Spc. Howard’s Favorite Flavor

We had got into a disagreement earlier in the week. We then got into an argument. The weekend came and we both wanted to make up with some loving. The day started out regular except for how extra sexy I looked when he came home for lunch. I was wearing my red and blue bandanna print romper with no panties or bra. I could tell he had a rough morning he was extra sweaty and smelled pretty strong but DAMN my soldier is HOT. I have only been an army wife for about 3 years now and he still looks hot in uniform. He came into the bedroom and plopped down on the bed with his McDonald’s, and before he started to eat he watched me put my lipstick and earrings on with a smirk on his face. I came out the bathroom feeling pretty cute so I sat on his lap as he finished his meal.

My husband whispers in my ear, “You’re not wearing panties are you, baby?  Mmm, I like that.”  “I bet you do soldier,” as I wrap my hands around his neck to kiss his cheek.  My husband pats my ass and says, “Let me take a leak real quick, babe.”  With a grin, I watch his cute ass as he walks to the bathroom and I think to myself, “How do I stay mad at him for so long?”  I’m starting to get that girly bubbly feeling that I get before my body starts to get hot. He comes out the bathroom and lays on top of me. He embraces me and then stands me up to look in my eyes.  He says to me, “I wanna spend time with you this weekend and I wanna talk to you later.”  As I moved closer to touch his lips I reply, “I was thinking the same thing.”  My husband gave me a quick kiss and says to me, “Love you, babe, but I gotta get back.”  As I watch him leave my body heat rises knowing I can’t have him in that moment. I finish up my mommy/wife duties just hoping he gets home early.

Unfortunately, he arrived home late but we were still gonna have sexy night. By the time he got home it was dark and the kids were asleep. He walked through the door and gave me a smile as he nonchalantly asked if I want to get in the shower or the tub.  I made my way to the tub, stripping down along the way.  “I’m gonna start the water,” I said as I covered my breasts and turn the faucet.  My husband said to me, “Why do you always tease me?”  I replied with a giggle to him, “You better hurry up and get in this….. tub!”  “Mmmm ok!” He said!

We got in the tub and I watched him wash up and take a drink from a Smirnoff bottle. I decide to sit on the edge of the tub with my feet in the water so I can finish my glass of whipped cream vodka. I will admit while talking to him I could feel the vodka kicking in within 15 minutes. Normally I get happy with liquor in me, but for some reason, I got tense and started to feel a bit stressed. He could tell, as always, when he senses my mood changes. He finished his big bottle and I finish my glass then he got me in the tub with his smooth talk. I sat between his legs and washed up and before getting out the water he washed my back and began to rub my neck.  With a moan, I said to my husband, “Oh Babe that feels good but you are the one who had a longer day than me.”  My husband slide his hands down to my shoulders sensually spoke into my ear, “Shut up!  Tonight I wanna make my wife feel good like she does for me.”

I turned to face him and replied,  “But honey I know you had…”  He stopped me mid-sentence with a kiss, one hand on my breast the other around my waist. He broke his kiss ever so slightly and with our lips still touching he said, “Let me take care my wife and make her feel good.”  He squeezed my breast and rubbed my nipple between his fingers while giving me a bite on my neck. All I can do is tighten my grip around his thighs, tilt my head back and moan.  I then I hopped out the tub and he followed. While we dried each other off, we could feel the sexual tension rising. I love his beautiful milk chocolate skin and that six pack. He patted my body down with a towel then I led him to the bed. We got under the covers and cuddled while relaxing. He massaged my body from my neck to my feet, between my thighs and my butt. He is such a tease and he stayed away from my pussy despite feeling my wetness when he massaged my inner thighs. I was almost asleep and that is when he made his move.

