My wife, Kristi, and I have been losing some weight this year.  Eighteen pounds for me and seven for her — she doesn’t need to lose much.  I’ve been enjoying the thinner waist and tighter body all over!  Her ass is firm and muscular from all the squats at the gym.  Her upper back, shoulders and triceps are toned and have a great shape.  I can’t wait to see her on the beach in Hawaii in a few weeks.

This past week, I was out of town for some business and got back Thursday afternoon and was waiting for my beautiful wife to come home.  When she came home, we enjoyed some hugging and kissing, but with our 3 teenage daughters around, the main event would have to wait for a while.

After dinner, homework, and a little clean up around the house, we headed toward the bedroom.  I got ready first and settled into bed.  She came, locked the door and climbed on top of me.  She shared her gorgeous breasts with me and touched me all over.  Then, rather quickly, she went down and grabbed my cock in one hand and began to slowly lick just the most sensitive spot right below the head.  She continued to lick slowly.  Slowly.  Slowly.  Agonizingly slow.

I don’t get oral very often, but she’s so good at it and I love how it makes me feel — sexually charged and emotionally strong.  When she goes down on me, it is so powerful and I think about it for days afterward.

After drawing out every last ounce of pleasure from my cock, she takes me over the edge and as I writhe and groan on the bed.

After I came down, she told me that she enjoys how much the attention that I have been giving her and telling her how beautiful she is.  She thought that she wanted to do something as nice for me as I’m doing for her.  She chose well.

She then left for a work conference on Friday morning and here on Saturday night, I wait for her to return . . .

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6 replies
  1. Harper Shelby Thornton says:

    You two have yourselves a wonderful time in Hawaii – our family are going away in Summer as well, to two lovely destinations! I can tell you from experience, that Hawaii is amazing, and we had some erotic times! God bless you too 🙂

  2. OneCouple says:

    It sounds like that was an awesome hot and slow blowjob with a great release NotMadMax, hope you get more of those, thanks for sharing and God bless you both !

  3. NotMadMax says:

    I'm a little older than Kristi but the attached photo is a little more October – May. 🙂

  4. Alicia G. M. says:

    Awesome story! I love giving my husband Trey blowjobs. I get really turned on when I do it. Hope you treated her to some hot loving when she got home!

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