Chocolate Excitement

Me and my husband are high school sweethearts and he is my first and only everything. He is the first man I felt completely safe with opening my heart to, he is the first man I shared myself with physically and emotionally, and he is the first man I ever dated and kissed. He has been with other women before me and ironically when I first met him and we became friends he opened up to me about a lot more than he intended. What threw me off the most about him at that time was he didn’t date black girls because he had a bad experience dated them in the past. I was taking back by this a little but was unwaivered because you can’t make assumptions about one person based off of many. We started dating when high school ended and we dated for about almost 3 years then we got married in 2011. This year we will be having our 6 year anniversary and after bringing two children into the world I know my body doesn’t look the same, however, I have been working out and I’ve got some curves to my average body size.

About 2 weeks ago Friday night

Usually, on the weekend he comes home to get on the game and tune everything out to play a video game. I really wanted his attention and I use to dance but it had been a while since I danced ballet, hip hop or any of the Latin dances that I love. I have a one piece leopard print lingerie that is slightly see-through and it accentuates my curves. I put eyeliner on, perfume and black lipstick on. My earrings and heels matched, both silver and shiny. I decided to dance for my husband. Getting married at 21 brings a lot of responsibility; add 2 children to a young couple and we mentally grow in age. Needless to say, we don’t act like normal 26 and 27-year-Olds, however, when the opportunity arises we definitely make use of it. I love attention from my husband. I also love love love having him to myself but there are no breaks from being a soldier, parent, or a business man.

I strut my sexiness out of the bathroom really slow so he can see his foxy brown wifey and smell my rosy aroma. My fragrance filled the air and he instantly noticed my presence. I had been working on my glutes and toning my lower body, by his face he could tell I’d been putting in work. The body oil on me had made me more alluring. I saw that I caught his eye for a moment because he turned the video game off and started to pretend to watch TV. He likes to be teased too.

I put my music on ( Rihanna- Pour it up). I faced him directly except when I dropped it low but for the most part, I just touched my breast and gave my butt a little shake or dropped on my knee and shook my hips side to side to the beat then shimmied my chest while touching my body. He smiled and pretended to ignore me. I had to step it up, he was gonna watch me throw all this ass around in the air and jiggle on the floor till I got him standing at full attention. I was gonna command his attention with no words.

I do a seductive walk up to him and pull on his shirt and walk him to the edge of the bed. I turn around and climb on him sitting face to face while I take his shirt off. I give him a deep kiss holding his face. I can feel the blood rushing to his cock throbbing against my pussy through our clothes. He tries to hold on to me and undo the top of my lingerie and when I stop him I pull away and climb off of him. All I can do is smile I know he wants to stick himself deep in my chocolate pudding. I can’t see his print all the way through his pants yet so I gotta fix that. I lick my plump lip glossed lips take a few steps back and press play to start my exotic dance.

The music starts and it’s my favorite Twerk song.  The song is French Montana – “Pop That.” As soon as the music starts I can feel him get happy in more than one way. I bend down to my knees and hold my hands on my knees. When the next verse dropped I popped my ass in the air leaned over slightly bent, spread my legs and popped one cheek at a time as I go down to the ground. The next rap line started in the song and I was on all fours now arching my back, clapping my ass, bouncing on the ground, and rolling my juicy booty all around him on the floor.

During the last minute of the song, I took my lingerie off walked up to him grabbed his hands so he can feel my bubble butt wiggle around. I turn around and throw my ass in a circle while looking back at him. While still looking at me I sat down on his hard cock rolling my ass and grinding on him. The music stops as he gropes my breast and sticks his tongue in my mouth making me moan which made him moan. He is rubbing my body up and down with one hand while squeezing and pinching my nipple and breast with the other. I turn around to stand him up and notice the oil on my body got on his abs arousing me to where he can see my pussy literally dripping with pussy juice. I get his pants off exposing his pulsating penis, it had thrust out of his boxers. Ready for some freshly shaved cocoa pussy, it already had some precum drops coming off of it.

I pushed him back to the bed and devoured the tip. I know it feels good to him, he was biting his lip and had his hand on my head. I sucked his cock like a blow pop, making sure to pay special attention to the tip. He didn’t finish but he was about to when he pulled me up onto of him flicked his tongue on on both my nipples as he squeezed my breast together. Without stopping fondling my breast he flipped me on my back stretched my legs back to the wall and went deep inside me knocking his balls against my ass each time he pile drived into my pussy. I exploded my juices all on him we switch positions and I sat directly on his dick while he held me gyrating hard while he held me slamming his cock into me sucking my breast. Then he came in me as I screamed in pleasure squirting on him while we French kissed. It was a beautifully sexy night.

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  1. Harper Shelby Thornton says:

    Hot story! We have a little in common! I love to dance for my hubby, we've loved each other since we were teens (40 years). We've been married 33 years, & it's still great! I loved your "chocolate pudding" line, that was so clever! God bless

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