection and her crying sob, sat on the warm carpet shocked. Normally soft now so course and rough it held not comfort or warmth on his naked bottom.

How had he screwed up so monumentally?

Through the door came a sudden burst of muffled sobbing like a dam breaking. She was trying to hide her shame from him?

Adam, realized in a flash she was not mad at him, she was mad at herself!

Ironically that made him mad as well! She had no right to be ashamed! She was perfect! Her past was in her past!

He stood and pounded, “Tina open this door!”

She screamed it this time, “Go Away!”

Her words had lost all power over him. She needed him even if she thought otherwise.

“Open this door or so help me, I’ll break it open!”

She did not open the door.

Adam was a man of his word.

With a fist of power he punched right through the thick oak.

Tina was huddle in the far corner against the Jacuzzi clutching the torn remnant of the sheet too her naked body.

All of Adam’s anger drained away as she looked up terrified and sobbing. He was left only with overwhelming concern.

As he walked too her, she turned away curling into an even tighter ball.

Between sobs she begged him not to see her like this.

As he picked her struggling from the floor, she wailed and hugged him with bone crushing force. His ribs creaked with the force of her crushing grip as she sobbed into his chest.

Adam sat on the Jacuzzi’s edge and held her in his lap. He grabbed the blanket formally stuck in the door jam and covered her nakedness. She relaxed slightly as he wrapped her up and then cried only harder as he refolded her into his arms all bundled up.

Tears in his own eyes Adam stroked her hair and rocked her gently. If only to keep himself calm.

After some time she tried to beg his forgiveness for her overreaction. She said over and over that it was all her fault. That he had nothing to do with her breakdown. Adam would have none of it and silenced her with careful shushes.

Adam tried to apologize for his words and she shushed him instead!

Adam held her and rocked her and kissed her head, “God I love you so much, Tina!” It came out of him in a burst of pent up feelings too strong to properly express.

She started crying again. This time much softer.

She was smiling!

Adam laughed though his own tears and wiped her snotty nose with a thumb, “Sheesh, you’re a mess!”

She immediately kissed him never leaving his lap. She was to bundled up to move in fact.

They sat clutching one another.

Adam shivered. The cool tile and colder marble under his butt had leached all the warmth from him. He glanced at the wall clock. Over an hour had passed!

Tina did not miss his shiver for a second. Her eyes shot open, liquid gold surround by the red of eyes rubbed raw.

“You’re cold!” She exclaimed clambering off his lap and struggling out of the blanket. She tossed it around him at speed then ran to spin on the hot water for the Jacuzzi.

Adam shivered inside the blanket still hot from her body heat even as he admired the source.

She returned and rubbed his sides vigorously through the blanket. The rapid movement of her arms did interesting things to her anatomy.

She raised an eyebrow but looked too emotionally drained to make a comment about where he was looking.

Adam focused on her face as she sat beside him and placed her chin on his shoulder possessively still rubbing him as she held his eyes.

She checked the rapidly rising water level and smiled softly at him, “Care for a bath?”

Adam just nodded and stood casting aside the blanket.

Tina added some fancy oils that produced bubbles then flipped on the water jets. The large marble room was filled with a low soft hum. She flitted over to the wall controls and added some background music.

She came back so fast Adam barely had time to cry out before she was fireman carrying him into the steaming whirlpool of bubbles. Since he was a lot taller and heavier than her it was awkward but she managed with little difficulty. Both her physical and mental strength never seized to amaze him.

She smiled as she lowed them both into the hot water.

Gasping Adam clutched her suddenly cool body before he got acclimated to the intense heat and sat on the waterproof padded bench next to her.
She crawled into his lap again and wrapped arms around him closing her eyes.

Adam smiled and hummed along with the music as the water rose up to envelope them both. She flattened an ear to his chest and smiled at what she heard there. She did that often when he hummed.

Adam gestured at the powerful faucet and the water shut off.

In the silence that followed there was only the hum, the music, and swirling lapping water.
In seconds Adam’s song ended and so did his wakefulness.

Tina smiled as Adam drifted off into a gentle sleep. She held him close ensuring he did not fall airways into the water that caressed them both.

Never had she felt this close to him. A fierce protectiveness welled up inside her for this wonderful man who stuck by her thick and thin!

Even in her worst distress he had not been afraid. He had come refusing to leave, breaking down yet more of her barriers. He had seen her for what she truly was deep down. Broken, sullied, outcast and he had picked her up held her gently, like she was something precious, in spite of all her hurtful words to him.

She sniffed and realized she was crying again, this time out of love. Somehow after breaking down so completely in front of him she had gained a certain strength. In fact there relationship had grown. She loved him even more now. A fact she would have thought impossible but a few hours ago.

She had discussed her past with him during their courting days of course. And she had broken down in front of him but never to such a complete extent. In fact she had not know she could until he had wrapped her in that blanket.

It had been such an intimate act, the fact he knew she needed to feel covered in that moment. So gentle and telling of his deep knowledge of her that it had made something snap deep inside her.

Adam had broken down a wall even she had not known existed before.  Ironically the power of the word, ‘succubus’ once flung at her like damning dung from villagers, now had no power over her.

She still did not like the word but she doubted she ever would. The person that name belonged to. The person that she ‘Tina’ had put death once and for all, could never touch her again. Her past would not keep her from loving him. It would not!

She smiled down at Adam sleeping under her. Head back, long muscular neck soft and exposed, mouth slightly agape whispering warm breath up at her. He was utterly perfect.

She marveled at God’s wisdom in bringing this man into her life. She marveled at being his one-and-only. His wife.

She knelt on either side of him in the warm swirling water relieving his legs of the pressure of her weight. Affection was all well and good but his blood needed to circulate.

Speaking of which… Tina’s felt something interesting as she sat on his lap again. Propped mostly by her folded knees on the seat she still felt him pressed in between them.

She laughed internally. Weather it was the warm water or simple male reflexes, circulation was not problem here! It amazed her how hard-wired men were. A little warmth and circulation and wallah, instant erection!

Still sniggering quietly at her own pun she rested her chin on the soft muscle between his neck and shoulder and closed her eyes.

Together in the warmth and safety they napped.  Both content to let the world take care of itself for a while.
Tina was a giggling mess!

“You look like a dried up prune!”

Adam looked down at himself as he pulled on shorts. “It’s your fault for falling asleep! You were supposed to wake me! I don’t have super skin! This will make me all wrinkle by the time I’m thirty!”

She was still sniggering, not at all pennant, “So you don’t age like normal men? Walk it off big guy!”

Adam bit his lip and punched her butt.

She yipped and danced away laughing.

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