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Midnight Desire
by Nycteris

A deep euphoria filled my every sense, my soul for I had indeed, finally found what I thought did not exist.  My true love, my soul mate.  He was deep, passionate, caring, strong and very handsome in my eyes. When he embraced me I felt safe, desired and welcomed as I was, not for being perfect but for who I was as God made me, as a woman, with both my strengths and faults and everything in between.  And I too gave this same love in return.  God had brought us together, in a sacred, holy way.

Close friends and family were present for the wedding, which took place in the beauty of twilight. The scene was ethereal, lit by glowing lanterns and an array of candles, orchids, roses and their perfume filled the air with an enrapturing scent that left me floating on ecstasy, combined with the spiritual entrancing music that filled the air.  Our vows were said as we gazed into each other’s eyes.  Then, to seal the vows, a silken deep and passionate kiss, a french kiss, unknowingly to everyone.  We were so lost in this embrace of our lipsas it lingered for moments longer than one would expect. I would not look anywhere but into his eyes.“You are the only one I could ever love.  You are part of me, and I am part of you. I love you with everything I am.” He said.  And I lovingly returned every word.

Night came and as we gazed at candles on the water on the side of a lake, with a very intimate conversation. The cabin where we stayed was accessible, secluded, seductive, cozy and lit with candles and a warm fireplace. I looked at him longingly. The way he spoke to me was making me tremble inwardly.  The look of his gaze, the sound of his voice, the touch of his hand holding mine. Not just for his body or for sex, though this alone was exploding within me, but for him and everything that HE was. Sex was just a means of expressing that sacred spiritual connection….the union of opposites. I ache and I can feel this hunger and a surge was raw. I placed my hand on his, and we interlocked fingers. He drew me close to him and laid my head on his chest….after a few anticipated quiet moments I heard his strong heart pick up the pace even before he said anything. He didn’t have to. He sighed deeply; achingly…

His body was permeated with the indications. His breathing rate increased and I could smell the masculine lean musk on his neck. It was intoxicating. We have been waiting so long for this; and the anticipation grew stronger from the wait, which grew into an obsession. He drew me close against him, slipping a hand barely underneath my shirt, staring into my eyes. I broke his gaze, drawing close, and after lingering after a few moments of my hot breath against his skin, began necking him with hot, wet feverish strokes of my mouth…slowly and deliberately.

Moaning, he pulled me tight…gripping my waist. Holding his head, I marked a trail with my lips up to his ear, gently sucking it, letting my warm breath lightly wash inside his ear. He moaned deeper, and I continued flicking my tongue in and out of the outside of his ear, his perfect, silken ear, deviously indicating what I desired from him.

His moans drove me wild. The sound of his voice, watching, feeling his reactions was incredibly sexy. He swallowed and I moved just right of his throat, nibbling lightly and drawing red to the surface of his skin, marking him with a love bite. I was hungry, and my blood paced. In response, his hot open mouth embraced my neck, breathing heavily, caressing my skin with fervent warmth. His sweet breath drew a blazing trace up to my lips where he took my mouth and lips to taste.

Our tongues slipped around each other slowly. He moaned sensuously and gently sucked the corner of my mouth. I couldn’t get enough of him. He was so sexy, so desirable, the pressure of our lips parting slightly, then fully, his tongue swirling around mine so deeply with desire, as he held my head in his lithe agile hands.

Our tongues danced, our lips embracing in a sacred, spiritual dance.   The moisture, his agile strength, and aching pressure sliding over my teeth, stroking the roof of my mouth, as he traced his tongue along my lips.   Again french kissing deeply with his pure desire.  The vibrations of his moans echoing from his throat of pure sex in my mouth. Pure precise, passion, like a tide rippling back and forth between us.

He continued, hinting with his mouth up to my ear, nibbling tentatively while tracing a spiral that led to the middle, where he thrust the tip of his tongue inside, sliding it gently and repeatedly, over and over. It was pulling me over the edge. I moaned and grew wet.  Shaking, I took his hand a slid it up my shirt and over my breast. He felt its softness and his voice caught in his throat. I whimpered softly as he circled my hard tit with his thumb.

