My husband and I have been reading stories from here for the past two years. He and I decided to share our stories on here.

Nathan and I began dating in 2011, when we were still 14. We met at my friend’s church and became inseparable ever since. We graduated in 2014 and he popped the question the next year. We got married on July 10th at the young age of 19. We heard about MH from my cousin whose username goes by ‘Jessa Decker.’ I know, right weird, we have the same name. Our moms thought that it would be cute if we had the same first name and thought we’d become best friends.

Nathan and I welcomed our first child, Eliza, on June 24 of last year.

After cleaning the house and taking care of our 10 month old, I was exhausted. Nate has been wanting to spend alone time with me but with his work schedule and my house duties it doesn’t work out.

We haven’t had sex since Eliza was seven months old so we’ve become needy.

I texted Jessa to see if she would like to come with me to get some lingerie for that night. She agreed and we soon headed to the store. I bought a white corset that fit very well.

“He’ll love it,” she said.

“Yeah and look at the time, I gotta head home. Are you sure your mom can handle Eliza?” I asked.

“Positive, plus I’ll be around,” she said.

As I got home I realized how turned on I was and couldn’t wait for the next upcoming hour.

I put the lingerie on and laid on the bed and began to play with myself.

But my sneaky husband was so quiet I didn’t even hear him walk into the house. He came home earlier than I expected.

“Foreplay, without me?” He asked excited.

“A girl needs her own time but I need your time,” I said softly.

He unbuckled his pants and unbuttoned his shirt. I smirked as I saw how big his cock was getting.

“He’s getting big,” I said playing with my breasts.

“And unbearable,” he said taking off his pants.

I went to the edge of the bed and sat where his crotch was, so it was directly in my face. I pull down his boxers and reveal his long penis.

I licked up and down on it so gently. I looked up and saw the pleasure I was giving him. I took his meat into my mouth and began sucking and sucking. I then went down to his balls and gracefully licked them and cradled them. Going back to his cock he began to grab my hair, telling me that I needed to stop or he’d explode.

I pulled back and went to the middle of the bed where he’d meet me. He slowly crawled into the bed and kissed me passionately. He began to kiss my neck and take off my corset. Before I knew it I was fully nude. He cradled my breasts and devoured them. He licked and sucked and kissed.

He stopped and went back to my lips and placing his cock between my legs. As he entered, I sighed with pleasure. I felt so full, warm, and complete.

He began thrusting, faster and faster. We looked into each other’s eyes as we knew how much love we had for the other. He began to grunt and sigh.

“Cum with me,” he said thrusting faster.

He began to suck my breasts and I began to sigh. We were both in sync with our moans. I held him so tightly, wrapping my legs around him and holding on. We both shook as we orgasmed. As we did this we looked into each other’s eyes.

We kissed and drifted off to sleep.

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  1. Harper Shelby Thornton
    Harper Shelby Thornton says:

    Hello, welcome to MH, dears! I, too, told my cousin about this site, and she's on here too! I loved your story (especially the last part! 😉 ) Congratulations on your baby! God bless you all <3 This story is an instant classic, in my opinion 😀

  2. OneCouple
    OneCouple says:

    This is a great story Jess and Nate, welcome to MH, it is so awesome that young people join this site ! I believe you will be blessed and learn a lot over here, I found that MH is a fantastic, exiting and uplifting way to channel high sexual energy into a positive Godly manner. God bless your young family !!

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