Dream Cream – Part II of III

It had been a hectic ten days. Due to my schedule, lack of privacy, and my mind on other matters, not one opportunity arose to relax and picture my beautiful, seductive Anne’s trim naked shape. Oh, how blessed I am to be married to this lovely, ageless mid-60s beauty!

There had been no block of time, in the past week and a half, to visualize Anne’s perky tits with their hard, erect nipples in a horny state or her marvelous mons mound atop her erect clit, made so by jilling her experienced pussy with slender fingers, tipped with her favorite nail polish – Juicy Love by essence. Imagining her labia opening as a fragrant, intricate red-flushed flower dripping its nectar on her cute rosebud asshole had eluded me. Imagining her dreamy, creamy cum on her manicured fingers guarantees a massive, cum shot release at my own jacking hand when I solo masturbate. Imagine – there had been no release for ten days!

Driving home, my thoughts turned to how much I’d missed my Anne, wondering if she’d finished my horny fantasy by driving her hips upward, off our bed, as she used those lovely fingers to fuck her pussy and asshole, reaching her orgasmic mountain top with her deep throated sexy voice calling out, “Oh, baby, make me cum, make me cum . . . ” The mere thought of Anne pleasuring herself made me adjust my position in my car seat, making room for my rock-hard, throbbing cock that desperately sought relief and release of my pent-up, creamy, cum load.

Suddenly, I remembered – family would be arriving about the same time as my arrival back home. Oh, man, what a downer!  My old cock pathetically deflated down to the flimsy size of a long pea pod.

An hour later, Anne greeted me warmly as I stepped wearily from the car. Her fresh scented urgent kiss, warm body and perfect breasts against my chest, and the subtle press of her slightly rounded stomach that I loved to look at, to touch, and to massage – the one that bore evidence to bearing our four children – immediately revived me and my cock. It never ceases to amaze me how my Anne delights me!

Again, reality took hold of my mind and sexual member when I stepped into the house to greet our family guests. Mutually cumming together would have to wait for several days!

Being a man that relishes gratefulness and thanksgiving, I did so, with a short, heartfelt prayer, “Thanks, Lord, for making Anne and me one and for the joy of our lives lived as one relationally, spiritually, emotionally, and sexually. Amen!” Then I silently thanked Anne for her intentional sexual seduction ten days before. She knew it needed to last me and us for two and a half weeks!

We enjoyed our catch-up visit with family that evening, laughing over fond memories and hearing about new challenges before planning the next day and then heading off to bed.

Anne readied herself to enjoy her ritual evening bath. Once again, her beauty and the shape of her lovely body and youngish looking breasts that suckled the last of our children nearly 40 years ago stiffened my cock and gave me that warm rush of horny fever. Best of all, her demure smile with her beautiful, pearly white teeth, conveyed her guile at doing her best to arouse me as she slid down into the fragrant warmth of her bubble bath.

To unwind, I headed to my office to catch-up on email and Marriage Heat stories and comments. Thanks, everyone, for some wonderful, horny stories and spicy, hot comments while I was gone.

In no time, the erotic writing was re-stoking my horny mind and stiffening my thickening rod with thoughts of intimacy with my lovely Anne. I wondered if she was thinking about me as she diddled her clit and worked the warm, fragrant water around and in her lady parts with one, two, even three skillful fingers, cleansing her love bud, love flower, and rosebud as soothing waves of sexual pleasure washed over her. These thoughts, instead of relaxing me, served to ramp up my growing need for relief and release. Perhaps Anne would sense my need when we joined each other in bed and whisper in my  ear, “Let me jack you off, honey.”

Those golden words cranked me up another notch! Enough!

I closed my iPad and determined to exercise some self-control as I headed to our bedroom to prepare for bed. I opened the bedroom door expectantly, hoping for Anne to be reading and waiting for me. Instead, she was fast asleep! No wonder. A glance at my watch showed that MH had absorbed my attention for over an hour; it had seemed like minutes.

Quickly flossing and brushing my teeth, taking one final pee, and slipping into my comfortable sleeping shorts, I somewhat noisily and clumsily climbed into bed, trying not to be too obvious, yet intentional enough to stir my Anne. Holding my breath to detect my success in arousing Anne, all I heard was her steady, soothing breathing that always lulled me to sleep. One more gift my lovely Anne unwittingly gave me year after year.