He rolled on top of me and leaned down to lick my left nipple. He swirled his tongue around my areola making my right nipple harden because of slow sucks and licks to my left nipple. He worked his lips to my right nipple, licking, flicking and teasing me with his tongue. He kissed my body slowly; every inch of my breast and down to my pelvis. He held my waist then spread my legs open and angled my waist upward. Although I was still a bit tired I felt as if I was in some kind of love daze. He gently kissed my inner thighs then moved on to kissing sweetly and slowly around my pussy. He kissed my inner lips then gave my pussy a few licks with his tongue he rose his head and said in a very low sexy tone, “Oh baby you’re sweet.”  He plunged his tongue into my pussy, lapping up my juices from the slit. He slurped and licked me slow, making me hotter and wetter with each stroke of the tongue. Then like a vibrator he kicked it up a notch. He licked me up and down then swirled his tongue around the clit and he began to flick his tongue across my clit while holding his penis. He was so stiff and horny from my taste and sounds and seeing him like that made me hotter. I grabbed his head, the place where it is supposed to be maximum pleasure but I couldn’t take his teasing much longer. I spread my legs as wide as I could and held his lips to my pussy lips and his face engulfed my pussy. He ate me out and played with my clit till I came at least five times.

Moaning I said, “Baby, I don’t think I can take it!”  I licked and bit my lip, “I gotta climax I wanna touch myself!”  “Not yet! I’m not done with you!” He said.  I pleaded with him, “Please I need to climax!  Ohhhh uhhh ooo baaaabyyy!”  My husband restrained my legs and hands from moving and flicked his tongue fast.  I cried,  “Oohhh oh god! I’m gonna O!  I’m  gonna CUM! I’m CUMMING!!! Uhh, I’m CUMMING!!!”  At full speed, my husband was kissing and sucking my clit, ” Yes cum for me!”  My body was shaking, my eyes rolled back, and I was holding onto his head for dear life.  “I’m dripping everywhere! I feel it!  I’m….. gonna OH GOD I’M GONNA SQUIRT!!  HONEY PLEASE! AHHHH!”

He takes his hard cock and starts rubbing his cock on my dripping wet pussy. Back and forth he rubs his dick on me with enough friction that my pussy is in heat and my juices are between his thighs now. I need his full erection inside me. He leans down to kiss me still rubbing our parts together with ferocity. Then he looks into in my eyes and says, “Do you want me in you?”   “Yesssss!” I pracitcally scream.  He pushes my legs to touch the wall and dives his pussy juice drenched member inside of me. “You like that?”  He exclaimed over my screams. “I FEEL EVERYTHING YOUR SOOOO  DEEP!” I squealed. He plunged into me, thrusting into me deeply and  pulling out slowly. He stroked me at different speeds and in various positions so fast I felt like it was all one movement, but it lasted so long.

He put one of my legs up in the air and he griped my top leg and rhythmically plowed in and out of me. I can feel his balls hit my ass with every thrust. I guess he could too because with every smack sound he slapped my ass. The sensation of his penis in me along with his slaps felt so good that I creamed all over him. He turned me over and laid me over a pillow doggy style then turned my head to kiss me and moaned, “I love you.”  “I love you too,” I panted heavily.  He loved me faster and faster until I felt that sensation again.


I told my husband, “I’m gonna….. I… I…. I ….BABY I THINK I’M GONNA SQUIRT!”  My husband was panting and said, “Oh yeah, Babe? Mmmmmm no your not.”  And he flipped me over and slipped his tongue in my mouth.

I am so horny, hot, and sweaty and I feel like have to be on top. It was then that we ended up give each other some oral love. I love taking his swollen cock inside of me. I climaxed two more times before he finshed me off with his throbbing penis missionary style . He pulled out and watched the juices run down my legs in satifaction he leans in to my face and says with a grin, “You  know you’re my favorite flavor!”


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  1. Harper Shelby Thornton says:

    Well! You came quite a few times that night didn't you! I don't know if I could handle that many! Love the picture, it's so erotic. God bless my dear!

  2. OneCouple says:

    Great story sheena williams, keep them cumming please, and God bless your marriage heat !

  3. Anonymous says:

    Love the squirting part. I could eat my wife's pussy all nite. But after she cums about 3 times she is done.

  4. NewBride says:

    Wow! This was so hot and passionate! You really got my pussy juices flowing. Thanks for sharing. I love savoring every moment up until a hard, loving fuck. It's my favorite when my hubs teases me by licking my pussy.

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