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After an amazing day of walking the beach near our cottage in the small Pacific Northwest town, we enjoyed a leisurely, light dinner with our favorite wine. My amazingly beautiful and sophisticated wife of 67 has long, slim legs, small perky breasts, a trim waist, and a perfectly shaped stomach that curves just ‘right’ from her waist to her pubic mons. That evening she wore a form fitting skirt that broke above her knee showing off her dark hose with a loose surplice top. The surplice top fell lightly across her breasts and her erect nipples faintly puckered the fabric as an enticement for both of us.

After 45 plus years of marriage and joyfully, creative sexually intimacy, she had that look of, “You want me to gently pull you into my breast so you can suckle me!” My old, experienced cock hardened and the warmth of pre-cum oozed into my briefs. Her body movement signaled that the pressure of her layered panty hose and panties on her clit made her beautiful pussy wet. There we were, two mature lovers growing hornier by the minute as we discretely let our thoughts run wild as we calmly finished our three course meal, knowing that each of us were hungrily anticipating our mutual jacking and jilling appetizer leading to our main entree of delectable, warm, messy sex later that evening.

Even though Anne had a full oophorectomy 20 years ago, we joke about the amount of ‘CSI evidence’  she generates our bed sheets after she cums all over my three fingers that I deftly thrust deep in her cunt to her fornix and then ‘come thither’ on her g-spot with my index finger. Perhaps it’s the well-timed triple combo of sucking hard to create a hickey just to the left of her right tit after spending 10 to 15 minutes dry nursing her breast by suckling slow, soft, and hard and biting her nipple to make her moan and cry out ecstatically.

Then moving my left hand under her firm butt cheek as she lifts it up for me to massage her ass and then slowly work my left hand middle finger into her ass, and with my three finger fucking technique that brings up her orgasmic ramp to an uncontrollable outburst of verbal ecstasy as she grabs my right hand to jam it hard against her writhing pussy while she frantically rubs her swollen clit and ‘clinches’ her cunt with my encouragement to,  “Keep cumming, baby! I can feel you cumming all over my fingers! Push it out!”

The more urging, the more cum she spews all over my fingers inside her cunt as she forces her hot juices onto her graying, swollen pussy lips causing it to deliciously moisten the bed. For about two minutes we lay exhausted with my fingers continuing to gently massage the inside of her cunt and the left middle finger embedded up to my middle knuckle slowly moving in her ass.

Does Anne love basic missionary sex – absolutely – and so do I. However, 90% of the time we practice ‘she comes first’ and my devotion to pleasing her by filling up her cunt and ass as I suck hard on her tit gives her maximum stimulation and pleasure.

After I paid the check for dinner, we stepped out of the restaurant and took each others’ hand. Anne’s was moist and warm just like her horny pussy and my cock immediately began to pulse for the first block. We acted casual about our state of mind when we arrived back at the cottage after a half mile, moonlit walk. Both of us knew better! I had been imagining the possibility of her sweet milk filling mouth and warming my throat as it did 40 years before when she enjoyed breastfeeding me to relieve her swollen breasts after she decided to stop nursing each of our children. Just that thought as we walked into the cottage and closed the door made me want to tell her, “Lover, I can’t wait any longer. It feels like I took a Viagra pill and I’m ready to cream if you or I just touch my cock!” Instead, I nonchalantly said, “Let’s head upstairs.”

My mature wife’s beauty astounds me. I love every sensual curve and her light, blondish-gray thinning pussy hair glistened with droplets of her dinner time mental masturbation. As Anne enjoyed her daily, warm, almond scented bath in the vintage American Bungalow styled master suite silver footed, vintage tub, I spread out a towel on our Victorian queen bed. Both of us were horny and I made certain Anne saw my half-mast engorged cock as I bent down to kiss her neck, admiring her perky tits with her half-mast nipples enjoying the warm, sweet smelling bath water. Perfect!

I took a quick, warm shower, lathering up with a natural sponge careful not to stroke my cock too much. Then I climbed into bed, pulled out my Kindle to calm my racing mind, and played with my cock ever so gently keeping it hard and occasionally wiping the pre-cum off the tip of my glans and licking my finger tips. Pre-cum is almost tasteless, but it ramps me up as much as dipping my fingers into Anne’s hot, wet pussy and sucking them dry. Her pussy juice after her bath, has a sweet, musky taste that hardens my old cock instantly. Anne will join me sometimes by fingering her pussy and tasting her warm juice or let me lick her fingers. Hmm! Stop the visualization!