Sleep was elusive. My mind was racing with memories of our horny love making through the years. The sexual intimacy tapes of numerous scenes of tender love, urgent love, and hot love with my Anne kept playing over and over in my mind.

Instead of drifting off to sleep, my cock was throbbing and pulsing ever so slightly . . . up and down, up and down . . . rubbing on my cotton shorts and landing in the growing pool of pre-cum on my stomach. Reaching down, slipping my hand under the waist band of my sleeping shorts, I gently stroked my frenulum. Ooh, it felt sooo good! I couldn’t resist slipping my other hand down there to catch pre-cum on my finger tips as I milked my cock with the other hand. The taste of my own juice is like Anne’s hot pussy juices, and as I sucked my fingers dry it was easy to imagine pulling my fingers out of Anne’s pulsing pussy and tasting her sweet nectar. ‘Oh, Anne,’ my thoughts raced, ‘We need to cum together somehow, someway!”

My body began to heat up, stimulated by my erotic thoughts. Tossing off the bed’s coverlet helped to calm and cool me down, but my cock continued to throb and pulse. It was going to be a long night! Then my mind turned to options.

Should I quietly get out of bed and slip into the master bath to stroke my shaft? It would take about three or four pumps to jettison my hot cum. Should I exercise my relaxation technique by releasing my tension, controlling my rhythmic breathing, and focusing my mind on the next day’s schedule? Well, that lasted about a minute! My flesh strongly signaled my spirit that it wanted to ‘fucking cum!’ even if I creamed my sleeping shorts.

Involuntarily, my pelvic floor muscles were kegeling in rhythm with my pulsing cock. Once I had made myself cum without jacking my cock by kegeling with an Aneros prostate massage toy – it was an amazing, shuddering orgasm. Perhaps I could do it this way. Sure enough, my body began to experience knee weakening waves of ecstasy with my kegeling. Ooh, it felt soo goood!

But, no good – no go. The kegeling was tiring, and I gave up. My frustration built as my mind hungered for Anne’s perky breasts, supple nipples, sweet pussy, and lusty voice urging me on to cum hard for her and me. The insatiable horniness in my loins demanded release! Finally, I rolled to my side, placed my extra pillow between my knees and began to hatch an urgent plan designed to cum hard for my Anne in the early morning before our guests wandered down for breakfast.

With a jolt, I awoke. The fog began to clear as the recollection of my insatiable horniness returned, brought on by feeling my half-mast cock twitch in eager readiness to relieve my prostate of its pent-up cum. ‘What the . . . !,’ I nearly blurted out, as my cock head brushed against my sleeping shorts. The front of my shorts and crotch was covered with my creamy cum! A smile broke across my face as this mid-60s-year-old soaked-up the realization that he had just creamed his pajamas – hadn’t done that for more than four decades!

I got out of bed quietly, noticed that it was just after 5 AM, and went to the bathroom to check-out my mess. Reaching for some tissue to clean-up, I hesitated as the dream that generated this grand mess began to play-back in living color. The beginning scenes unfurled the burning desire to release another load of hot cum. My cock no longer was at half-mast; it was as straight and stiff as a sail spar holding up my sleeping shorts in full regal glory. Instinctively, I reached down, wrapped my hand around the cum covered ‘sail’ and grabbed my shaft, slowly working my sloppy wet love juice up and down all over my swollen member. After rubbing my cum all over my cock, shaved balls, and sopping up the rest in my trimmed man bush, I crept back into bed, next to my unwitting Anne.

Enraptured by my release yet horny and eager to cum again, I slowly rubbed my wet dick and played with my slippery balls. My mind dreamily recalled, in living color and vivid detail, how Anne could make me cream my shorts!

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  1. Harper Shelby Thornton
    Harper Shelby Thornton says:

    I love how you express your gratitude to God, thank the Lord indeed! That's so beautiful. What's also beautiful is how you are still so hot for each other, that's a blessing for sure 😀 Thank you and I can't wait for part 3. God bless you, Old Lover

  2. OneCouple
    OneCouple says:

    What a great story Old Lover, I could almost feel the urgent tension to have a cum release, exited to read what happened next, hope you and Mrs Anne came hard ? You are an inspiration, please write more stories, God bless you and Mrs Anne !

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