I slid my hands beneath his shirt and over his chest, down over his abdomen and back up and over his back. He soothingly kissed my collarbone, and I reached down discreetly beneath, immersing my fingers inside me. Drawing my hand back over his neck I traced the wet finger laced with my juices over his mouth tentatively. He moaned, at the scent of me tracing his lips. Sensuously I grasped his hand, while gazing into his eyes, never breaking contact as I did.

Biting my lip sensuously, gliding his hand toward my lips, I began tracing his fingertip with my tongue.  Then in one fluid motion, I moaned achingly and pulled his finger into my mouth, sucking, sliding, my moans increasing in urgency.  Never breaking eye contact, staring into his sexy deep eyes. “Hmmm……oh, yes,” he gasped.  He trembled and shook slightly as he withdrew his finger sensuously and slowly while stroking it with my tongue and allowing my lips to seductively trace over his fingers.  I grew wet with rush, moaning. I felt his hard cock pressing into me as he gazed hungrily into my eyes with his hungry sexy smile forming on the corner of his mouth.

He inhaled my scent, tasting it, and growled with hunger. In one swift motion he picked me up, wrapping my legs around his waist, holding me there. I felt him, his sex hard and hot against me. He carried me into the cabin to the bed that lay on the floor, surrounded by lanterns and candles. The fire crackled in the stone hearth, emanating its heat, the glow dancing over the dark sheets.

He positioned me down on the bed, with him on top, and proceeded to take off my shirt. I interrupted him with a breathless kiss causing him to leave my shirt half on with my petite swollen breasts exposed and wanting. Running my fingers through his hair, he moved his head down to my chest. I felt his hot breath on my breasts, slowly, hungrily. Then his tongue flicking my throbbing nipple, circling it sensuously, moaning seductively, achingly and I panted with desire.

While mouthing me, he smoothly slid his hand down my skin, my stomach, thighs caressing my soft aching skin. While stroking me, he drew my erect hard nipple into his hot mouth and slowly began sucking me gently but firmly with desire.  Tracing his kiss up to my ear, pulsing his tongue into my ear, his hot breath, and agile thrusting, and I felt like I would explode from pleasure, my eyes rolling back into my head.

The two combined sent me over the edge and I cried out, panting and crying from pleasure, as I felt electric throbbing in my sex with each sensuous stroke of his tongue and his fingers. Every nerve was euphoric, a firefly.  I arched my back without restraint, grinding into him. Slithering my hands underneath his shirt and over his shoulders, I stroked his hard lithe body, grasping through his full hair, his head, his neck.

This man was my territory; mine to explore and mark as my own. I undid the buttons of his shirt one at a time with each button, teasing him, grinding into him through the fabric until only his lithe torso only was exposed. Oh yes, I was ready to blow his mind. Inching downward, my soft lips hungrily, openly, tracing heavy panting kiss from his chest down his abs, and back again, repeating it, teasing him each time.  I was so achingly close to his sex as he shook and moaned with angst, his jaw clenching as he sucked in ragged breaths through his teeth.  As I lowered, finally, to undo his front zipper with my teeth stroking his cock through the cloth in tandem. He moaned deliciously, running his hands through my hair and over my back, watching my every move. I stared back from my position, deep into his eyes. He looked so lithe and tight, agile and rippling.

I swept my hand firmly over the fabric that barely restrained his hard sex, caressing his fully engorged cock through his pants. He groaned louder, shaking as I teased him through the material. He was so swollen and so hard and a strained look almost seemed to cross his face, begging with his teeth clenched. I smiled slyly, slipping my fingers underneath his cloth, sliding them off to expose his aching, throbbing cock. The look on his face had an aching and pained, piercing stare of a man burning with desire for me.  His brow furrowed, his mouth falling open, his moans catching in his throat.  He gasped loudly, panting and moaning.

