How I’m Going To Seduce My Future Wife

Hello Marriage Heat, my name is Michael. I’m 27, Christian and not yet married. I’m a longtime reader of MarriageHeat and I think this website plays an excellent role in creating fulfilling, healthy marriages. Being the inventive, imaginative sort, I have something to contribute.

A few months ago, I wrote a comment answering a writing prompt here: “how do you men seduce your women?” I was compelled to respond; my love life with my future wife is something I’ve devoted time to fantasizing and speculating about, and I’m posting what I wrote as a stand-alone entry, with the hope that some of you all will enjoy reading this. As a disclaimer, this narrative doesn’t tell what things my wife would be doing to me, and any physical description of her is merely what I find appealing. However, the comment I wrote received generous praise, giving me the confidence in going forward with this submission.

Were I to seduce my future wife, this is how I imagine it would go down:

When she and I are alone together at home, perhaps sitting on a large, comfy couch, talking and enjoying each others company, it would begin with me either making jokes and witty comments and just acting silly (I’m quite verbal), or serenading her with a swooning love song (“Everybody Here Wants You” by Jeff Buckley, as an example).  Maybe all of the above. The purpose is to fill her with positive emotions, to make her laugh, to make her amazed. The idea of my wife laughing and being joyful is so attractive.

Then we’d make eye contact. Smiling, demure eye contact at first, maybe a little laughter from the jokes spilling over into it, but soon it’s more serious. More intense. Foreshadowing aggression. I stop blinking and become enchanted as I gaze powerfully upon her face and I think about how beautiful it is…her long hair, her innocent doe eyes, her cutie pie lips, her youthfulness and her blushing. “God, I can never thank you enough for placing this lovely creature in my life”, I pray silently.

That eye contact would generate a powerful, almost electric connection between us. Our faces slowly move closer and closer until we kiss. Right on the lips. Right on her pouty, luscious, kissable lips. Kissing her once and then twice, and kissing once again. Kisses of devotion. Kisses of sensuality and nurturing. Gently at first, but gradually becoming more and more forceful, more passionate. We’d make out like we’re teenagers in the backseat of a car, exciting and uninhibited. We’d French Kiss. I’d plant a few touches of love on her neck, vampire-style. I’d channel every ounce of my love (in other words, a whole freaking lot) into my kisses and as she sighed longingly and turned to putty in my hands, she’d kiss and kiss too.

Given the direction we’re quickly traveling, I lead my wife into our bedroom. The lights are off and it’s dark, but that doesn’t make it any less familiar or inviting. My hands rest on her shoulders and gently but firmly, I push her backward so she’s laying down on the bed, gazing up at me, wide-eyed and anticipating. Crawling on top of her and pressing my toughened, masculine body against her soft, feminine one, I grow more and more turned on. We kiss more and more, all while telling each other how much we love one another.

I pull the collar and sleeves of her top down so they’re at her upper arms, leaving her shoulders bare (the off-the-shoulders look is way hot to me), and her bra straps peeking out tantalizingly. I remove her little socks and caress her girly toes. Girl’s toes are simply wonderful; I find them very graceful. Then I massage her feet with my fingers…and my mouth.

I lift her top up higher and higher until several inches of her stomach are showing. I’m in that minority of men who finds the stomach to be the sexiest part of a woman’s body, and I intend to turn my wife’s belly into a wonderland. I dream of giving her “belly love”, kissing and patting and rubbing her soft tummy, fingering her incredibly sexy belly button and sliding my tongue into it. I want her to enjoy my touching of her tummy as much as I enjoy touching it. Her moans and little kittenish mews of pleasure would be such glorious music.

