Fantasizing About Her!

I love my wife immensely and unconditionally.  Everything about her is sexy, and although our schedules sometimes conflict, I never tire of fantasizing about the next time I’ll be with her, and the wonderfully erotic, sexy, and intimate experiences that await us both.

This is my first-ever “story” post, so I hope you all enjoy it.  It is actually one of my many love letters that I’ve written to my wife, who loves when I write about my intimate fantasies to her, which not only serve to please her, but are also the ultimate aphrodisiac for both of us.

Here is a love letter to her:

“I love you so much that I can’t stop thinking about you; envisioning your face, your beautiful eyes and lips; your perfect skin, and your body.  Oh, your beautiful body!  My thoughts about you are constant, and my fantasizing is relentless.  Although I am sometimes apprehensive about sharing these fantasies with you, I want to be completely open with you, and I want to share everything with you, and you with me.  I feel like, although our lives are chaotic and constantly busy, my love for you grows daily and my desire for you intensifies – sometimes to uncontrollable levels.

The other morning was a perfect example.  I couldn’t stop fantasizing about you.  My thoughts seemingly always begin with you sucking my cock.  I love watching your mouth take me in while you look into my eyes with such lustful hunger.  Your warm, plump, silky lips open excitedly and flex around my engorged head, thinning slightly as your mouth widens around my cock and accentuates my girth as you accommodate me.  I love that feeling!  Not only because of the sensation of being big and swollen as you taste my pre-cum, but how masculine I feel when you are stuffing my cock into your mouth making it appear slightly challenging for you to manage (even though you do so extremely well!).

I love that sight and sound of your moaning, and it makes me think that you love the way my cock feels and tastes in your mouth and how deliciously naughty it makes you feel while I watch you feast on my manhood.

While this image permeates my brain, I begin to stroke my stiff cock letting the considerable amount of pre-cum dripping out of the tip of my cock to allow my fist to slide up and down effortlessly.  I wish you were watching me!

One of my most arousing and pleasurable delights is how much I enjoy you watching me jack off!  It is so intimate, so personal and so erotic!  I love how you stare into my eyes and encourage me, and sometimes, when you’re caught off guard, how surprised and lustful you look as you await, in sensual amazement, for me to cum and squirt my manhood freely.

So my fantasy continues, as I continue to pump my cock.  The intensity increases as my thoughts dart from fantasizing about your amazing blow job, (which now has you caressing my balls while you take me deeper into your mouth, just at the cusp of your throat), to you lying next to me watching me jack myself as you rub your besotted clit underneath those baby doll pajamas that I love so much.  Then I begin to focus on the latter fantasy and you moan encouragingly to me and whisper how much you love to watch me jack off.  “You’re so hot”, you say reassuringly.  “I want you to cum for me!  I want to watch your dick explode!  Mmmmmmmmm”, you trail off as you stick your middle finger deep inside your pussy to accelerate your orgasm.

You begin to pant and close your eyes, but not for long because you don’t want to miss a second of me, (now) vigorously stroking my dick.  You moan more and more intensely.  “Ooooooo, your dick is huge!”  You’re going to cum for me so hard!  Please cum for me babe!  Please cum all over!,” you urge.  I can barely contain myself any longer as I imagine how your finger deep inside of you has brought you to the brink of orgasm intensified by the show that I’m giving you.

You know how to make me cum, but you’ve held off until now.  Now you unleash with a fierce orgasm while thrusting your fingers inside of your dripping cunt, and you know with certainty what will happen next!  “I’mmmmmmm cummmmming!, you exclaim.  You know that the mere utterance of those words makes me unleash along with you!  So you say it again.  “I’m cumming!  Please cum with me!”

That’s all it took!  Rope after rope of my cum squirted out of my cock covering my abs as my orgasm continued for what seemed to be eternity.  The beautiful image of you begins to fade as I pretend that you are staring in aroused amazement at me at the intensity of both your orgasm as well as how much cum I let loose.  I chuckle as I imagine you tell me in a naughty voice, ‘Next time I want you to smother me with your cum instead’!”

The best part about my fantasies is that my wife loves to fulfill them!  But that’s another story . . . .


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  1. Harper Shelby Thornton
    Harper Shelby Thornton says:

    That's beautiful! Love letters are beautiful, I remember there were many love letters exchanged between my husband and I, especially on special occasions. Thanks for jogging the memories, and God bless

  2. LoveHer
    LoveHer says:

    Thanks Harper! Love letters are powerfully arousing and an amazing way to open up to my wife, and her to me. Happy Easter to you and your family. He Is Risen!!

  3. OneCouple
    OneCouple says:

    Great story, thanks for posting, it reminded me of how I always fantasize about my wife when I masturbate. She also likes watching me stroke myself and says " I love the view, make your cock squirt" , that drives me over the edge in no time !

  4. LoveHer
    LoveHer says:

    Thanks OC! Hearing that kind of verbal encouragement while "performing" is extremely hot and wildly erotic! Equally erotic is watching my wife's facial expressions while I stroke myself. The hungry look in her eyes that reveals how eager she is to watch me cum for her is unbelievably sexy. Then, the sounds she makes while she watches me gush is the ultimate crescendo! Her almost involuntary "oooohhhhhh, yeahhhhhhh", as she maintains her laser-focused gaze on my cumming, pulsating cock is sometimes too much to take in.

  5. OneCouple
    OneCouple says:

    Thanks for getting me all fired-up and inspired on this Friday LH, I just texted my wife and told her I have a surprise for her enjoyment this evening. She can relax on the bed while I pull a chair up close and get naked. Then I'll start slowely strocking my cock and build up faster until I can shoot my built-up cum from this week all over myself. I think she will enjoy the show !

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