His skin pulsed. I wrapped my warm soft hands around the shaft of his rod and pressed my lips to him, tracing the tip of my tongue lengthwise down the entire length of his rod and back up again. He growled louder, painfully, hungrily, and gasped.  Without breaking eye contact, taking the head back into my mouth, I moaned, groaning and whimpering feverishly as my voice vibrated over his member. Then, with my hands as an extension of my mouth, I slipped him in further, swirling the tip of my tongue in moist hot circles around him.  Caressing the underside of his head with my tongue piercing, gliding up and down, taking him in again and again, deeper and faster.

His eyes rolled back in his head, and he moaned deeper and louder with each stroke, his breath shaking. He thrust into my open mouth reactively, instinctively and firmly as he held my head. I moaned again letting the vibrations intensify the experience. Sweat gleamed over his skin glowing in the candlelight. Pure instinct. Pure desire.

His voice caught in his throat and he uttered another shaking, panting groan that sounded pained with pleasure. Moaning and panting, straining in tensed climax, he exploded in my mouth releasing wet white silk that slid over my tongue. Staring intensely into his eyes, I swallowed deliciously, moaning and biting my lip with a delicious smirk.  His liquid cocktail slid down my throat with a hot, wet delicious warmth.

His lips fell parted slightly and he half whimpered in ecstasy, gasping in deep breaths.  Then licking his lips, he growled in a straining ravenous desire, “I need you…now.”   In a single agile motion, he flipped me over on all fours and mounted me feverishly from behind, fingering my pants down swiftly to expose my wet pussy.  Drawing me close, grinding against me once…twice…and then with a full smooth aching thrust, he slid like silk into me, caressing me from inside out. I cried aloud.  Then in tandem, our panting, whimpering and moaning filling the night air with the sounds of passion.

In perfect rhythm, like dancers in perfect step, his hips grinding into me with such precision.  At first to feel every intense moment, every inch of contact, gradually increasing until to a smooth constant sliding beat. Elated, I synchronized my movements with his and he groaned, even growled.

His thrusting conjured aching cries from my throat and a rushing thrill through my body.  Alternating strokes between straining and deep and rapid pulsing, undulating his hips in circles, sliding in electric arcs inside me.  His dancing skills falling in sync with mine and in perfect rhythm fully displayed in his sleek panther like movements. Shaking through panting breaths, I felt his hot, moist mouth on my ear and the strength of his sleek and agile protective arms.  He drove me again and again, relentless.  A precise oiled piston sliding into my satin shaft, my liquid silk drenching his sex in hot feverish thrusting strokes.

In tandem, he seductively slid his hands over mine, entwining our fingers. Alternating his pressures tighter against me,  gave further seductive twists of his hips and grinding with focused strain into my G-spot, and I screamed with pleasure.

I tilted my head and our lips met and he necked me from above with his hot lips sliding, biting and sensuously stroking my neck, his tongue in feverish rapture.  He stroked me long and hard, into me again and again and again as he gasped, groaning loudly and deliciously while his eyes rolled back into his head. With every push he was bringing me closer to the edge. I thought I would die…… or simply melt into the floor.

My mind swam with euphoria, my heart pounding, my senses erupting in an explosion of ecstasy as his wet shaft slid through my doors like a key clicking into it’s designed lock.  It was an intense feeling with every stroke. His breath came in ragged gasps, shaking and couldn’t hold it any longer.  A strong pause and pressing tight against me as he tensed he finally uttered a loud strained moan of rapture as he exploded a long large load of white silk inside me. He shook slightly, trembling with more groans of intense pleasure. His cum filled me lusciously and it seeped out and slid down my thigh. His milk and my honey.

Electricity washed over me, catching my breath and shaking my body as I lay trembling beneath him. He held me close, still inside me, as the waves of warmth from his soul and the fire and pulsed back and forth through me.  I slowly calmed beneath him, gasping. “I can’t believe how much I love you,” he whispered as he kissed the back of my neck with his mouth and his tongue with the warmth of his breath melting me.  He slowly withdrew as he descended slowly from elated ecstasy. It couldn’t get any better but he wasn’t done yet.