Moving back down, I move her leggings down her torso until I see a peek of panties. Because panties are awesome. Especially lacy panties that wives show off to their husbands in a peekaboo manner. After I’ve decided that I’ve made her outfit sufficiently indecent, I ohhhh-soooo-slowwwly remove her outerwear altogether, leaving her curvy body clad in her lingerie. Thick and luxurious lingerie, in an edgy color like black or purple. Now I’m going completely wild. Trying my hardest not to explode right then and there, from the visual impact of the bombshell laying beside me, I look her dead in the eye and sternly command her: “I’m wearing too many clothes. Do something about that.” She grins lecherously as she takes my clothes off, giggling and squealing as if she were in the front row of a concert as a group of hawt rocker boys played onstage. Within a few seconds, I’m down to my briefs, letting her view with delight the result of all my hard calisthenics training.

We cuddle on the bed in our undies, making out, occasionally pulling our mouths apart to ogle each other’s bodies, and to speak loving, lustful things, before returning to the makeout. I’d be unable to resist her large, sexy boobs in that lacy, bad girl bra. I fondle her big boobs, kiss them, pull them out of her bra cups and suck on them, get her to rub them all over my face. Then I move to lay behind her, placing my hands on her wide hips while pushing my hard manhood against her big round booty. Just for fun, I’d give her booty a spank so it would bounce and jiggle enticingly. For the finishing touch, I lay sensual masseuse-like strokes on her thighs and her arms.

By this point, we’re so aroused that a monumental orgasm becomes inevitable, for the both of us. Like the coming eruption of a ferocious volcano. An otherworldly fantasy made real. Each second, I’m just astonished that something like this could ever actually happen. In the darkness of the love-drenched room, everything is deeply mysterious, with heavenly light seeping in from somewhere far away. The air is so sweltering from our lovemaking that it could melt a lesser being. But she and I, we aren’t lesser beings. Not tonight. Placing my mouth near her ear, I urgently growl: “babe you’re going to make me cum so hard. <3”, giving her a great big confidence boost.

When I told her to, she’d get on top of me, I place my manhood inside her, thrust vigorously and wildly, and fuck her cute little brains out. Make holy love to her. Pleasure her place of wonder. Confirm to her that she belongs to me, and I to her. Let her know she’s the one God, in His unending benevolence, gave to me, and I to her. We scream euphorically upon orgasm, and at that moment, anything negative we’ve ever felt in our whole lives, all the doubt, discouragement, anxiety, numbness, sadness and resentment would flee from us, leaving us with unity and bliss, with promises fulfilled.

As the volcano explodes with lava and the intensity crawls gradually lower from its breathtaking climax, she and I resume the eye contact that opened this lovemaking. “That was one of the greatest moments of my life”, I said. She responded with total and mutual affirmation.  After a while, I cover my beautiful wife with the blankets before retreating beneath them myself. Great sex makes you ready for sleep, apparently. We lie in bed, naked and enjoying it, embracing with gushing tenderness, each of our limbs touching the others limbs, all in a tangle. Petting her on the head, I whisper to her what a good girl she’s been, letting me dominate her with my love like that. She smiles demurely and tells me how it felt like a brief taste of the unending goodness of the Life of the Age To Come. Amen to that.

It was a blessed night, and tomorrow will also bring adventure, fun, and purpose. Every day is a journey of triumph when a married man and woman walk with God. As she falls asleep, I kiss her pretty face and cuddle her like I’m her teddy bear, joining her in dreamland soon after. I rest knowing that she and I have another episode to our hall of sacred memories, where all the profound, indescribable moments in our lives are forever enshrined.

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  1. Harper Shelby Thornton
    Harper Shelby Thornton says:

    Very poetic and erotic! Got me a bit wet. I'm sure your future wife will love this. God bless

  2. hornyGG
    hornyGG says:

    Very well done Michael! Very sweet and erotic. Your future wife will be a very lucky woman indeed. Like Harper, this story definitely got me a little wet. Keep writing and God bless you sir. Stay Horny always!

  3. GodSaveTheTsar89
    GodSaveTheTsar89 says:

    Thank you to Horny GG and Harper Shelby Thornton for the comments, glad you enjoyed this! Hmmm…I see they let me use the Han Solo-Leia seduction scene picture after all. There was an announcement posted saying Marriage Heat was only going to accept stock images and Star Wars Episode IV isn't part of the public domain. Thank you to whoever let me go through with using it.

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