Bound in Ecstasy

Ding. My phone alerts me to a new text. My sexy husband of 10 years. “Can I have you, tonight? I really miss you.” My fingers quickly messaged back, “You can have me however you’d like.”

Later that night, after our three young children are asleep, we cuddled on the couch and unwound with a little TV. After our show ends, he turns off the TV and I can see in his eyes that he’s hungry for my body. He starts kissing my neck, moving his hands over my curvy breasts and down my small waist, holding me firm. I feel his fingers slide under my waistband, and he gently pulls off my pants and panties. I groan as he rubs my inner thighs and moves his fingers to my wet tingling pussy, around my lips and flicking my clit. My breathing quickens and my engorged clit sends electrical pleasure through my shaking body. We’ve got to move to a different room before my groans escalate and we wake the kids.

His strong arms lift and cradle my body as he carries me upstairs to our room. Instead of the bed, he sets me down in the walk-in closet and pulls my shirt over my head as I undress him as quickly as I can. His lips and tongue kiss me hard and he pushes me up against the dresser and reaches behind me for something. I feel soft silky fabric, a tie, being bound around my wrists behind my back.

Still firmly against the dresser, his tongue swirls around my hard nipples and his lips suck them hard as his fingers stroke my clit. My head falls backward and I’m moaning louder and louder. He knows I’m close, but he won’t let me cum until he’s done with me.

He tightly grips my waist and guides me toward the bed. Standing with his back against the side of the bed, I feel his long, hard cock against me, dripping as he pushes down on my shoulders and I fall to my knees. My tongue licks circles around his shaft and I take all of him in my mouth, sucking and licking. He thrusts deeper. He’s so hard. Then he suddenly pulls out, stands me up, and leans me over the bed. He spreads me open, and his whole mouth devours my cunt as my body shakes in erotic pleasure. His tongue vigorously glides over my waxed pussy, licking my dripping juices as I cum and scream in pleasure.

He spreads my legs even further and thrusts his cock hard into me, in and out of my dripping tingling pussy. I feel his balls thumping against me as his breath quickens and his hands dig into my hips and he slaps my bottom. His dominance pushes me over the edge of pleasure again and my hands, still bound, squeeze together. Oh, oh, oh! Finally sweet release for my husband and we both let out a deep satisfied moans.

My heart is pounding and our juices drip down my legs as he unties my hands and gently kisses my back. I will fall to sleep that night, still aroused and longing for more.

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