I couldn’t imagine what could be better but gently he turned me beneath him on the soft floor bed.  The firelight was gleaming over his skin and his tight lithe body and gently shifted me till I was partly sitting up. He wanted me to see his every movement.  He stared lovingly and seductively into my eyes, arching his head back slightly and he slid his fingers into my still wet and throbbing walls, pressing my g-spot from within, fingering me hard. Leaning forward, he moved his hand in tandem with french kissing and then tongue fucking my ear.  His hot breath washing over my lobe sucking it seductively.

My eyes rolled back in my head yet again and I gasped, whimpering, tensing, indicating to him that he had it.  His strokes instantly became firm again in a first come-hither motion that made my mind explode. Long, deep wet strokes, firm and relentless, over and over as he pressed into me from the inside out. Sweet delicious bliss, this man was devouring me with love.

Craning down my stare, watching his beautiful, tight, forearm tensing, with fingers lost inside me, pumping me, hand driving me.  He stared into my eyes feverishly, never breaking contact with such focus and drive. My thighs and my whole body shook and he wouldn’t be satisfied till I broke.  His rhythm never ceasing with each delicious stroke, pulling crying ragged moans from my throat and waves of ecstasy through my body.”C’mon ….mmmm…” he whispered erotically in my ear.  Stroking, stroking, pumping me while my gaze locked with his I finally came; it overtook me so suddenly and with full force.

A cry of pleasure erupted from me and I gushed hot and wet over his fingers and his hand.  Throbbing against his skin, my whole body was shaking as pleasure repeatedly washed through me waving back and forth. He leaned down and with one sensuous stroke of his tongue licked a wet musky stream and swallowed hungrily. I cried out again in pleasure….deep pleasure.

Gradually….slowly….. the intensity turned to a soothing pulsing feeling and he continued to stroke me gently now, calming me and bringing me down.  “It’s ok baby, I’ve got you,” he whispered drawing me close and pulling the blanket over us in a longing embrace as we fell asleep in eachother’ss arms by the fireside.

~By Nycteris

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  1. PatientPassion
    PatientPassion says:

    Amazing writing, Nycteris! Your descriptions of the different sources of light (candles, lanterns, fireplace) did wonders for the atmosphere of the story. I loved the slow, sensual kissing and the incredible passion that displayed, and of course all the juicier parts!

    I pray God grants you a wedding night like this, and that he will bless you with that experience of ultimate love, pleasure and intimacy. Keep praying about your desires, submit your will to His and follow Him, because He has a great plan for you.

    "'For I know the plans I have for you,' says the LORD, 'plans to prosper you and not to harm you; to give you a future and a hope." – Jeremiah 29:11

    P.S. I guess lakeside cabins are a common wedding night and honeymoon destination, because that's what I wrote about in my fantasy stories too!

  2. Nycteris
    Nycteris says:

    Thanks for the feedback 😉
    When I was writing this, the only thing I wish I had incorporated more of was the sense of taking time to do more "exploration" and communication, as this story had more of a feel of a couple who already knew each other well sexually; despite their first time on a wedding night. Other than this, I am very pleased with this story. I really appreciate the feedback and comments.

    Other than that, I write these stories to deal with my immense sexual frustration saving myself for the one God desires for me. I also hope and pray I will be able to show these stories to my husband as a wedding present as a surprise 😛 (Can't get a better gift that that, I don't think haha).

  3. Nycteris
    Nycteris says:

    Yes, I do, 2 or 3 poems right now as well as part 1 and 2 of my next story. 😉
    —both pending and waiting approval. . .so keep and eye out, thanks for the great feedback!
    I hear you, MH is a sweet site for sure.

  4. Nycteris
    Nycteris says:

    Yes, there is someone I have deep feelings for. But saying anymore than this is not honorable at this point because he doesn't even know I write on MH, nor do I have his permission to mention anything about him at this point and other reasons.

    I am hoping in the future when I am wed to my God given husband that he will be into the idea of this site, what I write, and God willing maybe contribute if he wishes. But that is the future at this point. I leave it in God's hands.

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