It seemed like an eternity before I heard the tub emptying. Anne always seems to tantalize me by taking her time to towel off, finish shaving, and lotion up after her bath. No doubt she diddles herself, because her pussy is always wet when I first touch her in bed.

Little did I know that tonight would be a delightful surprise as Anne came to bed with my favorite plunge neckline surplice, black chemise. After we open mouth kissed, probing and lightly brushing each other’s tongue, we pulled apart and began to mutually masturbate. Usually we masturbate until one of us starts to moan. That’s my signal to turn my attention to Anne’s breasts. She loves at least 5 minutes of dry nursing and I opt for at least 10 minutes. We rarely get to 10 minutes because she continues to skillfully play with and rub her clit with her dominant right hand, hold and squeeze her left tit, pinch and twist her nipple moaning and groaning with delightful mild pain, and then reach her left hand down and under her butt to play with her asshole.

In our elder years, watching each other and listening to our sighs, moans, and soft words of “Ooh, my pussy feels so good,” “My cock is so hard and hot,” and my favorite from Anne, “I need some stuff!” meaning ‘Hurry up and get the fucking KY oil and spread it around my hot, wet pussy make me edge to a PONR as you massage my swollen pussy lips and lightly massage my asshole because I can’t wait for you to finger fuck my cunt and asshole.’

Like I said, tonight’s routine changed. Anne must have read my mind when we first arrived at the cottage. Between knowing her Old Lover’s mind and my moans and groans as I’m playing with my balls and hard as a rock cock, she knew that I needed to cum first, tonight. She surprised me as she rolled to her right side took hold of my cock and began to expertly slide her oiled hand up and down my shaft. I pled with her to massage my taint area between the base of my sack to my asshole. Her fingers massaged me gently and then she began to deep massage my prostate until I cried out, “I’m going to cum all over!”

Anne loves it when I jack off and squirt my cum all over her wet, satisfied pussy when she cums first, but I knew if I came laying flat on my back with her angled over my left side my cum wad would spray all over both of us. Anne knew I would cum with just a bit my pressure on my prostate, but instead she grabbed my throbbing cock and began to stroke it harder and faster. I blurted out, my voice rising with every syllable, “Fuuuck . . . I’m going to cum all over us.” With one more stroke, I spurted cum all over my face and Anne’s face. She just kept stroking me and after three more powerful bursts of hot cum shooting on my chest, her breasts, her stomach and more on our faces, I took deep breaths in total exhaustion as we laughed and delighted in our cum drenched faces, Anne’s tits, and our bodies.

Then Anne whispered in my ear, “Now it’s my turn – I need some stuff!”


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  1. ClimaXX
    ClimaXX says:

    Congratulations on an excellent visual tour. I love it when the 'senior lovers' show that OLDER is often BETTER. The rush is gone. We take our time. We know the good places. We know what makes her pussy happy. We can play hard, go soft, get it hard again and make music that make angels jealous. The 60's are magnifficent.

  2. Harper Shelby Thornton
    Harper Shelby Thornton says:

    How beautiful that we mature people can still enjoy hot, passionate sex! Thank you for sharing that erotic story with us! God bless you with many more years of sweaty passionate sex!

  3. hornyGG
    hornyGG says:

    What a hot and beautiful story! So descriptive and loving. I felt so turned on after reading this that I touched my heated pussy. I didn't make myself cum as I want to be really horny for my Ben when he gets home. Gonna tease myself off and on until then. God bless you two and stay horny always! Thank you from one mature lover to another.

  4. Old Lover
    Old Lover says:

    You're welcome, hornyGG, and hope you stayed really horny for Ben and treated him to an evening of masturbation delight!

  5. Art R.
    Art R. says:

    I can't wait to be 60 then, Climaxx. Only a few more months. What a nice story Old Lover. May the Lord bless your marriage and it be an encouragement to older (50+) folks. Thanks.

  6. Conner M
    Conner M says:

    Rachel read this one out loud to me, while stroking my cock. The rest is history. This was one hot sexy story

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